Side Jam Interview #3 – Managing Facebook Ads

Marketing Strategy - Managing a Facebook Ads Campaign
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Make Extra Money by Managing Facebook Ads – Side Jam Interview #3

Welcome to our next Side Jam Interview!

Before we get started, I just want to share how awesome this whole interview experience has been. For starters, the feedback I’ve been receiving from readers has been so enthusiastic and encouraging.

And also, the amazing individuals who have agreed to be interviewed — you have no idea how much I appreciate your willingness to share your personal stories.

The sheer variety of experiences and creative ideas you’ve been sharing really puts a spotlight on the growth of entrepreneurship in recent years — As well as the many different ways everyday people can highlight their existing skills to create a profitable side business.

And speaking of profitable side businesses —

Today you’ll learn about Robert, who has a few different side gigs going on. He’s a super-friendly and personable guy who I met through social media. And he’s extremely motivated to make his dreams a reality for himself and his growing family.

Plus, he and his family raise goats, ducks, and chickens!

Who wouldn’t love that??


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And now, here is more about Robert:   

I’m Robert and I run a personal finance blog called Real Money Robert.

I also have a successful side business called Gale Force Marketing, where I help small businesses get new customers and grow their revenue.


The Interview Questions

Tell us about a fun, unique, or interesting Side Jam you’ve tried:

Haha, one of my side jams is raising chickens for eggs. We pretty much break even on the sale of eggs so it’s not too profitable yet, but there is nothing better than those sweet fresh eggs for breakfast every morning!

While we don’t quite have enough volume yet to sell locally, we are currently selling to family, friends, and coworkers.

Not Putting All Eggs into one Basket - Different Ways to Make Money on the Side
photo courtesy of Rebekah Howell via Unsplash


Now, for a more profitable side jam, as I mentioned I run a digital marketing company that helps small businesses thrive.

Not quite as unique as the chicken eggs, but it’s fun and way more profitable!


How/why did you get started with your digital marketing business? 

I took a course called Facebook Side Hustle that taught me the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, and it kind of accelerated out from there.

Took me a few months to get rolling and become profitable, but now I’m doing very well on the side.


How did you first hear about the side hustle course? Is it something anyone can sign up for?

Yes! This course is amazing! I’ve been following Bobby Hoyt over at Millennial Money Man for a few years for his awesome personal finance content. And he, along with his friend/business partner Mike Yanda, created the Facebook Side Hustle course as a way for Bobby’s readers to grow their income!

Here is a link if you want to check out the course itself more in detail.


The Requirements

Did you have prior background in digital marketing, or marketing in general?

I had a little bit of background in marketing in general, but I had zero digital marketing experience prior to taking the Facebook side hustle course and launching my business.


In your opinion, what characteristics will help someone be successful with a business for managing Facebook ads?

I’ve seen people with all kinds of different personalities have success with this type of business. The hardest part is putting yourself out there and going after clients. But there are so many different ways to acquire new clients, that I truly feel there are methods that work for most people.

That being said, there is a pretty large distinction between the people who just want to have a couple of clients on the side to make a little extra money, and the people like me who are looking to maximize their revenue and go full time.

People like me, who want to get to a point where they are doing this full time and making good money, tend to have very entrepreneurial tendencies. For example, having a tenacious drive to always do better, a certain level of competitiveness. Willingness and adaptability to learn new things quickly as the digital landscape develops and changes. Oh, and the ability to relate to people is super helpful too.


How much time do you spend per month managing Facebook ads as a business?

Currently, I spend about 15 hours per week, so about 60 hours per month.


The Details

Just to better understand how a Facebook ad management business works, could you provide a high level overview, for those of us who are basically clueless about it?

Businesses hire me to run their ad campaigns on Facebook. There is more detail to it and the strategies vary widely based on the industry and type of business. But in a nutshell, I create and manage their Facebook ad campaigns.

I automate sending leads to them, providing tips and guidance on how they would follow-up with those leads to help them convert more. They benefit by getting more customers and in turn more business when they close the leads.

It’s a win-win-win: The client is happy, their customers are happy, and I’m happy.


In general, how profitable has this activity been? (financially, or even educationally, lessons learned…) 

I’m on track to make about $40,000 in side income in 2019, so I’d say that’s fairly profitable, with low overhead costs. I return between 80-85% on the dollar since my overhead costs are very minimal.


With the impressive profit you are seeing so far, do you ever think about potentially going full time, if things continue to improve?

In one word, YES!

If things continue to grow and develop, I’ve got some personal financial goals that I want to get taken care of and then I’ll be ready to jump into the fire full time!


The Learning

What type of research or learning curve is required for this Side Jam? 

As I mentioned, I took a course to get me started and the rest of the knowledge I have learned from running Facebook ads and managing results for individual businesses.

I’ve been able to discover what works best and implement strategies to spend the advertising dollars in the most effective ways possible.


What tips would you have for someone who is looking to get started with a business for running Facebook ads?

Take a course, learn as much as you can, and focus on finding effective ways to get clients.


The Reflection

Overall, what did you learn by doing this activity? (soft skills, limitations, introspection, character-building, or any literal skills) 

I learned how terrible I am at sales. Haha, but I approach sales conversations with a personable approach.

I love to listen to people talk about the businesses, their issues, and their goals so I can see if I can offer a solution that will help them.


Is this something you would like to continue doing? Why or why not? 

Yes! Actively continuing this as we speak!


Thank you so much, Robert!
Please remind us again where readers can locate you online — 

Robert’s blog:

Gale Force Marketing Facebook page:


The Wrap Up

Wow, that’s a whole lot of useful information, and I appreciate all of the detail Robert provided on this fascinating process!

But geez, in the midst of all the interview activities, there is one final question I forgot to ask Robert …

Which came first — the chickens or the ads?

I’m sorry, I just had to.

I LOVE a good, corny joke. (Is that an oxymoron? You be the judge.)


Chicken Farm - Side Hustles - Selling Eggs and Managing Facebook Ads
photo courtesy of Mickaela Scarpedis via Unsplash


If you’d like to find out more, please be sure to stop by Robert’s blog. Or check out his Facebook page to learn more about his digital marketing business.

And again, a heartfelt thank you goes to Robert, for providing such great detail and responding to all of my questions so quickly!

Also be sure to check back next week, for another installment in the Side Jam Interview Series!


So what do you guys think — Is this something you’d be interested in doing? 

Have you ever tried to run Facebook ads on your own, or have you used a business to run ads?

And how about the chickens — how fun would that be??

I’d love to know your thoughts — Hit me up in the Comments!

Robin : )


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Make Extra Money by Managing Facebook Ads – Side Jam Interview #3

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