[Best Guide] How To Get Ireland Business Visa In 2023

Getting an Ireland business visa is easy as long as you meet all the prerequisites. An Ireland Business Visas are considered a short-stay visa with which foreign nationals can enter the country for up to 90 days for business purposes or for work that lasts 14 days or less.

Some requirements need to be met before the visa can business visa can be approved. We have compiled all that you need to know on How to Get Ireland Business Visa including a step-by-step guide.

How To Get Ireland Business Visa (Step By Step Guide)

Ireland is a viable country in the United Kingdom and Europe at large to do business.

Without a visa, you can’t enter Ireland except if you are a citizen or permanent resident of countries having an exemption agreement with Ireland.

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You need to hold a visa of any type to enter the country especially if you are coming from a country outside the United Kingdom, EU Zone/Schengen zone.

All short-stay visas are referred to as ‘C’ visas including the business visa which allows you to carry out job activities such as attending meetings, negotiating or signing agreements or contracts, and working for 14 days or less.

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Also, there are some benefits that you won’t enjoy when you obtain an Ireland business. You won’t be allowed to:

  • Work in form (paid or unpaid) for 15 days or longer.
  • Depend on any Irish public services, e.g. public hospitals.

How To Get Ireland Business Visa

The process of getting an Ireland business visa is not strenuous and you should begin the process early enough. The process of applying for an Ireland business visa includes:

Step 1: Find out the visa you need

You need to find out the visa type you need. Since you will be traveling into the country for businesses purpose, you will be settling for a business visa. Then you are to make an online application.

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Step 2: Pay Your Visa Fee /Service Charge

You will have to pay the visa fee and make sure you live with evidence of payment. There may be a mandatory or optional service charge depending on the Ireland embassy your application is been processed.

Step 3: Book Your Appointment

Upon the completion of your payment, you will be allowed to book your appointment when you can visit a visa application center to provide your biometrics and/or submit your documents, as well as an interview.

Your appointment must not exceed 30 days of the date on which you completed your online visa application form.

Step 4: Print Your Appointment and Receipts of Payment

Once you have completed the payment and appointment booking process is successful. Ensure you print out the payment receipt and appointment confirmation receipt that is sent to the email address you provided. You are expected to come along with the printed receipt(s) as evidence of payment to attend your appointment at the embassy or visa application center.

Step 5: Gather Your Documents for Your Appointment

You must go to your appointment at a visa application center with several documents with you.

Step 6: Attend your Appointment

Don’t miss your appointment! You might have to begin from step 1 again if you do. Also, ensure you are punctual.

Step 7: Collect Your Documents

You are to wait for the application to be over and then choose how you want your approved visa to be sent to you. You can pick it up at the visa application center or you can receive it by courier service.

Ireland Business Visa Requirements

You need to prepare yourself for the application process by getting all documents needed. You are required to submit the following documentation when going for your interview at the embassy or consulate. They include:

  1. Printed and signed application summary sheet
  2. 2 Passport-sized colour photographs meeting the specifications provided.
  3. An original valid passport that is not more than 6 months and with sufficient space for the insertion of the visa sticker, at least one blank page.
  4. Evidence of payment made and that of appointment booked.
  5. Letter of application duly signed including full contact details.
  6. Provide supporting documents for the relevant visa category.
  7. Proof of return home or travel to next destination.
  8. A financial statement showing you have enough money to support yourself fully in Ireland.
  9. Evidence of accommodation plans including hotel reservations, shared or free accommodation, etc.
  10. Proof of travel and medical insurance. You will not be allowed to enter Ireland without medical insurance.
  11. A copy of your passport containing the biodata page is sufficient.

You may need to provide your biometric information in peculiar cases as part of your application.

Also, know that an Irish visa allows you to travel to Ireland and it is not a guarantee you will have permission to enter the country.

You can be refused entry into the country even if you have a visa. It depends on the Immigration Officer at the Ireland Border to let you enter the country.

Ireland Business Visa Application Duration

Considering the high rate of visa applications, it is the best advice that you should apply for a visa 3 months before you travel.

Because you need the time to prepare documents to support your application (i.e., invitation letter from a receiving company in Ireland, hotel reservations, etc.).

Also, when you apply for a business visa, you should have a decision within 10 working days, that is if all your documentation is available.

However, some categories of visas can take a longer period, depending on the time of the year you submit. Also, if your documents are not complete, the application process can be delayed.

The Cost Of Applying For Ireland Business Visa

Payment of visa fees is a must for those applying for a business visa. The payment varies depending on the Ireland embassy or consulate where you are applying.

The visa fee you pay covers the administrative cost of processing your application and it is non-refundable even if your application is withdrawn or refused.

The fee for a single-entry short stay ‘C’ Visa is €60, and it cost €100 for a multiple-entry Short stay ‘C’ visa.

Also, extra charges may apply for some applications such as consular fees.

How Long Does Ireland Business Visa Last?

It is good to know how long your business visa can keep you in Ireland. This will inform your decision early enough whether you want an extension or not.

A business visa for Ireland is valid for three months which is equal to 90 days. This is the period you can stay in the country.

The number of days you are allowed to stay in Ireland is decided by the Immigration Officers at the Ireland Border Control.

Also, the immigration officers at the border will place a stamp on your passport stating the purpose of your travel and the validity of your visa.

How To Extend A Stay For Unforeseen Circumstances In Ireland.

Extending your business visa for Ireland is possible. That is if it is an exceptional and rare situation occurs warranting you to apply to extend your permission to stay in Ireland.

You must know that to apply for a business visa extension, the circumstances of your visit must change in an unforeseen way after you arrive in the country.

Because an extension will not be granted to attend a meeting/event or any non-emergency or for any conceivable reason.

Also, you can only apply and apply for a visa extension only if you are in Ireland and before your existing visa expires. We recommend that you apply for a visa exemption 30-days before the expiration of your current visa permit.

What To Do If My Visa Application is Rejected

A letter of refusal will be sent to you if your visa application is rejected and it will be stated on it if you are allowed to appeal the decision or not.

You can appeal the decision and there is no fee to be paid. Also, your appeal must arrive at the consulate within 2 months of the date on the letter of refusal.


There you have all the tidbits that will help you in your application process. Mind you, the business visa only allows you to stay legally in the country for 90 days.

The process is best begun months ahead of your scheduled travel to hasten up the process.

Also, ensure you have all the required documentation and as well pay the visa application fee for the processing of your application.