[Complete Guide] How To Get A Work Permit Visa For Japan In 2023

There are many different types of visas with which you can enter Japan be it a short-term visa or a permanent resident visa. One of the visa types you can use to enter Japan is a work visa.

There are many reasons motivating people to work in Japan especially considering the economic robustness of the country.

For this reason, you might be interested to find out How to Get a Work Visa for Japan so that you can be eligible to enter the country as a worker.

To learn more and how you can go through with the process, continue reading through to the end.

How To Get A Work Permit Visa For Japan (Step By Step Guide)

Japan is a welcoming country and a land of vast opportunities. The country is one of the 1st world countries and is known for its advancement in terms of technology.

More so, it is among the top 10 global economy nations in the world. As such, the country welcomes workers of all facets to enter the country and make a blossoming life out of their careers.

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Interestingly, the country has made provision for numerous Japanese visa types for foreign workers to choose from to enter the country. These visas are entirely work-based.

Also, the nature of your work will determine the type of work visa you will apply for. Furthermore, Japan has provided approximately 30 different work permit visas, including the ones that cover highly skilled workers and self-employment visas.

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Mind you, there is a must met requirement for every foreign national that wants to enter Japan for reasons other than tourism. It is a must to possess a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

In fact, getting this certificate is the first process in obtaining a Japan visa. Because, it is stated on the certificate that the applicant is legally able to come to Japan be it for work, family, or any other qualifying reason.

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Know that you will have to apply for and receive this certificate before arriving in Japan.

In a nutshell, the work visa for japan is considered a type of work permit or employment visa that allows you to work in Japan.

Types Of Japan Work Visa You Can Apply For.

As we mentioned earlier, Japan has about 30 different work and long-term visas for workers to apply for based on their job and reason for moving to Japan. The types of work visas in Japan include:

  • Artist;
  • Business manager;
  • Engineer/Specialist in humanities/international services;
  • Entertainer;
  • Instructor;
  • Intra-company transferee;
  • Journalist;
  • Legal/accounting services;
  • Medical services;
  • Nursing care;
  • Professor;
  • Religious activities;
  • Researcher;
  • Skilled labor; and
  • Technical intern training.

Aside from types of work visas for Japan, there is also the Specified Skilled Worker Visa introduced by the Japanese government as a means of encouraging foreign workers to come to Japan and occupy employment vacancies in certain labor sectors.

Specified skilled worker visa is split into two types:

  • Specified Skills Visa 1-SSV1.
  • Specified Skills Visa 2-SSV2.

Specified Skills Visa 1-SSV1.

Experts with special skills can qualify for the Skills Visa 1-SSV1 only if they pass a Japanese language test and the technical examinations.

That means, the level of your Japanese proficiency will be tested and your performance determines the job you will be working. However, you may be required to pass up to an N4 level.

This visa type is valid for only a year with a renewal option for a period of up to 5 years. Experts can’t bring their families with them.

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Skilled workers that are eligible to apply for the Skills Visa 1-SSV1 include agriculture, materials processing, nursing care, shipbuilding, restaurants, airport ground handling and aircraft maintenance, food and beverage, hotels, industrial machinery, electronics, and electric machinery, building cleaning, construction, vehicle maintenance, and fishery.

Specified Skills Visa 2-SSV2.

If you are looking forward to remaining in Japan longer than 5-years and bringing your family to join you over there, you will be required to apply for the Visa 2-SSV2. This differentiates the Skills Visa 2-SSV2 from the one mentioned above.

Also, the Specified Skills Visa 2-SSV2 can be renewed indefinitely and visa holders have the option to bring their family to Japan.

Requirements For Japan Work Visa

Some requirements must be fulfilled on How to Get a Work Visa for Japan. The specific requirements to obtain this visa vary depending on the type of visa you want to collect. The general requirements to apply for a work visa in Japan include:

  • Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Employment offer from a Japanese company.
  • Your valid passport.
  • Completed and signed Visa application form.
  • Passport Photograph.
  • Documents as evidence of your position in the company/organization, salary structure, and the duration of the work.
  • Documents confirming your previous academic and professional history.
  • Documents from the receiving company, such as company registration, statement of profit and loss, etc.
  • Curriculum vitae and or original university degree or certification (depending on the type of work visa you are applying for)

Requirements For Specific Worker

  • Artists: present documents showing your artistic achievements.
  • Religious Workers:
  • Documents showing the details of the religious organization sending you to Japan.
  • Documentations showing the details of the receiving Japanese organization.
  • Documents authenticating your religious position and career.
  • Researchers:
  • Documents related to the receiving organization.
  • Academic and professional qualifications.
  • Instructors or Teachers:
  • Documents related to the receiving organization in Japan.
  • Academic qualifications or an educational license.
  • Intra-company Transferees:
  • Documents confirming the relationship between the two offices/companies.

How To Get A Work Visa For Japan?

The process of applying for a Work Visa for Japan is in two segments:

  • Getting a Certificate of Eligibility
  • Applying for a Japan Work Visa

Getting a Certificate of Eligibility.

As earlier mentioned, the Certificate of Eligibility is an important document when applying for any Japanese work visa. The COE is issued by the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

You can submit this form either in person at a Japanese consulate or embassy in your home country or jurisdiction, you can also mail it.

Requirements to Submit the Certificate.

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • Passport-sized photograph.
  • Filled out and stamped return envelope.

Extra documentation will be required depending on the type of work visa you are applying for.

Also, Japan visa requirements largely demand the submission of a university degree and COE, but again it depends on the type of work you will be doing in the country and you may need to submit other supporting materials.

Applying for a Japan Work Visa

  1. Go to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Centre in your home country or the one responsible for your jurisdiction.
  2. Get all required documents for a Japan Work Visa.
  3. Submit your Japan Work Visa application directly at the Embassy/Consulate or the travel. agency or visa application center.
  4. Collect the visa.

Duration Of Stay With Work Visa In Japan

Importantly, the period you can stay in Japan using any of these work visa permits varies dependent both on the permissions you are applying for and your individual needs and circumstances.

Generally, obtaining the above-listed permits guarantees you to live in the country anywhere from 3months to 15years. No work visa is valid for more than five years.

The Cost of Japan Work Permit Visa

Furthermore, regarding the process on how to Get a Work Visa for Japan, it is important to be acquainted with the cost. The fee of a Japanese visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for, your nationality, and whether you want a single- or multiple-entry.

If you are applying for a single-entry visa, you must consult immigration officials every time you wish to leave and re-enter Japan. On the other hand, a multiple-entry visa allows you to enter the country as you please.

On that note, a single-entry visa will cost you about 3,000 JPY (30 USD), and a multiple-entry visa will cost you around 6,000 JPY (60 USD).

Regardless of the type of work visa to japan you are applying for, the cost remains almost the same with little or no variation. However, the price of the visa generally tends to change based on opting for single or multiple-entry visas.


How to Get a Work Visa for Japan should now be a myth question having read through this informative piece from beginning to end.

The essence of putting together this information is to help you through your application process and enlighten you on the requirements demanded of you during the process.

As such, we recommend that you adhere to every step outlined here so that you can get a favorable outcome.