How To Eat A Lobster Tail

If you haven’t tried lobster yet, you’re missing out! Lobster tail is delicious. But before you order one, let’s first look at how to crack lobster tail.

To eat a lobster, first put on a bib. Then twist the tail to remove it from the rest of the lobster. Split the tail in half with a knife. Then cut the tail open to access the meat. You can now gently remove the meat from the shell. Remember to remove the vein.

This article will explain how to eat a lobster tail by cracking the shell to access the tasty meat inside. You will also see a quick recipe to make your own at home!

Steps To Eat A Lobster Tail

Don’t worry; eating a lobster is easy once you know how. You will first need to remove the tail from the lobster by twisting the two halves apart to detach it. Put one hand on the body and grab the tail with your other hand. To start, twist your hands in opposite directions to pull the tail apart.

Suppose you have a whole lobster that’s freshly steamed. After you remove the tail to get to the meat inside and twist it until it comes off, you should split the tail. To split the tail in half, use a sharp knife.

Once you’ve separated it from the rest of the lobster, use it to cut open the tail and access the meat inside. Place the tail on a plate with the underside facing up, then slice down the middle to split the lobster in half.

Now you can take the tail out gently. There’s one thing to remember: if a chef or someone serving you lobster did not remind you, do not eat the meat around the main vein that connects to the head. This vein contains lobster blood and can make you sick if you eat it.

Get a towel or kitchen paper and put it under the lobster tail so if any juices leak from the lobster, they will not damage your worktop/table. After following these steps, you should have cracked the tail and can eat the meat.

What Is The Etiquette When Eating Lobster Tail? 

Wear a bub. A bib will catch the juices and melted butter. It may feel weird to wear one at the dinner table, but it’s vital when eating lobster so that you don’t stain your clothes. Make sure you put on a bib before you start dismantling the lobster. Otherwise, the juices could come spraying out and get your clothes dirty.

What Does Lobster Tail Taste Like?

Well, if you have never tried lobster, you should consider going to a restaurant or somewhere it is served fresh since frozen lobster can often lack flavor. Lobster has a buttery texture with a hint of seaweed aftertaste. It’s unique and delicious.

How To Cook Lobster

So now that you know how to eat the lobster tail, try making your own at home! To cook your lobster tail at home, follow these instructions.

Step One

Prepare your cooking equipment. Firstly, placing a bib on it’s a good idea as the lobster will make a mess, and the butter can stain your clothes if not caught. You’ll also need a long-handled kitchen knife to crack open the lobster easily, some kitchen paper for mopping up any excess juices, and a pot of boiling water.

The key to preparing a perfect lobster tail is getting everything ready before you start cooking, which means getting your ingredients ready too.

Step Two

Get your lobster out of the fridge, and place it in a sink of cold water to reduce its temperature before cooking. If you cook it straight from the fridge, it will be harder to crack open.

Step Three

Crack the lobster’s claws on the worktop or kitchen table and hit them with the back of the knife handle. Then grab the tail section firmly with one hand and twist the body section un gluing it from the main body.

Step Four

Now that you have split open your lobster, take the meat out of the claws and the body section with a spoon and place it in a small bowl. Crack the body section using the knife to reveal the green liver’s stomach sack.

Remove this by placing fingers at each end and pulling them apart. Throw away the guts, as they can be bitter.

Step Five

Melt butter in a pan, add the claw meat and cook for a few minutes to warm through. Then add the liver and stir until it has turned orangey-red.

Step Six

Once you have washed your hands, place the tail in boiling water for 4 minutes, then drain into a colander and gently pat dry with kitchen paper.

Step Seven

Now that you have cooked the lobster tail, put the butter in a small bowl and crack open the lobster by placing the knife along the main vein (the one that connects to the head) and then twisting.

Step Eight

Once you have removed the tail from the shell, place it on a plate with the underside facing up, and then slice down the middle to split the lobster in half.

Step Nine

Next, take your knife and gently poke along the main vein of each side until you reach the edges, then flip the two pieces over and repeat this process until you can easily remove the vein without damaging the meat surrounding it. Now serve!

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It’s easy to enjoy lobster tail once you know how to eat it by twisting and cracking the shell. Seafood restaurants serve the best lobster with buttery flavors. So if you’ve never had lobster, visit a seafood restaurant.

If you want to cook some lobster at home, follow our quick and easy recipe to enjoy!