Is Time Travel Possible? Facts And Myths Unraveled

Yes! Time traveling is possible, there are has been lots of myths, folks, and theories that surround this. We have taken out time to prepare detailed information about time travel, those who have time travel before, and all you need to know here.

Is Time Travel Possible? Facts And Myths Unraveled

Mysteries about time travel and all you need to know is what we have prepared for you here. Humans are intelligent species with limitless abilities and incredible potential to do great things. Man has since creation been on the quest to learn everything to gain mastery and most importantly solve the challenges facing the human populace.

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The thirst for knowledge and the desire to create new possibilities and realities has been on for ages with countless breakthrough that has shaped and evolved human society and modus operandi.

Day by day new scientific breakthrough is achieved and impossible milestones are reached all in the bid to better human life in areas of science, medicine, art, sports, agriculture, and many other fields.

But there remains a construct among the relatively few impossibilities that face humanity is time travelling. In simple terms, time travelling is a phenomenon conceived as the ability to travel into the past or future.

An explicit time travel explanation connotes the process as a concept of movement between certain points in time that is similar to movement between different points in space either by a person or an object typically through a hypothetical device described as a time machine.

Time Travel Theories

From the innumerable studies that have been carried out on time travelling, several theories have been established by scientists and philosophers with pointers to the possibilities of time travelling including properties needed to bring about the reality of this seemingly impossible event.

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists ever is not alienated from this study. He propounded the theory which is considered to be one of the most accurate reasoning to the subject matter.

According to Einstein’s “theory of relativity”, he propounded that we live in a four-dimensional continuum of space-time, and space and time can be interchanged. This assertion was made based on his findings that the faster you travel through space, the slower you move through time. To better explain, it connotes that you age more slowly!

However, the speed of light is the fastest moving speed covering about 186,000 miles per second. This is equivalent to 300,000 kilometers per second, or one light-year per year. As such, it is possible to attain such light speed if a spaceship were to fly at 99% of the speed of light, it can travel a light-year of distance in just over a year.

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Is Time Travel A Reality Or A Myth?

facts about time traveling
facts about time traveling

There are ongoing researches on time travelling which has birthed numerous theories and invention of what is known as the time machine. Despite the time and resources invested to reach a breakthrough in this scientific field, time travel largely remains uncertain.

The theory of time travelling is divided into two, that is forward travel which is travelling to the future, and backward travel, which connotes travel to the past. At best these two-time travelling possibilities remained understudy at length but cannot but the reality cannot be achieved with current technology.

More so, just as forward time travelling and backward time travelling remains unproven, likewise does travelling to an arbitrary point in spacetime. The possibility of this happening is very limited and is not largely supported in theoretical physics. Rather it is usually connected only with quantum mechanics or wormholes.

How To Time Travel

Time traveling
Time traveling

The study of time travel is now an exciting and deeply studied topic compared to centuries before now when the subject was at its mere basic form.

Scientists including Stephen Hawkings and philosophers as well have argued that it is impossible to travel back in time but travelling to the future is more real. To this end, there are possibilities to achieve time travelling to the future which has been spelled out under different possibilities.

  1. Time travel via speed
  2. Time travel via gravity
  3. Time travel via suspended animation
  4. Time travel via wormholes
  5. Time travel using light

Time Travel Via Speed

Of all the various propounded possible ways to time travel, the easiest of them all is travel by speed. It is considered to be the most practical way to time travel into the far future.

This possible solution was reached by putting into consideration Einstein’s theory of special relativity where he submitted that travelling at speeds imminent to the speed of light slows down time relative to the outside world.

This theory has been thoroughly researched and stretched beyond where Einstein stopped. One of such extensive and accurate theories is the use of “twin atomic clocks”. One clock was flown jet aircraft, and another was stationary on Earth.

This discovery presented physicists to conclude that a flying clock ticks slower, because of the jet’s extreme speed.

As such, it is safe to conclude that the closer your speed gets to that of the speed of light, the more extreme the time travel.

Time Travel Via Gravity

Humans are relentless and would not rest until they arrived at a tangible result. This brings us to the second proposed possible way to time travel which is via gravity.

This theory of time travel is like unto the first been brainchild of Albert Einstein who revealed in his theory of general relativity that the stronger the gravity you feel around you, time moves slower.

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This theory has been tested using the twin clock again. This time, the clocks were placed two atomic clocks on shelves with one placed 33 centimeters above the other. The findings showed that the lower clock moved slower than the one atop because it felt slightly stronger gravity.

This brings up the conclusion that forward travelling can be achieved if we get to a region of extremely strong gravity (i.e., black hole). This finding is yet to be tried in reality because of the risk involved with some still unsure about the reality of the black hole.

Time Travel Via Suspended Animation

Another theory that is perceived to be a way out and a means to forward travel into the future is suspended animation. This is unlike the two theories propounded above as suspended animation requires time to be slowed down, or stop your bodily processes and then restart them later.

Research has made it known that there are organisms that are capable of achieving the state of altering their body processes i.e., bacterial spores are capable of living long life up to millions of years in a state of suspended animation. It can then be reawakened under the right conditions of temperature, moisture, food kick start their metabolisms again.

More so, animals such as Bears and Squirrels are known to slow down their metabolism during hibernation, which in turn reduce their cells’ requirement for food and oxygen.

However, this process is yet to be a reality and even with current advanced technology, the state of suspended animation is not possible. Even if it is possible, it is considered to be risky.

Time Travel Via Wormholes

Scientists remain obsessed with time travelling and are continually researching to provide the best possible method to achieve this seemingly impossible task.  This brings us to the fourth proposed possible way to time travel into the future and that is through Wormholes.

Time travel through wormholes is considered to be a shortcut through spacetime, where distances of a billion light-years or more, or different points in time can be bridged.

The extensive study of Einstein’s theory of general relativity by physicists including the renowned Stephen Hawkings believes wormholes constantly crack open in and out of existence at the quantum scale, however they are far smaller than atoms to be seen by the visible eyes.

Time travel through wormholes can be achieved by capturing one and then expanding it to the size of human scales. This will however require a huge amount of energy.

Time Travel Using Light

The fifth possible way to travel into the future is through the use of light. It is now clear that time travel either backward or forward has a great deal to do with light. Almost, the entire possible way to travel involves light.

This theory of time travel is proposed by American physicist Ron Mallet. He made it known that time travel using light will be possible through the use of a rotating cylinder of light to twist spacetime. As such, any item or body dropped inside the swirling cylinder could theoretically be dragged around in space and in time.

The American physicist believes that this method can be effective to travel either to the past or the future if the right geometry is attained.

These five possible ways remain theoretical meaning none of these processes is yet a reality.

What is the Guide to Time Travel?

Humans are not atop the ladder of existence by circumstance but because they are highly intelligent species. Looking at the recent society, there is a great deal of advancement compared to thousands of years past.

Relentlessly, scientists, physicists, and philosophers continue to research at great length to make time travel a reality. Despite the ongoing rigorous studies, time travel remains an encyclopedia of thought even though the results of most research carried out do not rule out the possibility of time travel.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the stages have gone to the extent of building mechanical machines that can be used for the very purpose of connecting with a different time.

Peradventure, in the end, if time travel becomes a reality with all required processes and machines needed available, you and I know that certain rules would be established and they have to be obeyed.

Some of the basic guides to time travel that may be promulgated include

  1. Beware the Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is a condition whereby a slight localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere or in a later (future) state. So, when your time travels to either the past or future, make sure you don’t alter any process to avoid any ripple effect that may occur later.

  1. Keep Healthy Hygiene and stay Hydrated

Time travel can take longer time than you expect and the process warrant that your body is in the right state. As such, you should be well hydrated throughout the process and make sure you feed well too.

  1. Do not Travel to a Time Less than One Week Ago in the Past

During time travelling especially in the past, ensure you travel farther and not less than a week ago so that you will have plenty of time to do whatever you need to do and then return to the present which must not collide with the exact time that you started your travelling.

The reason has been that you may end up being pushed into a repetitive time cycle that you can never escape.

  1. Never Meet with or Communicate with Yourself in the Past

When you travel into the past, don’t make the mistake of meeting your time past or close relative because they might recognize you and it can have a ripple effect on the time continuum.

Should in case you plan to meet your past self, ensure you wear a disguise so that you won’t be easily recognized.

  1. Familiarize with the Geography of the Time You are Travelling

You must gather sufficient knowledge of the time and place you are travelling to. Ensure you read extensively to know a little history and general geography of the place. This will help you throughout your journey so that you won’t be seen as an alien.

  1. Never Alter the Past

The law of the trans-dimensional unified field exposes us to the fact that altering or meddling in minute affairs in the past will result in another stream of reality. So, at all costs, do not be tempted to change the past.

  1. Don’t Travel with your Kid, Unless if Necessary

Under no circumstance should you time travel with your kid knowing that children are nosy and cannot hide their excitement and anxiety at the sight of something unusual. This can attract unwanted attention.

  1. Always Carry your Timekeeping Device

You must carry a timekeeping device so that you can keep track of events and happenings in the real-time as you travelled from. Also, know that time and season can change from time from to the time you travel to. This will be more pertinent to time travellers.

The above rules are not real but they are very well thought out and serve only to protect you when the time comes. Also, the above-stated guides are not far from the ideal rules that will be set shortly when time travel is finally a reality.

Once the rules are set and time travel becomes a norm, ensure you commit the rules to heart to avoid any issue.

Who Has Time Traveled And What Was The Experience?

Time travel remains largely a theory and although many materials have been written regarding the subject matter with many people are fascinated by the idea of travelling backward to change the past or forward to see what the future hold for them.

Till the time of this writing, no person has been recorded to ever embark on time travel either back-and-forth as seen in most science fiction movies. Also, there is yet to build and develop a time-travelling machine to transport people to and fro, or a certified method of sending a person through significant periods that wouldn’t destroy them on the way.

Time Traveling Machines

With so many determinations to ensure time travelling is not just theoretically possible but a reality, the effort is ongoing daily by various physicists and scientists to build a time machine.

Edward Page Mitchell built One of the earliest time machines known as “The Clock that Went Backward” in 1881. However, the timepiece was a creature of fantasy rather than reality. According to Mitchell, when the clock is wound backward, it can transport people nearby back in time.

There continue to be immense research to build a time machine. From what we know, the time machine that can transport humans back and forth time will require immense energy and safety measures.

This implies that there is yet to be a tangible time machine to be built. That is because time travelling itself needs to be well understood and mastered which can then lead to the creation of a real-time travelling machine.

Is Time Travel Legal?

Time travelling is only theoretically possible and so far we are yet to see any feasibility regarding the process. For that reason, there are no laws that are legally put in place for time travelling.

So, as of the time of this writing, time travelling is neither legal nor illegal. That is because no laws are prohibiting the process as such it will not be sanctioned by any law-making non-illegal. On the other hand, it is not legal because time travelling is still way beyond achievement.

However, be assured that once time travel is real and a common phenomenon, laws will be created and implemented to guide time travelling including any positive or negative outcomes.

Final Thought

If eventually, time travel becomes a reality, it is a giant leap for man. However, for the most part, though, time travel remains in the domain of an ever-growing array of science fiction books, comics, movies, television shows, video games, and more.

You must remember, time travelling is already proven to be possible, it’s the means the actualize the possibility that remains a setback that is believed to be unlocked in the nearby future.