The Answer To the Burning Question: How To Fold Pants For Travel

While preparing for a vacation or business travel, you will want to learn how to fold or pack your pants smartly in your luggage, and we have provided a full guide on how to do that.

How To Fold Pants For Travel

Some tourists find packing clothes, particularly jeans, to be the most difficult part of their trip. Packing pants can be a hassle due to their size and heaviness when compared to other apparel items.

Jeans, on the other hand, aren’t that difficult to pack into your suitcase. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

There are three alternative ways to pack your jeans in your suitcase that you’ll learn about in this post, as well as some pointers on how to do it correctly.

With this helpful guide, you’ll know exactly how to pack your pants for your next vacation. Every time you pack, you can give your jeans some extra attention. These are the pants packing hacks you’ve been looking for!

Guide to Fold Pants/Jeans For Travel

  1. Separate your pants into rolling and folding piles. Jeans, leggings, and workout pants can be rolled up and will not wrinkle easily.
  2. The second tip is to fold your formal pants (those made of fine fabric)! If your formal pants are 100% cotton or non-stretchy fabrics, fold them rather than roll them to prevent wrinkles. These kinds of pants tend to wrinkle easily, so folding them helps keep them from getting even more wrinkly.
  3. Iron any pants you plan to pack in your suitcase before doing so. After they’ve been ironed, don’t immediately fold or roll your garments. Allow them to cool completely by placing them on a hanger and allowing them to air dry overnight.
  4. Make sure you button your jeans before packing them so that they don’t poke or cause a lump in the folds of your suitcases.
  5. Fold your jeans such that the labels, emblems, or embellishments on the pockets are visible after packing if you want to quickly identify your jeans (especially if you have numerous pairs of the same color).
  6. It’s easier to fold a pair of pants if the zipper is facing upward.
  7. When packing your pants, smooth out the creases to avoid wrinkling and creating a tangled mess.
  8. Locate a clean, flat place on which to lay your soiled underwear. You’ll be able to fold your pants on your lap like a pro once you get the hang of it.
  9. After folding your jeans, gently brush your palm across the fabric to smooth out any wrinkles that may have formed. As a result, it will remain flat and ready for shipping.
  10. To keep your jeans in order, use a large packing cube. These cubes resemble baggage drawers, making them ideal for storing your slacks!

How To Pack Your Jeans In Your Suitcase In An Organized Manner

Let’s put what we’ve learned about packing pants to good use. Not only will you learn how to pack jeans to save space, but you’ll also discover how to pack any pair of pants. Grab a pair of pants, and let’s get this party started!

First, Fold The Pants For Packing

Find a flat, clean place to lay your jeans down on. Folding can be done on the floor, table, bed, or any other sturdy surface.

Make sure your pants are flat and free of wrinkles or creases, including the pockets, before you begin folding them.

When you’re done folding, you’ll have two pairs of jeans that are exactly the same length.

When you fold the pants back in half, make sure that no fabric is visible at the crotch point by folding or tucking any loose edges.

Fold them again, this time vertically. It’s as simple as flipping them over! You should now be able to fit the pants into your cube.

When it comes to crease-free pants, remember that folding isn’t enough. Then then, they’ll be in a far better state when you get there! As soon as you arrive at your Airbnb (or hotel), take your jeans out of your bag and hang them to dry. This will help prevent wrinkles and creases.

Pack By Rolling

How to fold trousers for travel

Lay the jeans flat on the floor or bed in Step 1. They should be folded in half lengthwise.

Secondly, only one-third of the length of the jean’s leg should be folded inwards toward the waistband.

Roll the folded end toward the waistband, tucking in the crotch point until you reach the end of the sleeve.

Keep doing this until all of your pants have been packed into your cube.

Rolling from the waist down to the bottom hem of the pants is also an option. It’s as simple as keeping rolling until you reach the cuffs and then stowing them away in the cubby.

Pack By Folding and Rolling

How to pack pants in packing cubes

Clear packing cubes are ideal for storing folded tees and pants.

Start by finding a level area to lay your jeans on so that they may be washed. Make sure to use your hands to smooth out the pockets and creases. Shake the jeans by holding them upright and shaking them vigorously.

In step two, fold the jeans in half lengthwise, with one leg tucked under the other. Make sure the hems of both garments are perfectly aligned. Using your hands, smooth it out.

If you want to hide the crotch, fold it beneath the legs or tuck it in.

Ensure that the pants’ bottom hems are pulled up to the waistline by folding them in half.

Use a hair tie to hold the pants in place while you roll them. Put it in your cube, along with the other pair of pants you don’t wear much.

Packing Jeans in Your Suitcase in Other Ways

Do not worry if the simple folding, rolling, or a mix of both is still not to your preference; we’ve got plenty of jeans-packing tactics in our arsenal. Here are a few more inventive methods to transport your denim shorts.

Rolling Army / Ranger

From the name, the ranger roll or army roll is a technique employed by troops to quickly pack their clothing. On his YouTube channel, a former US Army soldier demonstrated how to do this packing method. No, it’s not just for packing jeans; you can use it for any of your clothing items, including t-shirts and dresses. In the event that your luggage is thrown and turned, it won’t unravel. In this video, he shows you exactly how he does it.

This is a step-by-step breakdown of the procedure:

  1. Step 1: Zip up and button up your pants.
  2. In order to see the pockets, turn the top half inside out a few inches. Insert the pockets into the body.
  3. Fold the sides of both legs inside, and then begin rolling.
  4. Continue rolling until you reach the top of your jeans, and then stop.
  5. Secure the slack by wrapping it tightly around the roll.

Assembling a Bundle

You don’t have to merely pack jeans in this method; it includes all of your attire for the entire vacation. While this approach requires a little more effort and time than the others, the benefits of wrinkle-free clothing far outweigh the drawbacks.

With structured luggage, this method of packing clothes works best and is most practical if you’re not planning to flit from one destination to another and simply unpack everything when you arrive. While it prevents wrinkles from forming on your clothes, it is difficult to get to and not conducive to TSA searches. NBC News provides a demonstration.

For your convenience, below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Securely wrapped underwear, socks, and other minor apparel items are tightly wrapped in a t-shirt for the first step. Everything else can wait. After all of your clothing has been put out on a flat surface, this will be used. First, remove your jacket’s collar and open the sleeves.
  2. Place a long-sleeved shirt on top and turn it 180 degrees so that the sleeves are out and the collars are up. The edges of both collars should rest just on the border of the core.
  3. Arrange your garments so that shirts are vertical and pants are horizontal, working your way from the most tailored to the least tailored. The middle layer of tee shirts will be the final one to be added. Long and short sleeves are arranged in the same order as pants and sweaters are in the bundle.
  4. Start wrapping by putting the central core back in the middle, which you had previously put aside. Start by wrapping the sleeves around your core and then your torso. Then came the bottoms. Fold the cloth fully around the core so that the material remains straight and not folded, preventing any creases or wrinkles from forming.
  5. Wrap the next layer around the previous layer until you reach the last piece, which is the jacket. As you go, smooth down any gathered fabric. That’s all there is to it! Gently stuff your garment burrito inside your suitcase.

Using the KonMari System

The KonMari method of folding has been popularized by Marie Kondo, who revolutionized the practice of tidying and organizing things. While packing for a trip, you may use this strategy to pack your jeans and other clothing items so that they will bring you delight!

A key difference between this packing method and others is that instead of laying flat, your clothing should stand straight; this is how you know you’ve done it correctly. To learn how to fold pants the KonMari method, watch the video below and fast forward to 3:17.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps here:

  1. Make sure your pants are completely flat. Fold them in half horizontally.
  2. Bring the top of the jeans down to the feet in step three. Bring the cuffs up to the belt, though, if you’re wearing narrow jeans.
  3. Be careful to leave around an inch of room at all times. When you fold it in half, you bring them close to the top.
  4. Fold them inward until you get a perfectly upright pair of pants.

There are a plethora of ways to pack pants for vacation now that you know about. Try to stick to a single strategy that works best for you! A large cube is ideal for storing your jeans. It’s the finest way to store and arrange your bulky pants for all of your travels.

Do I Bring Jeans or Do I Leave Them at Home While Traveling?

Here are some of the most common issues travelers encounter while attempting to pack pants for an extended vacation.

Hand-washing jeans while on the road is a major hassle

When it comes to washing your pants while on the road, it’s a no-brainer. Overachievers are those that do that. There is a good chance that your hands and wrists will ache because jeans are made of thicker and stronger fabric than underwear. Instead, hand-wash your jeans or use a dry cleaning business close to your lodging.

One of the best things about jeans is their versatility. They don’t need to be washed frequently! According to Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh in this article, machine washing your jeans too frequently might cause them to lose their shape and become unwearable over time. The best technique to clean jeans, according to him, is to only wash the stained area and leave the rest of the pair untouched.

Apparently, the longer you let your pants go without washing, the nicer they look. There is no need to worry; you can get rid of the bad smell by hanging them up straight away, letting them out in the sun, or spraying them with an odor-neutralizer. In other words, washing your jeans less frequently doesn’t imply you shouldn’t wash them at all.

You can’t wear jeans to a fancy event

Solution: Jeans can be worn in a variety of ways. It’s easy to dress them up or down by pairing them with any top, a smart blazer, and a few chic accessories. Bring a pair of dark jeans if you can because they may be worn with a variety of tops, they’re a lot easier to mix and match.

Wearing jeans on a plane or bus can be a real pain

The answer is straightforward. Packing jeans that aren’t comfortable is a must! What’s the use of bringing them if you don’t wear them every day? Only bring pants that you know are comfortable enough to wear while on the road. Plus, it’s 2020, people! Jeans that are more flexible and less constricting are currently on the market.

Jeans are heavy

Jeans aren’t as heavy as they appear to be. When you have a slew of them, they start to weigh you down. In order to save space in your suitcase, you should wear your jeans while traveling. As a result, your luggage won’t be overburdened with unnecessary weight or space.

If you’re going on a vacation, should you pack jeans?

A resounding YES comes from the majority of passengers! Even though many would argue that the answer is “no,” we believe the answer is “it depends,” and we mean “it relies on your preferences” rather than “it depends on where you’re going.”

The greatest time to pack your jeans for a trip is when you’re going to a city, a cooler place, or something like that. If you’re going on a trek, hike, or other similar activity in a warmer climate, you’d be better off skipping the pants and donning shorts or leggings instead.

But remember that if you’re comfortable and happy in jeans, that’s the greatest option. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others.

Should I Roll Or Fold Pants?

However, it’s not ideal for heavy clothing like a sweater or a large jacket. When rolled, they take up more space than when folded. Because the cloth gathers when it rolls, button-up shirts are difficult to roll, and rolling is more prone to generate wrinkles.

How Do You Pack Sweatpants For Travel?

Cuff the bottom hem of the sweater after laying it flat.
Your sweater’s bottom hem should be cuffed; you’ll need it in a few steps!
Fold the sweater in thirds along the length of the garment, starting from the bottom.
Repeat the process of folding in thirds.
Tuck the folded hem in.

How Do You Fold A Pant To Save Space?

Save space by folding your jeans and khakis correctly.
Laying flat and folding are the first steps in the process. The first step is to lay your jeans flat on a table or counter.
The crotch should be tucked in (optional). You’ll note that the crotch protrudes slightly from the folded jeans.
Fold the trousers.
When stacking, go in a different direction.

How Do You Fold Long Pants For Travel?

Fold the jeans in half lengthwise and lay them out flat.
Fold one of the pant legs in half diagonally after lifting it. In the end, this piece will cover the full pair of pants.
Roll your jeans up from the waist up, but don’t include the diagonal section.
Take an extra pant leg and roll up a pair of rolled denim.

Now You Know How to Fold Pants for Travel!

To fold your pants for travel, the first thing you should do is starch them, iron presses them, Fold the jeans in half lengthwise, and lay them out flat. Fold one pant leg diagonally, roll the jeans up from the waist, but do not include the diagonal part, the rolled denim should be tucked into the excess pant leg. That is all you need to do.