Full Guide on How To Travel From Nigeria to Italy

Italy Is popularly known across the globe as one of the most amazing countries to visit as it serves as a place of attraction for many tourists across the globe with lots of beautiful artifacts and as well a long interesting history, however, it is no new thing that lots of Nigerians would want to travel down to Italy for various purposes ranging from tourism down to work and education, now here is how to travel from Nigeria to Italy;

How To Travel From Nigeria to Italy

If you as a person or any members of your family wish to travel from Nigeria to Italy, here is a quick guide for you to do so;

  • Get a valid international passport
  • Get a flight ticket, and
  • Apply for a Visa

These stated tasks might look a bit difficult but here is a quick breakdown for you to travel to Italy from Nigeria;

How to Apply For Italy Schengen Visa in Nigeria

To get you on track on how to migrate from Nigeria to Italy, you must know how to apply for an Italy Schengen visa in Nigeria to give you enable your travel to Italy from Nigeria easily. Here is a valid means of application;

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The Consulate of Italy located in Lagos State, Nigeria, or Abuja is a valid place to submit your visa application, hence, you must go through this consulate to ensure that your visa is approved.

Types of Italy Schengen Visas in Nigeria

Before applying for a visa, it is advisable to note that there are different varieties of visas which work in line with your purpose of traveling to Italy, below are the types of visas offered at the consulates of Italy here in Nigeria;

  • Short Stay:

This type of Visa is made valid for less than 90 days and is suitable for business, tourism, and visitation purposes.

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  • Long Stay:

The Long Stay type of Visa is made valid for a period over 90 days which is considered suitable for study, work, and permanent residence.

How to Apply for The Italy Schengen Visa Via the Italy Consulates in Nigeria

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to apply and get your visa approved at the Italy consulates in Nigeria;

Step 1 – Determine The Purpose of Your Trip.

It’s important to read the list of documents required for your visa application and prepare them thoroughly. Always make sure you have the correct visa for your intended purpose of travel. TLS Contact and the consulate’s websites both offer checklists.

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Step 2- Make an Account With TLS Contact

  • TLS Contact’s website allows you to select the country in which you want to work – in this case, Nigeria – and then apply.
  • Select the location where your application will be submitted:
  • Click “register” on the following page:
  • Click “Create” after you’ve filled out all the fields:

Step 3: Enter your personal information.

Once you’ve logged in, the system will ask for some personal information in order to continue.

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Step 4 – Booking an Appointment Online

The process of scheduling appointments with the embassy, consulate, or visa application center is generally free and can be completed by the applicant themselves.

Step 5 – Prepare Your Documents

Get to know the list of documents that are needed before beginning the process of getting a visa. For more information, go to the TLS Contact website and select “application information,” then “documents and visa types.”

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Go to the next page and select the visa you wish to apply for. Then, click on the following link.

After that, you’ll be able to see what documentation you’ll need to submit in order to apply for a visa. Don’t forget to provide photocopies in addition to the originals when submitting your materials.

Included in the files are:

  • Complete the application form in block capitals. It is important to note that you must sign the visa application form when you arrive at TLS Contact for your scheduled appointment.
  • Two recent color passport photos (with a white background), each measuring approximately 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size These need to be able to be photographed properly. Staples should not be used for attaching photographs to application forms
  • A passport that is valid for at least three months beyond the expected return date of the intended trip, as well as two pages that are completely blank.
  • Photograph of the holder’s passport page in full color
  • Photocopies in full color of any and all previous and current visas (if applicable)
  • A minimum of Euro 30,000 (including repatriation) in overseas medical insurance
  • Flight and Hospital care issued by a European or local insurance firm.
  • Non-Nigerian citizens applying from Nigeria would also have to submit a copy.
  • A flight reservation or other document indicating the anticipated travel plans
  • In order to receive a letter of hospitality (invitation letter/sponsorship letter) from a person living in Italy who is willing to host you, you will need to provide a copy of the person’s identity card or passport, as well as the photocopy of the person’s residence permit (Permesso or Carta di Soggiorno) (if applicable) or a Hotel booking
  • The following is evidence that you have the necessary funds: Form C.O. 7 or equivalent (listings of the Company’s Directors) and pay stubs for the last six months, as well as the letter of employment from your current employer stating your professional status, length of leave, and financial terms, are required. Or
  • A personal bank statement over the last six months, a personal income tax clearance certificate (PIT), etc (for ALL applicants)
  • Verifiable evidence of citizenship: showing the applicant’s work experience and credentials
  • Notarized marriage license (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate and any other documentation proving parent identity for minors; letter from school confirming attendance and authorizing absences
  • Health Insurance for Schengen Travelers

Step 6: Application submission

Arrive on time and bring all of your necessary paperwork to your appointment. As soon as you arrive at TLS Contact’s welcome desk, an agent will verify that your application is complete and correct before leading you to a counter for further consideration. A form indicating which documents are missing will be provided to you, and you must submit them before your application can be approved if any are found to be missing. It will be sent to the consulate if your file is complete.

As part of your visa application, you will also be required to submit biometric data.

If the consulate needs to clarify something about your application, they may contact you to do so. Just be honest if you’re asked. What are some examples of questions that might be asked?

  • Do you plan on studying in Italy?
  • Where do you live in Nigeria?
  • Are you going to meet your friends over there to work?
  • Do you have any children?

Step 7: Collecting the Passport

The TLS Contact Center will notify you via email when the consulate has decided about your passport. A checklist and a copy of your ID are required for passport collection. You have the option of having your passport couriered back to your home address.

It is possible that your visa application will be accepted, and you will find a visa in your passport. However, applications are rejected on occasion. The following are some possible explanations:

  • The validity of your passport is essential (should be valid for a minimum of 3 months beyond the expiry date of the expected trip, with at least two empty pages). If you don’t have a passport, you’ll need to get one before applying for a visa.
  • Insufficient fund
  • If you can’t afford the trip, you’ll need to show proof of financial stability in the form of bank statements.
  • Documents that have been tampered with or forged
  • in Italy and Nigeria, you will be prosecuted if your passport is not returned to you after you submit it
  • Sponsorship letters are required if you are traveling to Italy on someone else’s dime.

Italy Schengen Visa Fee

While applying for a visa in Nigeria, there are some fees that would be paid, below are the Italy Schengen Visa Costs

Italy Visa Fee: Conveniently, Visa fees can be paid by credit or debit card at the Italian Consulate in Nigeria (no cash accepted)

Italy Visa Service Fee: TLS Contact charges a service fee of NGN 8,550.00 (payable only in NGN and by credit/debit card) for the processing of your visa application (no cash accepted)

NOTE: There are no refunds even if your application is rejected.

Visa type                                                              EUR           NGN

Short stay (All travel purposes)                              80.00           38,800.00

Short stay for children 6 to12 (All travel purposes) 40.00           19,400.00

Short stay for ages 0 to 6(All travel purposes)          FREE           FREE

Long stay (Study)                                                 50.00           24,200.00

Long stay (Family Reunion)                                  116.00        56,200.00

Long stay (Work & Employment)                         116.00        56,200.00

Long stay (Re-entry)                                             116.00        56,200.00

Long stay (Family Member of E.U. Citizen)           FREE           FREE

Italy Entry Requirements

Having met all other Visa requirements, Italy still has other entry requirements which should be met before arriving in the country, the following should be strictly adhered to;

  • Before your arrival in Italy, you are required to take an antigenic test at least 72 hours earlier.
  • Inform your local health officer or authority about your arrival in Italy.
  • inform your local health authority of your arrival
  • an address is usually given or indicated in your dPLF, you are to self-isolate in the indicated address for a period not less than 10 days.
  • After a minimum of 10 days’ isolation, you are required to take another antigenic test.
  • Upon arrival, border officers in Italy may grant you access to fill out a paper-based statement.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel From Nigeria to Italy?

Traveling from Nigeria to Italy costs about $310 – $650 depending on your specific destination in Italy and the type of visa you are applying for.

Can I work in Italy with a tourist visa?

Yes, but right after you apply for a work visa outside the borders of Italy, hence if you are in Italy on a tourist visa or visitor’s visa, you would be required to leave the country to apply for a work visa.

Is it hard to get a job in Italy?

If you appear not to be a native speaker in Italy, then securing a job in Italy especially as a Nigerian might be quite difficult, however, there are lots of job opportunities in Italy available for the locals, hence, if you want to get employed in Italy, you should consider learning the Italian language.

Where is the Italy Consulate Located in Nigeria?

The Italian consulates in Nigeria are located in;


Address: Plot 1129, Third floor, Mukhtar El-Yakub Place Beside Metro Plaza, Central Business District, Zakariya Maimalari Street, Abuja, Nigeria

Appointment Hours: Monday and Wednesday (08:00 – 13:00)

Passport Return Hours: Monday and Wednesday (09:00 – 15:00)


Address: 4/6 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island Visa Application Centre, Fourth Floor, Ivie House, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Appointment Hours: Monday- Wednesday (8:00 – 13:00)

Passport Return Hours: Monday- Wednesday (09:00 – 15:00)


Italy is known to be a great place of residence with quite a hand full of opportunities, hence, if you wish to migrate from Nigeria to Italy, do well to check out the steps right above and comment below if you have any questions.