Fundrise Returns

Stock Market Tanks: Fundrise Still Has Positive Returns

I’ve been investing with Fundrise for years now and have seen excellent returns. For a more in-depth look at what Fundrise is, how to invest, and my personal Fundrise returns until now, check out my first Fundrise review here.


ARKK vs ARKQ: Which is Best?

You can spend hours or days sifting through hundreds if not thousands of different funds. Or, you can go with two innovative funds such as ARKK vs ARKQ.

529b Plan

529b Plan Advantages And Best Plans According To Experts

With rising tuitions in mind, many parents have turned to a popular investing account, the 529b plan. With these plans come tons of information, that most parents are confused by. What exactly are the advantages of a 529b and which plans are the best? That’s exactly what we asked our experts, here is what they said:


SPY vs SPYG: Which is Best?

As you might guess solely from their names, these are two very similar funds, so when it comes to SPY vs SPYG, which is better for your investing strategy? Here we’ll aim to compare the two funds to determine just that.

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Can You Afford to Retire Early?

Early retirement sounds appealing, but is it realistic? We asked dozens of financial experts to share their tips to help you retire early.


VTI vs SPY: Which is Best?

Both VTI vs SPY are excellent funds to have as part of your investment portfolio, but which is better to invest more in or to start investing with. Below, we’ll go through a comparison of each fund.

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Stocks that Could Sizzle This Summer

Many companies can thrive when the rest of the market wilts. We asked our experts their thoughts on which summer stocks could get red hot. Below is what they said.


VFIAX vs VOO: Which is Better For You?

Since they both track the same index, it can be hard to figure out which might be a better investment when comparing VFIAX vs VOO. Below is a comparison of these two popular funds to help you reach a decision. 

Penny Stocks

Penny Stock Investing: Can It Really Make You Rich?

Penny Stock Investing is no different than other types of stocks or investments in general. There are ups and downs, risk and reward — it’s all there! Investing in penny stocks has booms busts which can be great for quick profits, but it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme by any means.