10 Jobs People Don’t Hate That Make Decent Money

For many people, working for a living is necessary, whether or not they like their jobs. It’s a common belief that the more a person earns, the harder it is, and the more they hate their chosen profession. However, that’s not always the case, as proven by members of an online community who discuss the well-paying careers they enjoy.

1 Accountant

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One person extols their career as a bank accountant, describing their good salary, benefits, ample personal time off, and all recognized banking holidays off from work. They write, “It’s not particularly exciting, rewarding, or fulfilling, but it gives me the security and freedom to make my life as exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling as possible.”

2 Information Technology Specialist

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Working as the only IT specialist for a family-owned business is an excellent career for one participant in the discussion. They describe being left to their own devices as long as everything is working as it’s supposed to, which results in them only putting in less than an hour of actual work each week.

3 Electrician

Electrician Installing Socket In New House
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An electrician on the thread admits the work is challenging most days. Still, they receive great personal and professional satisfaction, knowing that their efforts will be functional for many years and that customers appreciate their work. In addition, electricians are always in high demand, so they never have to worry about being out of work for extended periods.

4 Rocket Scientist

Cape Canaveral, FL, USA - April 1, 2015: NASA Logo on Globe at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. To the left is a painting visible of President John F. Kennedy.
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This commenter spent thirty-five years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, planning and flying missions into deep space. Even when the work was challenging, they found it to be a great deal of fun, in addition to meeting many brilliant people.

5 Voiceover Actor

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According to someone on the forum, beginning a career as a voiceover actor comes with long hours and little pay. However, once you’ve built a resume, it can be a fun, well-paying, more lucrative long-term occupation.

6 Cybersecurity Professional

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Tasked with keeping an organization’s data safe and secure, a responder says it’s a good-paying career and is a “pretty chill job until a security incident happens, but if you do your job right, you can mitigate those incidents and just attend meetings every once and a while.”

7 Pathology Laboratory Technician

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Processing samples for pathologists at a hospital pathology lab is a well-paying and fulfilling career for a contributor to the discussion. They love helping others, despite never meeting the people they’re running tests on.

8 School Janitor

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Regarding having a job with decent pay, excellent benefits, and plenty of time off, another contributor to the forum says their occupation as a school janitor has it all. Other perks of their job include having the school building to themselves after everyone leaves for the day and working alone while listening to their favorite podcasts.

9 Lighting Designer

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One of the more remarkable careers on this thread is somebody who works at setting up the stage lighting for musicians putting on shows at local concert venues. They say even though their days are long and they have to be ready for anything to happen, there’s great satisfaction and reward in seeing the results of their work. As a bonus, they get to attend the concerts they’re designing for.

10 Kennel Attendant

A female staff member at a kennel supervises several large dogs playing together.
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In what has to be the most fun, appealing job from this online community, a contributor cares for and feeds cats and dogs for a living; they also engage in animal enrichment or play with kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs. They love what they do so much and say it doesn’t feel like work. A good-paying career that doesn’t feel like work is the kind of job that’s hard to beat!
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