How Do You Decorate A Beach House Bathroom?

Soaking in your tub while overlooking the magnificent coastal vistas is the height of decadence. To enhance your personalized seaside spa, there are several design techniques to follow. We have compiled a guide on how to decorate a beach house bathroom.

The key to decorating a beach house bathroom is to draw inspiration from the environment. Prioritizing natural light and open spaces helps create a luxurious coastal feel enhanced by organic elements such as greenery, rattan décor, airy cotton fabrics, and natural wood finishes.

A coastal-style home is an excellent investment that will be the envy of all who wish to live in such luxury. However, to make the most of seaside living, you should invite your breathtaking surroundings into your home. Follow our advice on how to decorate a beach house bathroom.

How Do You Decorate A Beach House Bathroom?

The ideal beach house bathroom is bright, beautiful, and breezy to reflect their natural surroundings with an undeniably laid-back atmosphere. The key to creating an inviting and luxurious beach house bathroom is to focus on the chic yet understated details of coastal style. We have compiled a brief guide on perfecting your beach house bathroom.

Light is an essential element of any beach house. Your bathroom requires plenty of openness and natural light to reflect the crisp ocean atmosphere. Large windows, glass doors, and skylights help create the illusion that there is no separation between your home and the rustic coast. Keep window treatments to a minimum to avoid blocking off natural light from your bathroom.

Like natural light, creating open spaces is vital in emulating the seaside freshness in your beach house. Overdecorating your bathroom risks creating a claustrophobic clutter and a loss of functionality. The room should flow naturally to mirror the calmness of coastal living. If you can’t open your bathroom’s floor plan, you can open the space by paring down and going for a more minimalist look.

Creating an open space requires creative and chic bathroom storage. To add a nautical dimension to your bathroom, use waterproof wood accessories such as teak ladders to hang towels, loofahs, or a robe. Woven baskets are a functional method to hide bathroom knickknacks while keeping in theme with a natural coast style.

Coastal design typically incorporates many natural elements such as wicker, rattan, or light, weathered woods, and fabrics. Choose a straw, seagrass, or jute bathroom rug to create a rustic beach atmosphere. Light, billowy curtains contribute to the laid-back style of your beach house. Although wood is widely used, it is usually white-washed or a blond maple or ash.

Incorporating a few seaside touches into your bathroom can enhance your coastal style. Still, the key is not to go overboard. Avoid cluttering your space with kitschy decor to maintain an effortlessly chic atmosphere. Steer clear of using cliches, such as anchor prints. Make the most of your walks along the beach by collecting shells, driftwood, or weathered glass as decorative pieces in your bathroom.

Adding lanterns to your bathroom is an ideal way to enhance the light in the space while continuing the coastal aesthetic. Freestanding lanterns can be filled with scented candles or battery-operated fairy lights for a romantic and luxurious atmosphere.

Adding vegetation to your beach house bathroom breathes freshness into the space. If the floor size allows it, try adding a potted palm plant to the room. Add a palm stem to a glass vase for countertop greenery if you have a smaller bathroom. Alternatively, hanging basket plants, such as Devil’s Ivy, Boston Hern, or Spider Plants, are ideal for bathrooms with limited countertop space.

What Is The Ideal Color Scheme For A Beach House Bathroom?

Painting your walls with beachy tones can instantly transform your home into a vacation retreat. While coastal colors are typically inspired by the ocean hues and warm sandy tones, there is a wide range of shades inspired by the seaside. There are countless ways to bring the beach into your bathroom, from sunsets to coral to the deep blues of the ocean. We have created a list of the best shades for your beach house bathroom in 2022.

When you think of the beach, you probably think of turquoise and blue colors that conjure up tropical fish and ocean water images. Valspar’s Turquoise Porcelain is not light or airy, but it is a saturated blue with a hint of saltwater green. This is an excellent color for an accent wall because it conveys a strong sense of the sea without being delicate or shy.

Athens Blue by Benjamin Moore is a heavily saturated medium blue. It’s reminiscent of the rich blues of the Mediterranean city after which it’s named, and it’s a lovely color to use on an accent wall or even bathroom cabinets. It’s a cyan with a blue undertone that works well with cool, bright whites for a nautical contrast.

Spruce’s Blue Marlin is a soft medium blue with powerful gray undertones that vary depending on how the light in a space affects the tone. Because it is a less saturated blue than teal or turquoise, it can feel light and airy. When combined with white cabinets and pale wood accents, the shade looks great on a bathroom wall.

Can’t decide between beachy hues? Par Four by Benjamin Moore is technically green, but depending on the light in the room, it can appear almost gray or blue. This ethereal and changeable color would look great with a crisp linen white and a large jute rug.

Few paint colors have the same nautical feel as a true deep navy, such as Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue. The dark and bold navy color is rich, moody, and almost black. It saturates a smaller space but looks great with crisp whites or linen shades for a striking contrast.

Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand is a light gray with hints of green that gives it an airy, light but not stark feel. It’s ideal for a peaceful beach house bathroom because it’s restful and soothing. Combine it with bright blues and greens to brighten up your space.

Though the name suggests a ski lodge rather than a beach house, The Spruce’s First Frost is a pleasant shade of white for a waterfront atmosphere. It’s bright but warm, like a clear day on a white sand beach. It’s ideal for use in a bathroom.

Iceberg by Benjamin Moore is the color of the beach’s soft shorelines and the brisk beach air. It’s a light, muted blue that’s soft enough for a beach house bathroom while still adding color and depth.

For a vibrant pop of color reminiscent of tropical fish and coral reefs, apply a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Coral Reef to a bathroom vanity or an accent wall. It’s a bold color that isn’t afraid to stand out but won’t overpower a room. Combine with a creamy white or a lighter pink.

Behr’s Kombucha shade is lush, inviting, and comforting, much like the soft sand at the beach. It’s a pale beige with a warm yellow undertone that hugs you when you walk into the room, and it’s a perfect neutral for any beachy home.

Benjamin Moore’s Peach Parfait pinks are reminiscent of a warm beach sunset. This soft, barely-there peach is understated but lovely and elegant. It looks great with soft greens or blues and adds a summery glow to any space.

As the name suggests, Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore is the color of a foggy New England morning along the coast. It’s a soft blue with neutral undertones that looks great with beige, gray, and light blue. Nantucket Fog is a traditional beachy color that works well in almost any room of the house.

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What Are The Different Styles Of Beach House Décor?

If you want to decorate and create a lovely coastal-style home, you may be wondering where to begin and what will complement and contribute to achieving this specific style. So, what are the different styles of beach house decor?

Coastal design styles are classified into Mediterranean, Tropical, and American. American contemporary and American cottage coastal design styles are subsets of the American coastal design style.

Mediterranean beach decor has its origins in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece, Spain, Italy, Capri, and Morocco. Picture beautiful sandy beaches and friendly, vibrant people. Turquoise and blue colors are derived from its Greek heritage. Capri provides gorgeous ceramics, and Spain offers exceptional tile work, and terra-cotta flooring is a must.

When we look at Mediterranean interiors, we will notice the unique use of stone and wood materials, rich textiles, and textured walls. This space brings the serenity of nature and the outdoors inside. Detail carving work in wooden items and wrought iron and cotton fabrics are likely found in the décor and furnishings.

The finishing touches to any Mediterranean beach-style home include leather furnishings, extravagant light fittings, gilded mirrors, and ceramic pots.

A tropical coastal style incorporates a palette that reflects the bright and colorful foliage found in these landscapes. Consider parrots with magnificently bold feathers and floral leis in vibrant colors. The tropical style is incredibly exciting and vibrant. This style is inspired by Hawaii, Bali, and the Caribbean. Overall, you will have a lively home with bright and bold décor.

Like the Mediterranean style, you’ll want a light-toned base color, such as pure white or ivory, or a slightly darker hue, such as beige or light browns. The main difference here is that the colors in the décor and furnishings are more vibrant. You will most likely have a wide range of colors that must be carefully chosen and combined in ways that complement one another.

Rattan and bamboo will undoubtedly be your go-to materials, particularly for furniture. Texturing made of wicker could be used to achieve a similar effect. This type of material gives any space an extraordinarily informal and relaxed feel.

When it comes to American contemporary coastal style, think more along the lines of a beach aesthetic. The house will have an open and airy feel, with plenty of windows and doors that open wide to invite the fresh coastal air. You want to feel like you’re living in a permanent summer destination.

The predominant colors in a contemporary coastal home’s color palette will be very neutral and white. Although greens, blues, and possibly even navy will make an appearance, they will not be as prominent. Striped décor, such as pillows and cushions or chairs and bedding, is one way to add other colors to your space. Furthermore, wooden furniture is a lovely way to incorporate different shades of brown.

The casual nature of the American cottage coastal style lends itself to being an incredibly laidback space. Still, there appears to be a more refined nature to this option of coastal styling. When aiming for the cottage style, patterns and textures are very important. Everything seems to fit neatly and snugly into its proper place.

The sea and its surroundings are brought into the home but in a refined and limited way. You might have an odd vase with flowers from the garden or a small pot plant on the coffee table. Cottage décor often includes neutral tones and calm pastels in addition to a nice clean white, both externally and internally.

These coastal styles encompass a unique combination of beachy tones and natural textures to reflect the magnificent surroundings. Regardless of your choice of coastal décor, your personal style will be reflected in your beachside home.


The pinnacle of decadence is soaking in your tub while admiring the breathtaking coastal views. The key to decorating a beach house bathroom is to take cues from the surroundings. Natural light and open spaces are prioritized to create a luxurious coastal feel enhanced by organic elements such as greenery, rattan décor, airy cotton fabrics, and natural wood finishes.

Depending on your taste, you could opt for a Mediterranean, tropical, or American coastal design style for your beach house bathroom. Each of these aesthetics uses a unique combination of colors and textures to bring the seaside into your home.