Is It Possible To Move Country to Country Every 90 Days Indefinitely?

Travelers know their true home exists between continents, in the time exploring other places, and while embarking on new journeys worldwide. Some people like to settle down and establish roots in a selected city or town, while others galivant between couches, apartments, or campsites to see new areas of the world.

A popular internet traveling forum user asked, “[Is it] possible to move from country to country every 90 days indefinitely?” Here is what the internet thinks.

1. Yes, but It Gets Old

“You can definitely do this. I’ve been bouncing around the world for years from visa-free country to the next. One thing to keep in mind is that visa requirements are sometimes fast-changing (for example, Brazil is about to require visas again). You also want to do some preplanning, so you don’t find yourself traveling to hotspots during busy seasons, especially if your idea is to stay in hostels the whole way,” shares one nomad.

2. Sell Your House

For those who don’t want to pay property tax or take care of housing obligations any longer, one traveler claims they sold their house and used the money from the sale to jet set. They have a relative in the United States who lets them use their address for mail and registrations.

3. Find Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is a great way to make extra income while exploring the world’s natural (and manufactured) wonders and attractions.

“I stay in low-cost countries because that is what I can afford and am currently interested in. Then pick up seasonal work when I need it. I left LA and can live off of $12,000 a year if I want. I work a seasonal gig, so I always have savings. I am not at retirement age, so I don’t have a monthly payment to my bank account,” a globetrotter shares.

4. Pay Attention to Visas

Each country has different visa rules. For example, France, Austria, and Croatia permit tourists to legally visit for 90 days with a passport but require a visa for an extended trip. Brazil also doesn’t require visas for anyone visiting the country, but if you plan to move, you must prearrange your visa. The visa rules change constantly, so pay attention and research before packing your bags.

5. Possible With Flexibility

Whenever you think of 2020, what comes to mind? Is the unpredictable global crisis forcing a global lockdown of businesses, establishments, and family and friends’ doors? One person said you could live this kind of life but must prepare for tragedy, health crises, and exceptional circumstances that may affect your travel plans. Life doesn’t adhere to strict travel plans, so you need to learn to adjust to change; it will also improve your travel ethic.

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