How Many Shrimp In A Pound?

Whether you’re trying to buy the perfect amount for a shrimp cocktail or want to know what you can expect when you buy, knowing how much shrimp you can expect in a pound can be very useful. However, knowing roughly how many shrimp are in a pound is only helpful if you consider that different shops sell different amounts and that shrimp sizes may vary, giving you more or less per pound you buy.

When buying shrimp, you can expect between 8 and 70 shrimp per pound, depending on the store and the shrimp size. The bigger the shrimp you buy, the less you will receive per pound. When buying the largest shrimp, you can expect under ten, but the smallest can be as much as seventy.

Since there are many different places where you can find shrimp, and because there are so many different sizes of shrimp, knowing the exact amount you will get in one pound is near impossible. However, based on the sizing charts, there may be a way that you can determine roughly the amount you should receive, which can be especially useful if you need a certain amount for a dish.

How Many Shirmp Are There In One Pound – And Their Sizes

As mentioned above, finding out how many shrimp you will get when buying a pound of shrimp isn’t an exact science, and there will always be some variation based on the shop and the size of the shrimp. Because of this, the easiest way to determine the rough amount of shrimp you should receive when buying a pound is to look at the different sizes and how many of each size you can expect in a pound.

Though shops will also measure the size of shrimp differently, and not all shops will sell you all the sizes mentioned below, this explanation should give you a rough idea of how much shrimp you will get. If you can do the math, this will also show you how much you need to buy for a specific dish if you do the calculations.

Strangely, since shrimp aren’t always measured the same, the packaging can help you determine how many shrimp there are in a pound and the size of the shrimp itself. The more shrimp there are in a single one-pound pack, the smaller the shrimp are, and the more you will have per 3oz serving, which is good to know for specific dishes.

How Many Tiny Shrimp Are There In One Pound?

Tiny shrimp are the most miniature shrimp you will likely find for sale in a shop, and you are likely to receive anywhere above the count of 71 of these shrimp in a pound. With this in mind, if you buy a pound of tiny shrimp, you will likely have around 18 or more shrimp per 3oz serving, which may be a good choice for a pasta dish.

How Many Extra-Small Shrimp Are There In One Pound?

If you want to buy a pound of extra-small shrimp, the second smallest size you may find for sale in a shop, you will likely find between 61 and 70 shrimp in a packet weighing one pound. You will also likely have around 15 to 17 shrimp per 3oz serving since these are still relatively small, and you will therefore receive more to make up one full pound of shrimp.

How Many Small Shrimp Are There In A Pound?

The small shrimp packaging will likely show you that there will be between 51 and 60 shrimp in the one-pound packet you buy. There is such a big difference in the number because these shrimp are still relatively small, and therefore the weight may differ per shrimp, meaning you will receive more or fewer shrimp in one pound.

In one three-ounce serving of small shrimp, you are also likely to find between 12 and 15 shrimp, which is good to consider when making a specific dish.

How Many Medium Shrimp Are There In One Pound?

If you want to buy some medium-sized shrimp, you should look for a one-pound packet that states that there are between 41 and 50 shrimp in the pack. You are likely to use medium shrimp in a dish like a coconut shrimp, so it is essential to note that you will also likely have between 10 and 12 shrimp per 3oz serving.

How Many Medium-Large Shrimp Are In One Pound?

Medium-Large shrimp are getting to the point where there is a smaller number of shrimp between the most and least amount of shrimp you will receive per pound, between 36 and 40 shrimp, usually shown on the packaging.

If you require a specific amount of shrimp per person, it is also good to note that you can expect between 9 and 10 shrimp per 3oz serving.

How Many Large Shrimp Can You Expect In One Pound?

If the one-pound packet you buy states that there are between 31 and 35 shrimp in a pound of shrimp, you are likely buying large-sized shrimp. Large shrimp means that there are fewer shrimp per pound and also that there are fewer shrimp per 3oz serving, between 8 and 9 shrimp roughly.

Large shrimp are very popular in dishes such as shrimp cocktails, so if that is what you are looking at making, 8 or 9 shrimp per serving should be perfect.

How Many Extra-Large Shrimp Are In One Pound?

If you are looking to serve between 6 and 7 shrimp per 3oz serving, extra-large shrimp is likely to be the shrimp you want. Extra-large shrimp usually come in one-pound packs that contain anywhere between 26 and 30 shrimp, so though the shrimp are extra-large, there is still plenty to go around.

How Many Jumbo Shrimp Can You Expect In A Pound?

Jumbo shrimp commonly come in one-pound packets with between 21 and 25 shrimp per pound, and you should usually be able to see this on the packaging to make sure you are buying the right shrimp size.

If you want to serve a 3oz serving of jumbo shrimp, you will likely have between 5 and 6 shrimp per serving.

How Many Extra-Jumbo Shrimp Are In One Pound?

Extra-jumbo shrimp usually come in packets that contain 16 to 20 jumbo shrimp per pound of shrimp. If you stick to a 3oz serving size, you will likely be able to serve between 4 to 5 shrimp per serving because of how big the shrimp are.

How many Colossal Shrimp Are There In A Pound?

You are unlikely to find any colossal shrimp sold in one-pound packets that contain more than 15 shrimp per pound. The packaging of colossal shrimp will usually say that there are U/15 shrimp in a pound of colossal shrimp, meaning that there are under, or less than, 15 shrimp in that pack.

There is also usually between 3 to 4 colossal shrimp in a 3oz serving size, which is good to know for any specific dish you want to make.

How Many Super/Extra-Colossal Shrimp Are In One Pound?

Super-colossal and extra-colossal shrimp will likely give you between 2 and 3 shrimp per serving if you stick to the recommended 3oz serving size.

Extra-colossal shrimp usually come in a pack that states that there are U/10 or under 10 shrimp per pound, while super-colossal shrimp come in packets of U/12 or under 12. These shrimp are also likely to be more expensive than smaller shrimp.

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Do The Head And Shell Make A Difference?

The head and shell of shrimp make a difference in the amount of shrimp you buy per pound and also make a difference in the amount of shrimp per serving size. If you buy shrimp with their heads and shells removed, the shrimp count will likely go up per pound compared to shrimp with the heads and shells still on.

If you buy shrimp with the shells and heads removed, you can look for shrimp that fall between 1 or 2 classes higher. For example, buying medium shrimp with the head removed may give you a count between 51-60 instead of 41-50 shrimp per pound.

Does The Size Of Shrimp Matter In A Specific Dish?

If you are looking at a recipe to make a shrimp dish, but the recipe doesn’t state what size shrimp you need to use, likely, it doesn’t matter. Any shrimp recipe that shows you the count of the shrimp or the size of the shrimp may mean that there is a specific reason why the shrimp need to be a specific size.

In addition, it is also good to know what you’re looking for when you buy shrimp. Looking at a pack of shrimp may tell you if it is better to use in pasta, like smaller shrimp, or if it’s good to cook on a skewer, like shrimp of a larger variety. It is good to know the dish you want to make before you buy the shrimp, ensuring the shrimp is fresher and ideal for the meal.


The size of shrimp can be a bit confusing, but it is essential to look at the count on the packaging since that is likely to tell you how many shrimp you will receive in a pound. Though there is no way to know precisely how many shrimp you will get per pound, the shrimp count will give you an idea of the size and how many shrimp you can expect.