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Learn Real Estate Wholesaling to Make Extra Income – Side Jam Interview #10


Make Money by Starting a Real Estate Wholesaling Business

Welcome back, everyone — Thanks for stopping by for another Side Jam Interview! With this post, you’ll learn more about Andrew, who started a side hustle in real estate wholesaling to make extra money.

Have you ever thought about starting a side hustle? Need to make some extra money, but not sure how to get started?

One of the best ways to start is by making a list of everything you enjoy doing. And then get creative — brainstorming how to earn extra income by doing what you love.

Enjoy the outdoors? Start a landscaping business. An animal lover? Look into dog walking or pet sitting. Aspiring writer? Try selling short stories online through Amazon.

Have an eye for fashion? Check out consignment shops to start flipping designer clothing or even start a fashion blog. Pretty much any topic you can think of can conceivably be turned into a way to make money.

You need a little know-how, imagination, and a desire to succeed. And yeah, some endeavors may be less successful than others. But that’s the beauty of learning something new — it’s all a process, trial and error.

While you won’t be massively successful at everything you attempt to do, you will always be better off than when you started, whether it’s financially, educationally, or personally. (That’s my mantra, anyway!!)

But moving onto this week’s post — you’ll be hearing about a side hustle that Andrew and his wife turned into a super-successful side business.

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How to Make Money Self-Publishing on Amazon – Side Jam Interview #9


Earning Money by Self-Publishing on Amazon 

Hey everyone — Welcome to another Side Jam Interview! You’ll learn more about Jarek, who has self-published books and short stories on Amazon, with this post.

Have you ever thought that maybe you had a story to tell?

Words of advice or wisdom to share with the world? Or a cautionary tale to help others avoid some mistakes you’ve made?

Maybe a story of joy, gratitude, forgiveness and healing. Or even still – a fictitious story from a far-off land, a castle or kingdom, or even an alternate universe.

All things exist in your imagination or memories, opening yourself up to share with the world.

I can tell you I have thought of such things.


Because my world exists mainly in bullet points and summations, I enjoy making lists, prioritizing, and then crossing each item off one by one. It’s a sense of completion that gives me extreme gratification.

I’ve never felt the pull toward creative writing. But you never know. Some day I may decide I have a book in me.

What about you?

Do you think self-publishing a book might be a bit outside of your comfort zone and level of expertise?

Well, think again.

Many online publishers have made it a lot easier to produce that tome you’ve envisioned in your mind.

So get ready to put your author’s hat on, and start making some mental notes.

Jarek is about to give us some valuable insight into writing and self-publishing your very own book on Amazon.


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Blogging to Make Extra Money – Side Jam Interview #7


Can You Make Money on the Side by Blogging? 

Welcome to the next Side Jam Interview! In this week’s post, you’ll learn more about Brian, who’s been blogging about personal finance for several years. In addition, he manages several blogs, all in his spare time.

We’ll explore what makes blogging so terrific, how you could potentially make money blogging, and why it’s so much more complex than you’d think it would be. (And I will be the very first to agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly!)

Brian’s got quite a bit of knowledge and experience under his belt. In addition to blogging about money and other finance topics, he and his family successfully dug themselves out of debt. And he’s using his real-life experiences to carry the message forward to others.

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Selling Products on Amazon – Side Jam Interview #6

Side Jam Interview #6 – Selling Products on Amazon

Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by for the next Side Jam Interview!

When I started this interview series a month and a half ago, the primary purpose was to highlight unique, interesting, and creative ways to make extra money on the side.

I wanted to interview people about side hustles they’ve tried and find out the real scoop:

  • Is it legit or a scam?
  • Were you able to make money?
  • How much effort was involved?
  • Did it require any prior skills?
  • Was it ultimately worth the time put into it?

And the responses I’ve been getting do not disappoint. Not only have I been receiving an impressive amount of information, but the enthusiasm infused with each response has been infectious!

I honestly feel so blessed to work with some truly amazing folks because of the connections I’m making. Yes, believe it or not, this self-proclaimed introvert is starting to network.




Sharing Money-Making Success Stories

With this next installment, I’ll be introducing Marc, who started an online business with his wife. They managed a successful business selling products on Amazon and made a killing!

Hearing great stories like this keep me motivated to continue doing what I’m doing, not necessarily because I expect to have this massive success myself. (Although there’s no valid reason why that couldn’t happen.) But because I love sharing the good that’s out there in the world.

I want others to realize they can try new things, learn a new skill, and find exciting ways to make money on the side. If it exists in your imagination, there’s more than likely a way to turn it into reality.


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How to Save Money by House Hacking – Side Jam Interview #5

Side Jam Interview #5 – House Hacking to Save and Make Money

Hey everyone, welcome back! This week’s Side Jam Interview is all about house hacking.

You’ll be hearing from Riley, who blogs at Young and the Invested. His writing focuses on younger professionals who are just getting started with their careers.

Delivered from the Millennial perspective, Riley highlights the shift from more traditional financial advice to meet the unique needs of the younger generation. Also, he’s a super nice guy and an all-around professional.


Do you have a Side Jam you’d like to share?

Let me know by filling out THIS FORM, and  you could be featured on my blog!


And now, here is more about Riley:  

Riley is a licensed CPA in Louisiana and works as a Senior Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 company in New Orleans. He also has a personal finance blog called Young and the Invested, where he helps young professionals discover financial independence.

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Side Jam Interview #4 – Teaching Exercise Class

Make Money on the Side as an Exercise Class Instructor – Side Jam Interview #4

Welcome to the next Side Jam Interview!

During our past few interviews, we’ve focused on ways to make money online in the digital arena. And while there are endless possibilities for online side hustles, today, I’d like to focus on another way to benefit from an existing skillset.

I had the pleasure to meet with Cheryl, who works in the corporate world by day and teaches exercise classes in her spare time.

When I originally asked her to participate in the Side Jam interview series, she was surprised I considered her exercise classes a side hustle. She just thought it was something she enjoyed doing, and it was a bonus that she could earn a few bucks by sharing her passion with others.

But that’s the point I’d love to convey through this interview series —

It doesn’t have to be this elaborate plan to create an online business, or pay off a massive amount of debt, or get a process in place to eventually replace your day job.

I mean, all of those things are great goals to have, and having a plan will make success all the more attainable.

But there are things you might not even think about — things you do every day — that can be a side hustle.

It doesn’t have to make you a millionaire. And you might love it so much you’d do it for free regardless.

I think it’s important for everyone to realize they have talents. And you can choose to use these talents to your advantage in any number of ways, whether it’s by volunteering, mentoring, encouraging, or teaching.

And yes, dancing to 80’s music can be a Side Jam!

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