How Long To Boil Lobster Claws?

Lobster claws are extremely popular, and many people wish to try making them at home as this is more cost-effective. However, not many know how to cook lobster claws properly. So, how long should you boil your lobster claws?

Lobster claws are easy to cook correctly and don’t need to boil for too long. You should boil them for 12 minutes for 1 pound of lobster. Add an extra 3 minutes per pound after 1 pound. You should have the water boiling, drop the lobster in, wait for it to boil again, and start your timer.

How long should you boil lobster claws that were frozen? What other methods can you use to cook your lobster claws? Let’s discuss everything you should know about boiling and cooking your lobster claws correctly!

How Long Do You Need To Boil Lobster Claws?

Lobster claws are one of the most favored foods in the world. Lobsters are considered a delicacy used in high-end dishes due to their delicate but delicious flavor. Lobster claws can be paired with various ingredients, from pastas to salads, making this seafood versatile.

Lobster claws are relatively easy to make at home and are readily available at local grocery stores, even if they have a slightly high price tag. However, this offers anyone who wants to try and cook lobster the opportunity to do so.

If you haven’t cooked lobster claws before, you might wonder how long you need to boil them to ensure they are cooked properly. The length of time you should boil your lobster claws depends on the weight of the lobster claws you are boiling.

If your lobster claws weigh about 1 pound, you must boil them for about 12 minutes. You will need to increase this by an extra 3 minutes per pound of lobster you are boiling over this 1 pound.

How Do You Boil Lobster Claws Correctly?

Knowing how long to boil your lobster claws is only one part of the process, and with seafood like lobster claws, you need to ensure you cook them properly to avoid any possible negative side effects.

So, how do you boil lobster claws correctly to ensure your health and the health of anyone else who eats them is safe? Below we will go through how to boil lobster claws properly to ensure everyone is safe.

What You Will Need

To boil your lobster claws properly, you will need a few ingredients and regular kitchen equipment. Below is the list of what you will need for this process for about 2 pounds of lobster claws:

  • A large deep pot that can fit your lobster claws in the bottom
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Kitchen tongs
  • A wooden cutting board to rest the lobster claws on when cooked
  • The lobster claws

Method Of Boiling Lobster Claws

When you have everything in the list above, you can begin the process of boiling your delicious lobster claws. To boil your lobster claws correctly, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Place the large, deep pot on the stove and fill it just over halfway with fresh, clean water.

Step 2 – Heavily salt the water in the pot. For this, you can use about three tablespoons of salt as the water needs to be extremely salty.

Step 3 – Tune the stove on medium and allow the water to start boiling.

Step 4 – While the water is warming up, ensure you wash the lobster claws thoroughly to get rid of sand or any other debris from the claws.

Step 5 – When the water is boiling, carefully drop the lobster claws into the water. Ensure the water is covering all the lobster claws.

Step 6 – Let the water return to a rolling boil, and start your timer for 15 minutes. Once your timer is done, turn off the stove, use the tongs to remove the lobster claws from the water, and lay them on the wooden cutting board.

Step 7 – You can now wait for the claws to cool slightly, deshell them, and enjoy!

How Long Should You Boil Frozen Lobster Claws?

If you are working with cooked frozen lobster claws, you still need to warm them up to eat them safely, but how long do you need to boil these lobster claws?

As these lobster claws are already cooked before being frozen, you need to boil them for about 10 minutes to heat them nicely and ensure they are safe to eat. To ensure they reheat evenly, you should defrost them for about 2 to 3 hours in your fridge before you boil them.

Other Methods Of Cooking Lobster Claws

Boiling your lobster claws is an excellent way to cook them evenly and ensure they are safe to eat, but there are other ways you can try to cook your lobster claws if you want to try something slightly different or try to enhance the flavor of your lobster claws.

The two alternative cooking methods for your lobster claws below are easy to do and will give your lobster a great taste. These cooking methods are excellent if you want to try something new with your lobster, so let’s go through them.

Grill The Lobster Claws

The first alternative method you can use to cook your lobster claws is to grill them. This gives the lobster a lovely flavor, especially if you add in some extra ingredients that will complement the flavor of the lobster.

You can clean the lobster claws, then place them on two layers of aluminum foil and place some salt and half a lemon into the foil. Then close the foil up tightly and grill the lobster claws for about 20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes.

Steam The Lobster Claws

Another alternative way you can cook your lobster claws is to steam them. Steaming will help bring out the natural flavors of the lobster and will allow you to cook your lobster claws without the possibility of burning them.

You will need to clean the lobster claws thoroughly and then steam them in your steamer for 10 minutes per pound of lobster claws you are cooking.

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Boiling lobster claws is one of the easiest and fastest methods of cooking them properly, and you don’t have to have lots of ingredients to make them taste delicious. You only need to boil your lobster claws for about 12 minutes for a pound of lobster and an extra 3 minutes added for any pound over 1.

There are other methods you can use to cook your lobster, but they take longer and require additional ingredients and equipment to ensure the lobster claws are cooked properly. Good luck boiling your lobster claws!