Love or Luxury? Women Share Their Honest Opinions on Marrying Men for Financial Stability

In relationships and marriage, there are often debates about the balance between love and luxury. For some women, financial stability plays a crucial role in their decision to marry a man. Even if some have intentions based purely on seeking a life of great wealth, there is more to their perspective than meets the eye. Through this blog post, you’ll gain insights into such a controversial topic directly from women who discussed it in an online forum.

1. If There’s Childhood Trauma, It’ll Linger

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Our first story is quite sad, with one user talking about how her mother married just for money. As her dad was all about looks, both the user’s parents got exactly what they were after, but nothing more. Their marriage later became this loveless union where gaining power was the top priority. The user recalled her mother’s lines when her father lost a loved one: “No grieving process for you… Show me the money.”

2. I Hope Their Choices Make Them Happy

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A woman admitted that it’s not something she would ever do. However, she understands that the dynamic usually involves the spouse with the money, often marrying for the shallowness of their partner’s looks. Finally, she sincerely hoped these people’s choices make them happy. Others acknowledged it as a “fair trade” arrangement.

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3. It Denies Yourself the Experience of a Real Relationship

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Another woman suggested that money doesn’t change the fact that you’d be spending time with someone you don’t love and denying yourself the experience of a relationship that will leave you happily fulfilled.

4. Not Surrending My Power

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Many women in the thread confessed they would never allow someone to have that much control over them. One explained it’s not about “mutual benefit” and that the dynamic would be “terribly lopsided.”

5. When You Marry for Money, You Will Work for Every Penny

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Not caring what others do, was one woman’s response. However, she also warned: “I think it’s essential to remember when you marry for money, you will work for every penny in various ways.”

However, she acknowledged that you’d likely experience success if that arrangement were good. She couldn’t find herself in the situation, calling herself too old and lazy to put in that work. Another suggested, “When you marry for money, you pay for the rest of your life.”

6. I Can’t Imagine Never Knowing Genuine Love

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Several explained they couldn’t imagine not spending their lives with someone they genuinely love. One woman elaborated that she feels terrible for the people who give up because “real love” is out there.

7. I View It as Survival

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While some people would view this arrangement as “gold-digging,” one woman clarified that she sees it as survival. She noted that everything is widely expensive now and that the future will only worsen.

“Selfish as it may be, I would rather feel secure financially than keep worrying about where every penny goes.” Although, she explained she would be the ideal spouse in return by keeping up with her appearance and the home.

8. Developing Countries

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A woman explained she lives in a “developing country,” and marrying for money isn’t uncommon. However, she clarified these women aren’t marrying for millions.

Instead, they are marrying out of extreme poverty into the middle class. Additionally, these arrangements often mean helping your family stuck in poverty. So in this context, she, and many others, agreed they might use their beauty to “get a meal in front of them.”

9. Marry Your Best Friend

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The notion of not marrying for money alone was agreed upon by many. “Money is not guaranteed to last.” So instead, women suggested it’s best to marry your best friend. He exists, and you shouldn’t shortchange yourself for money.

10. I’ll Never Judge a Woman for Doing It

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For a refreshing change, women agreed they wouldn’t bash women who chose this path to secure their financial security. One stated, “I’ll never judge women who choose to do it, but it’s also not something I would ever do.”

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11. With Eyes Wide Open

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Finally, women agreed that provided everyone involved is doing it with “eyes wide open,” there isn’t any issue with their financial transaction. However, if your spouse believes you’re in love, they agree it’s shady and not alright.

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