Is It Okay To Wear Speedos At The Beach?

Speedos, or swim briefs, have been around for many years. They have had some spikes in popularity, followed by some dips. But they always seem to stay around. Whether you are a fan of these swimsuits or think they belong back in the ’80s, the discussion on whether it is acceptable to wear speedos at the beach remains.

Deciding to wear a speedo at the beach is up to personal preference. These swim briefs are made for wearing when swimming, so going to the beach should be no exception. Ensuring that your speedo fits correctly is essential. Aside from that, you should feel free to wear whatever you want.

Although some people don’t think speedos are appropriate beachwear, some compelling arguments are made in favor of these tiny swimsuits. We will discuss the reasons for wearing a speedo to the beach, and some tips for ensuring your speedo is comfortable.

Why Is It Okay To Wear Speedos To The Beach?

There are several reasons why wearing speedos to the beach is perfectly acceptable. Speedos have been around for a long time and have had many fans and many foes throughout the years. However, in some cases, they have been deemed inappropriate as beachwear. Why is this not true?

1. Speedos Were Made For It

Believe it or not, speedos were designed for swimming all the way back in 1960 and were designed specifically for swimming. Although many people and America and Europe prefer to wear swim shorts to the beach, speedos are still a popular choice in countries like Greece, Italy, and Brazil.

In fact, in some countries, such as France, speedos are the only swimwear you can swim with in public pools. The rule was made to prevent people from swimming in clothes that have been used for other purposes, such as training. Therefore, speedos, being made and used only for swimming, are allowed.

2. Speedos Are Comfortable

Although many people might think otherwise, fans of speedos have reported that these briefs are incredibly comfortable to wear. Longer swim shorts are prone to chafing around the thighs and can become twisted and bundled when swimming. However, on the other hand, speedos stay comfortably in place and will not chafe at all.

Furthermore, speedos dry fast and take up little space. They are ideal for traveling as they take up no room in your bag. The fact that they dry so fast adds to their comfort as you don’t have to walk around in wet swimwear for too long.

For example, some water polo players still prefer to wear speedos as they do not restrict movement. In addition, they are easier to move in than swim shorts and do not become heavy or drag.

3. Speedos Look Good

This might be a controversial statement, but speedo briefs look good if they are the correct size. Although different body types indeed call for different clothes, speedos accentuate the right areas and de-accentuate the wrong ones.

For example, wearing tight-fitting swim shorts will pinch at your hips, causing them to bulge at the top and create the infamous muffin top. However, a pair of properly fitted speedos will not bulge anywhere and give you a sleek, streamlined look.

Speedos also help you tan more evenly, leaving only your most vulnerable parts protected from the sun. Swim shorts ensure that you have an obvious tan line. Should you ever wear lower or shorter shorts than your swim shorts, you will have a comically visible line.

4. Speedos Allow You To Show Off Your Hard Work

Nowadays, people are becoming more interested in health and fitness. Going to the gym is no longer reserved for bodybuilders and professional athletes. Many people are working hard to get in shape. Whether you focus on training your legs or your abs, speedos will allow you to flaunt your gains.

Because speedos are so revealing, you will be able to show off what you have been working on. Speedos don’t hide away your legs, and they accentuate your glutes. Working hard and looking good deserves to be displayed. Even a dadbod takes some hard work to attain.

The bottom line is that if you wish to wear a speedo to the beach, you shouldn’t be convinced not to. The world has gotten more and more liberal, allowing people to wear and do whatever they want. So why should wearing a speedo be viewed any differently from wearing a bikini or tight-fitting swim shorts? It shouldn’t.

There are some things to note when you decide to take a plunge into the world of speedos. We will discuss some important tips to help you get the best result when you go to the beach in your new briefs.

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Tips For Wearing Speedos At The Beach

Before we get to the beach, let’s discuss purchasing a speedo. When shopping for a speedo, you should opt for one that is slightly loose-fitting. These are reported to be the most comfortable. You are already exposing a lot of skin, and there is no need to buy your speedo too tight.

Speedos have different cuts and styles. However, the ones generally adored are those speedos with a slightly higher waist and a more retro feel. Again, this is according to personal preference, but do make sure that all your parts are covered.

Speedos have a reputation for being overly revealing, and there is no need to add fuel to the fire. Speedos look great when they fit correctly, but not so much when they are skintight.

On the topic of skin, you should also ensure that your grooming is up to date before going to the beach in a speedo. Nobody likes to see exposed pubic hairs, and it is a surefire way to ruing the aesthetics of wearing a speedo to the beach.

When wearing a speedo to the beach, the final tip is to do so with confidence. If you look uncomfortable, people will assume you are. Wear your speedo with pride, and people will be looking at you for all the right reasons.


Speedos may be a controversial choice of swimwear, but they have been around since the 1960s and have been ridiculed for no reason. Properly fitted speedos are comfortable. They also look good and help you to show off your body. Furthermore, they were made for swimming.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel free to wear your speedos to the beach. Do so with pride and confidence, and have fun watching people stare at you and admire your bravery.