How Much Is Too Much For A Swimsuit?

While you can get a cheap $20 swimsuit at Target, the chances of it lasting more than a few beach trips are slim. But then you also get a swimsuit that costs $300 or more, which might seem like a ridiculous price to pay for such a little garment. So how much is too much for a swimsuit?

How much you consider too much for a swimsuit depends on your needs. For example, if you need a swimsuit for the occasional beach day, paying $100 for a swimsuit might be too much. But if you prefer to invest in a quality swimsuit with great structure, you may consider $400 too much.

How much you are willing to pay for a swimsuit is highly subjective, as it depends on your needs and expectations from the swimsuit. We will discuss what people are willing to pay for swimsuits and what they consider too much. In addition, we’ll talk about the differences between a cheap and expensive swimsuit to help you decide what you are willing to pay for one.

How Much Should You Pay For A Swimsuit?

If you require a new swimsuit, you may be shocked to see what some swimsuits cost. This might make you wonder if buying such an expensive swimsuit is worth it and what is considered too much money for a swimsuit.

As with all financial matters, how much you consider too much for a swimsuit is subjective. However, we can divide swimsuit shoppers into three categories:

  • People who want an affordable swimsuit to wear for the summer.
  • People who want a well-fitting swimsuit that flatters their figure.
  • People who swim competitively at the gym or public pool need a swimsuit fit for training.

These three groups of people have different requirements for a swimsuit. As such, they are willing to pay different prices for them. The first group will likely pay $50 or less for a swimsuit.

If you only want to wear a swimsuit when you go for an occasional beach or pool day, you aren’t likely to wear the swimsuit often. Spending tons of money on a swimsuit you hardly wear seems unreasonable.

You may also not consider buying an expensive swimsuit as an investment because styles and bodies change. Therefore, a swimsuit you buy this summer might be out of style or the wrong size next summer. If you fall into this group, a swimsuit for more than $50 will be too much for you.

Group two often consists of people who prefer investing in clothing rather than buying fast fashion. You may consider the shape and quality of a swimsuit. You may also value how the swimsuit sits on your body and how it makes you feel. Does the swimsuit ride up? Does it cling to your hips and make you feel uncomfortable? These are some questions you might ask when trying on a swimsuit.

Perhaps you are willing to pay more for a swimsuit if it fits you right. You’ll also likely opt for a timeless piece in style for at least a couple of seasons. You consider a swimsuit to be an investment. You are probably willing to spend more than $50 on the perfect swimsuit.

Those who fall into this category will likely pay between $150 and $300 for a swimsuit. They will probably consider a swimsuit that costs more than $350 to be too much money.

However, suppose you fall into the third group. In that case, your needs for a swimsuit are entirely different from the other two groups. You need a comfortable swimsuit to train and swim long distances in. You need a durable swimsuit as you often expose it to chlorine, salt, and sun. Your swimsuit needs to be tight-fitting to make you streamlined, and it shouldn’t drag you down.

People in this category will likely consider competitive swimsuits, such as Speedo swimwear, when shopping. You can pay as much as $400 for a competitive swimsuit. Athletic swimmers won’t easily consider a swimsuit too expensive if it is high-quality and will advance their swimming.

Although we cannot objectively say what is too much for a swimsuit, we can consider what you should look for in a swimsuit.

What To Consider When Buying A Swimsuit

Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on a swimsuit, you must consider the purpose thereof. If you intend on wearing the swimsuit to a pool or beach, you’ll likely want a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable. You also want a swimsuit that doesn’t chafe or ride up, causing you to pull at it all day.

Therefore, you must try on a swimsuit before purchasing it. Walk around the changing room to see if the swimsuit rides up and view it from all angles. A swimsuit’s fit and comfort should be more important than its price. That being said, you can find extremely comfortable and durable swimsuits for an affordable price.

So, what are the factors to consider when buying a swimsuit? Here are some things to get you started.

1. The Fabric

The fabric is the first thing to look at when shopping for a swimsuit. As you will get wet while wearing a swimsuit, the fabric’s density and quality are crucial. If the fabric feels thin and transparent, you can assume the swimsuit will be see-through when wet. Also, consider buying a swimsuit with a lining in the crotch and nipple areas to prevent embarrassing moments at the beach.

2. The Stitching

Another thing to consider is how the swimsuit is stitched. For example, if you notice any loose threads or parts of the swimsuit that are miss stitched, you know this isn’t a high-quality swimsuit, and it won’t last very long. Even when buying a cheap swimsuit, you want to get a swimsuit that will last for at least one season.

3. The Cut

The next thing to look for is how the swimsuit is cut. Are all the holes in proportion? Are there any areas of the swimsuit that hang or sit funny? If so, you should look for another swimsuit. Don’t buy a swimsuit if you don’t like the cut because you will likely never wear it.

4. The Fit

Now it is time to try the swimsuit on. First, notice how the swimsuit fits you. Consider areas such as your bum, hips, chest, and arms. If you feel less confident about a certain area, the swimsuit shouldn’t draw attention to that area. Next, consider how high the swimsuit is cut, influencing how much it rides up.

5. The Comfort

Finally, you must consider the comfort of the swimsuit. This refers to how confident you feel in the swimsuit and how it feels when wearing it. For example, if there are sharp ends in the swimsuit, or it feels like it will chafe your thighs, you shouldn’t buy it. Its comfort is critical as you will be wearing the swimsuit for long periods.

These are the points you should consider when buying a swimsuit. Regardless of your budget, you should aim to find a comfortable swimsuit that makes you feel good.

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How much you should spend on a swimsuit doesn’t have a concrete answer. Instead, the amount you spend depends on your budget and swimsuit requirements. Some people aren’t willing to pay more than $50 for a swimsuit, while others are happy to pay $300 for one.

Consider a swimsuit’s fabric, stitching, cut, fit, and comfort when buying one. Higher-quality swimsuits last much longer and offer better support. However, they are also more expensive. Don’t buy a swimsuit you don’t feel comfortable in because you won’t wear it.