How To Save Money at Home Depot: 25 Ways To Save

Home Depot is the DIYers’ big orange dream store.

But home improvement projects, appliances, yard maintenance, and other home-related things can become expensive quickly. However, with proper planning, a budget, and a little knowledge about how to save money at Home Depot, these things look a little more affordable.

Check out how to save money at Home Depot with these 25 ways. You’ll stay on budget and still get the work done at home without sacrificing your money goals.

How To Save Money at Home Depot: 25 Ways To Save

1. Subscribe

What easier way to start saving money at Home Depot than by subscribing to their email list?  Get $5 off for providing your email address. And the best news, you can unsubscribe if the emails don’t fit your style or needs.

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2. Free Shipping

Home Depot promotes free 2-day shipping for more than 1 million items to your home when you spend $45 or more. Free shipping to the store or free same-day in-store pickup with no minimum purchase.

Note: Certain items may be excluded from this promotion due to size shipping restrictions, addresses outside of the United States.

3. Free In-home Delivery

Home Depot offers free standard in-home delivery on appliance purchases of $396 or more.

4. Free Gift Cards From Swagbucks

Get free gift cards for doing the everyday things you’re already doing online at Swagbucks. Watch videos, answer surveys, read featured deals, search online, and shop online to earn gift cards.

5. Buy Paint in Bulk

If you’re looking to save some money when buying your paint, buy a five-gallon tub and save at least 10%. You can store leftover paint for many years if properly sealed.

6. Buy Paint Already Mixed

Find the best prices on the “oops” paints. When the paint color isn’t quite right for someone, you’ll get a nice discount on the color if it still works for you. You can usually identify these “oops” paints by the color on the top of the lid.

7. Low Price Guarantee

Love shopping at Home Depot, but the item is cheaper somewhere else. Just take the ad, printout, or photo to the register at Home Depot, and they’ll match the price.

If you live in Canada, you can get an extra 10% off if you find the price lower somewhere else.

8. Cash Back Sites

Be sure to check out cashback sites like Rakuten, Ibotta, Fetch, or Swagbucks before making online or in-store purchases at Home Depot. These sites offer cash back just for using their affiliate link for your purchase. Download the browser extension or app to get started.

9. Rebate Center

Always check out the rebate center when buying appliances. The rebate center features cash back rebate offers from manufacturers and Home Depot.

And be sure to check Home Depot’s site here for the 11 percent rebate. The special 11% rebate is offered at specific times of the year for specific items. You never know when this special rebate is being offered, so check it regularly if you’re looking to save some money.

10. Coupons

Home Depot still offers a coupon book. You’ll find their most recent ad near the front of the store, the customer service desk, on their website. Better to check the advertisement for things you may need than miss out on the weekly sales with coupons.

11. Garden Club

Sign up for the garden club with your email or phone number to get $5 off a $50 purchase. Plus, you’ll get notifications of special offers, promotions, how-to project information, and design ideas to keep you inspired.

12. Clearance Section

Don’t head down the aisle before looking at the clearance sections typically found at the end of the aisle. It may take some work to search through the many small items that are discounted up to 90%, but it could be worth it if you’re looking for a bargain.

13. Exclusive One-day Deals

Check out home depot’s website for a new deal every day. These special buys of the day are intended to save you more money on a specific item if you need it. Of course, don’t go buying something just because it’s on sale. But pay attention to the special one-day deals for hidden gems that you’ve been looking to buy for a while.

14. Rent Tools

Carpet cleaners, nail gains, and paint sprayers may all help with your home improvement project, but how much use are you going to get out of them? If you’re looking to use a tool once or twice, try renting it from Home Depot instead of buying it.

Home Depot rents professional quality tools at reasonable prices that beat buying them in many situations. Renting also allows you to try it before you buy it. You may find that you don’t need to physically own it after all.

15. Buy Previously Rented Tools

Nothing wrong with wanting to own your tools. But why not buy a used tool from the Home Depot rental center? These tools have been gently used and are in good working condition. They are serviced, tested, and inspected before being sold and are sold “as is,” so make sure it’s something that you want to buy.

16. Pro Xtra Program – Discounts, Volume Pricing Discounts

Are you a Professional buying product in large volumes? Well, the Pro XTRA program is your key to Earning rewards and extra discounts. The program requires you to spend at least $1500 to qualify for volume discounts, but if you’re spending the money, you might as well take advantage of the discount if you’re a professional.

17. Seasonal and Holiday Shopping

Shopping after season changes and holidays opens up big discounts up to 75% off for seasonal items. You’re sure to be ready to go for the next season or holiday.

And don’t forget to plan ahead to shop during the holiday for non-seasonal items. You’ll also find extra discounts (especially for big-ticket appliances and tools) for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents’ Day, and Martin Luther King Day.

18. Look for Prices Ending In .06

Did you know that the number .06 means something at Home Depot? Items ending in a .06 will drop in price within the next 6 weeks (the date can be found on the label). So, if you’re willing to wait a little longer, you just might save a little extra.

19. Look for Prices Ending In .03

Prices ending in .03 are at their bottom price and must be sold within three weeks before it’s pulled from the shelves. This is a good time to pick up the items that you have been looking at. Just remember that these items may not be eligible to return.

20. Look for Price Drops

Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite tool going on sale after you purchase it. You have 30 days to claim price drops. Just keep an eye on the price. If you find that the price drops, Home Depot will refund you the difference back.

21. Discounted Gift Cards

Buying gift cards at online merchants like Raise can get you up to 1% cashback. That’s $1 more dollar for every $100 you are spending and believe me, it adds up over time.

Shopping with gift cards also helps you stay on budget and prevent overspending. Try building a sinking fund for big purchases and then buying a gift card to make the purchase. You’re less likely to overspend, and there’s no debt to worry about.

22. Update Your Address With USPS

Are you in the process of moving? Updating your address online with the United States Postal Service will get you a Home Depot coupon to help offset some of the additional costs of getting your new home move-in ready.

23. Damaged Packages Get 10% Off

Of course, we know that many items we buy at Home Depot will probably get a little beat up sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean we should buy it looking beat up. So, if you notice a scratch or dent on an item that you still want, ask a staff member if you can have 10% off for the damage.

24. Auto-ship Repeat Purchases

Home Depot subscriptions will save you 5% when you sign up for auto-ship on select items. Not only does this save you money on the price of the item, but you’ll save gas and prevent an extra trip to Home Depot that may have you buying more than you planned anyways.

You’re in charge of how often the item is shipped and if you want to continue with the subscription. You can pause or cancel these subscriptions at any time. Just check your account online.

25. Military and Veteran Discount

Veterans, retired service members, active duty service members, and spouses are eligible for a 10% discount on most full-priced items.

Simply show identification of military service to the customer service agent and ask for a discount.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it. If you’re looking for how to save money at Home Depot, the above offers 25 of the best ways.

But remember to stay focused on your money goals while saving money. Yes, saving money is a good money habit that lets you stretch your dollars further. But, you don’t want to buy something just because it’s on sale or at a good price. This won’t help you with your financial goals in the long run.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of these easy ways to save money at Home Depot? Do you have any more secret saving tips to add to the list?




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