Say Goodbye to Your Office Job: 11 Ways To Make Money While Traveling Abroad

We all know the feeling—that undeniable itch to break free from the confined spaces of our cubicles and experience the world in its boundless glory. As a recent online forum discussion has revealed, the dream of trading an office desk for a view of the world’s most stunning landscapes can become a reality. Picture this: a burst of profits streaming into your bank account, even as you explore a mystic Mayan pyramid or savor a tasteful Parisian croissant. Travel the world and get paid for these interesting jobs:

1. Teach English as a Second Language

Smiling female lecturer helping student during her class. Student in a lecture with helpful teacher.
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Ever pictured yourself teaching while touring the world? It’s time to turn that dream into your everyday life. Countries across Asia and South America are continually seeking native English speakers to meet their English language learning demands.

As an in-school teacher, you’ll find you’re highly sought after. But add online teaching and you’ll earn even more in your spare time. No teaching degree? No problem! All you need is a TESOL, IELTS, or TOEFL certificate—a breeze if English is your first language.

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant
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Big corporations like CVS hire virtual assistants to increase productivity and handle essential tasks. These positions don’t require in-person employees since everything exists on the cloud these days, meaning the days of long commutes and quick coffee runs are over.

3. FreelanceWork

Freelancer shutterstock
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Freelancers work in every division. Freelance actors populate every state, freelance artists travel between countries, and freelance contractors hop between places to lend their skills. You don’t have the same tax forms or contracts that require you to report to a boss, so the freedom to journey the world is more significant.

4. Travel Journalist

Travel Journalist shutterstock MSN
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Travel journalists travel worldwide to cover news, break stories, and learn about other cultures. The job is not easy to break into, but with dedication and determination, you can find a lucrative career for writing about the global experience.

5. Photojournalist

Travel Journalist
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Photojournalists travel the world, capturing the most pristine and evocative photos of nature and the globe. This job is challenging, but once you learn the ins and outs, photojournalists make around $40,000 a year, with travel and lodging expenses included in most trips.

6. Work Remotely

Work Remotely
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Since the lockdown, remote working has grown in popularity. You can work from anywhere as long as you log on to work and complete your tasks. So, if you always want to go to Belize but can’t get time off, bring your computer to the island and log on seaside.

7. Ask For Grants

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Like scholarships, grants serve as free money to assist your project that you don’t pay back. Researching large institutions and companies is a great way to explore available grants. This tip applies to those who want to write books or compile research about specific locations.

8. House Sit

House Sit
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My friend used to house-sit for their professor. The professor embarked on month-long European vacations, and my friend had full access to the house during the gig and received compensation.

9. Pet-Sit

Pet sitting
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Who doesn’t love a furry friend? Pet sitting lets travelers watch over an animal while their owners go on vacation or leave for work. Depending on where and how long you stay determines the rate, but nonetheless, having a free place to stay with the bonus of a pet is unbeatable.

10. Nanny

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If you’ve seen Haunting of Bly Manor, you know that Nannies, or Au Pairs, travel for live-in work. Be careful when looking for this kind of; many scammers target nannies, but if you find a legitimate gig, you usually get room and board, food, and sometimes gas money.

11. Drive

Truck driver shutterstock MSN
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For the people out there who don’t mind the endless expanse of open road alone, truck driving may be the job for you. You need to know how to operate vehicles with more than four wheels. The pay isn’t too shabby, and the hours aren’t bad; you get to see a lot of the world and get paid for it.

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