The 10 Hottest Countries To Live on the Planet

July is set to be the world’s warmest month on record, and as the world grapples with the effect of climate change, some hotter-than-normal countries are sweltering under the scorching sun year round, making them the hottest places to take residence on the planet.

1. Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait, January 22 2021, Amazing Kuwait Tower
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A high-end country in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait boasts arid desert climates and scorching temperatures, making it the hottest nation on the planet. It could get as hot as 129° Fahrenheit (54° Celsius) during summer and travel to this destination may require additional provisions for surviving heat waves.

2. Mali

The great mosque and the market, Djenné, Mali
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Mali heralds the list of countries with the hottest temperatures. A landlocked country in West Africa, Mali hardly receives rainfall, suffering severe drought. The temperature in the desert north can reach 122° Fahrenheit (49.8°C), as the Kita weather station reported in April 2023.

3. United Arab Emirates

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Famous for its towering skyscrapers and the just concluded Men’s Football World Cup, the man-made islands and luxurious lifestyle in the oil-rich nation define the polar opposite of its arid climates. The average temperature stands at 83°F (28.02°C), with temperature in the summer swelling up to 126° F (52.1° C). Still, the heat doesn’t take away from the cosmopolitan nature of the United Arab Emirates.

4. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
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Armed with a vast stretch of uninhabited desert, Saudi Arabia is another Middle Eastern country notable for its outrageously high temperatures. In cities like Riyadh and Jeddah, the temperature reaches 126° F (52° C) during summer. A place of exploration and discovery, Saudi attracts some of the highest numbers of tourists in the world.

5. Oman

Landscap of Mutrah Corniche in Muscat, Oman
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Sitting on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and boasting rugged mountains and picture-perfect coastlines, blistering summer heat exceeding 113° F (45° C) is expected in Oman. Oman offers many rich cultures and a captivating environment, but keep the skyscraping temperature in mind.

6. Iraq

Aerial photo of the city of Baghdad, and shows where residential complexes and the Tigris River and bridge. and many of cars were passing. The city of Baghdad, capital
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The temperature in cities like Basra and Baghdad regularly exceeds 129° F (53.9° C) during the hottest months. Despite Iraq’s tumultuous history, you can enjoy its cultural heritage, ancient ruins, and warm hospitality.

7. Tuvalu

Aerial view of the island of Tuvalu located in the Pacific Ocean.
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A small island nation nestled in the Pacific, the brunt of climate change is evident in the dryness of its terrains despite its proximity to one of the world’s oceans. Tuvalu equatorial climates can soar above 93° F (34° C) in the Polynesian nation.

8. Senegal

Dakar, Senegal, Africa - Mosque of the Divinity (Mosquée de la Divinité)
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Senegal experiences sizzling heat, especially in the northern regions like Saint-Louis and Podor. The hottest months can have temperatures surpassing 122° F (50° C). Still, its unforgiving climate doesn’t diminish the appeal of its diverse landscapes that range from the greenest savannah to the densest mangroves.

9. Bahrain

MANAMA, BAHRAIN - March 01, 2020: Aerial view of Bahrain world trade center and Manama city.
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Bahrain faces intense heat through a scorching summer, but it gets mild, like in other places in winter. Noons in Bahrain could have temperatures reaching 115° F (46° C), with no rain to help cool it down.

10. Gambia

Aerial view of national reserve in south of Gambia, West Africa. Photo made by drone from above.
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A narrow strip of land along the Gambia River in West Africa, tropical climates in the Gambia can reach 117° F (47° C), especially in cities like Banjul and Brikama. Still, the warmth on offer to tourists by the warm and friendly people of Gambia can make travel to the smallest country in mainland Africa worth the heat.

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