11 Interesting Jobs With Housing Included

Some jobs offer many perks, such as health benefits, vacation pay, and occasional bonuses. But those seeking a position with additional incentives and want to save more on expenses may wish to consider their highest living cost— housing.

Indeed, housing is typically America’s largest expense. On average, Americans spend $1,784 of their monthly income on housing and its related expenses, like utilities and maintenance.

Have you ever considered the possibility of reducing your living expenses by finding a job where accommodation is included? It may sound too good to be true, but nowadays, with people needing to work in different locations, finding a job with housing included is possible!

1. Beach or Resort Employee

The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa
Image Credit: The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa.

Attention, beach lovers! It’s probably fulfilling for most of you to work near the ocean. The atmosphere is always lively and there’s never a dull moment. You’ll get to meet new people from all over the world and make lasting friendships. And don’t forget the scenery.

But one of the best things about working there is that you won’t have to worry about finding a place to live or paying rent. You’ll be able to save money and use it to explore the area or try new activities. Talk about a good work-life balance.

2. Military Personnel

Military Base
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Not a job for everyone, but a benefit of moving with the military is that you will likely have several housing options in the new location. Military personnel also receive a housing allowance and moving benefits to ease the transition.

As a service member, there are various housing options, such as Government-owned military installation housing, which saves on paying rent and utilities, and single military installation housing, such as “the barracks,” which are rent-free.

If you do not wish to live in Government-owned housing, you can use your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to pay your rental and utility bills. Your BAH is determined based on your location, the rank you hold in service, and if you have any dependents.

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3. Pilot

Ready to flight. Rear view of confident male pilot showing his thumb up and smiling while sitting in cockpit
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Pilots may receive free hotel stays when they fly to a new destination. Commercial airlines, private jet companies, and other organizations that employ pilots often provide accommodations for pilots while they are away from home.

The airline takes care of crew members’ lodging and expenses while on a trip. As many pilots do not live where they are based, some opt to commute. Nevertheless, suppose pilots need somewhere to stay while traveling away from home and aren’t on an assignment. In that case, it’s up to them to pay for such accommodations themselves.

Pilots, especially those working with commercial airlines, can benefit from substantial advantages such as health care coverage— including life insurance, vision, and dental plans— along with other benefits like retirement planning. Furthermore, experienced pilots are rewarded for their dedicated service in the form of increasing paid vacation time.

4. TEFL Teacher

english Academy
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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) abroad often comes with the benefit of having free accommodation. Many employers provide teaching jobs with housing included, making it an affordable way to travel and work simultaneously.

Accommodation varies depending on the employer; some provide a teacher’s apartment while others give them shared housing. Some employers will cover utility bills or provide food allowances. This is especially true for teachers working in a summer camp or government-run program.

You will need a TEFL certificate, which can be acquired in even a few weeks of full-time study, to become a certified teacher. In addition to having free accommodation, TEFL teachers often receive flight reimbursements, health insurance, and other benefits.

5. Hotel Manager

Couple and receptionist at counter in hotel
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Besides a good salary of $69,364 per year on average, some hotels offer accommodation to their hotel managers to provide them with close access to the property and ensure they are available for any required tasks after hours.

The opportunity to stay in the hotel for free is a wonderful benefit if the company allows it. Other possibilities include the chance to travel abroad if working for a global hotel company, free or discounted stays at other hotels, and accessible professional development courses.

The typical full-time workweek may extend past 40 hours, potentially necessitating a few nights or weekends here and there. Fortunately, hotel managers can take days off when needed and should consider traveling to other hotels for fresh ideas.

6. Cruise Ship Employee

Cruise ships docked in port of Nassau, Bahamas, with view to Atlantis Paradise Island.
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The cruise ship employees, from cooks to cabin stewards, are provided with onboard accommodations at sea. This can range from a simple shared room to a more luxurious private cabin, depending on their position and the employer.

Accommodation on a cruise ship varies, with some less luxurious than others. Basic living expenses are covered, such as accommodation, water, electricity, and food. They also offer free medical care, a massive bonus for the average American.

Employees can often access other amenities such as the gym, pool, and entertainment facilities during their leisure time. If you’re savvy, you may save most of your paycheck as you have no hefty bills to pay. This is definitely one of the more fun jobs with housing included options out there.

7. Nanny

Nanny reading book to little children at home
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New Africa

Typically, nannies can live rent-free, with meals and transportation costs covered while they work. This is an attractive benefit for nannies who need to save money or want to travel.

Nannies can save on living expenses while working with some of the most loved people—the children they care for! It’s an excellent opportunity for those looking for an enriching job experience and a chance to grow as an individual.

In some cases, nannies can travel with families on vacation, enabling them to get paid while exploring other destinations.

Nannies with a specialized skillset, for example, those with cooking credentials or who know how to teach English or a foreign language, may earn more handsomely for their services. Just remember to check your contract in detail before accepting a nanny role.

8. Oil Rig Worker

Aerial view of colorful containers on cargo ships at the port of Southampton, which is one of the Leading Port Terminal Operators in the UK
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Suppose you are okay with long hours and can handle challenging conditions. In that case, an oil rig worker can be a great way to save money while earning a good salary. Plus, life on an oil rig is unlike anything else!

Oil rig laborers can take advantage of free housing and meals in the company of their peers from the oilfield sector. The accommodation usually includes a shared sleeping area with showers and toilets. Many oil rigs have an internet connection, so fortunately, you will never be without service.

Offshore and land-based rigs are often equipped with recreational amenities such as small movie theatres, video game consoles, and billiard tables— all provided to guarantee that your time away from work won’t be dull!

9. Farm Worker

Woman on hydroponic farm
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To get out in nature and experience rural life, consider becoming a farm worker. Voluntary work on a farm typically includes many different types of jobs with housing included and accommodations ranging from a private room and other benefits such as meals.

Plant trees, weed the fields, harvest organic ingredients, and care for cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. Milk the goats and learn how to cook various dishes with fresh produce! Every farm is different, so you never know what experiences await you.

You become a household member and learn about local culture and customs. Plus, you get to live with a family who can tell you about their country and traditions. It’s an opportunity to make new friends from many cultural backgrounds!

You’ll also be able to explore the surrounding countryside, which can be incredibly therapeutic in today’s busy world.

10. House Sitter

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A house sitter is typically provided with free accommodation in exchange for watching over the property and taking care of any necessary tasks while the homeowner is away. The responsibilities may include watering plants, collecting mail, and feeding pets.

Many house-sitting opportunities are unpaid but provide free accommodation, with some places offering a small stipend. This is a great way to travel and save money simultaneously.

If you love animals, there are plenty of opportunities to house-sit and look after pets.

House sitting can be an excellent opportunity to explore different parts of the world without worrying about paying for accommodation. Plus, it’s an ideal option if you have fewer commitments preventing you from taking on this type of job.

Consider taking an online role, such as freelancing or tutoring, that enables you to work remotely to fund your traveling lifestyle.

11. Seasonal Workers

Reach stacker truck lifting heavy cargo box in container yard. Female engineer standing on stacking forklift speaking and preparing import export goods at shipping terminal. Container handler concept.
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From working in a ski resort or national park to activity leading in a school, many seasonal opportunities provide housing and other perks.

In addition to significant savings on accommodation, seasonal jobs often offer benefits such as discounts on food, activities, and rental equipment. Plus, you get to meet like-minded people worldwide, build new skills, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Sites such as WanderJobsAnywhereWorks, and Season Workers provide outdoor adventure jobs and seasonal work from all corners of the world. Be sure to view their job ads if this is something that interests you!

Find Affordable Rental Housing

apartment building
Image Credit: Shutterstock / ND700

If you are low-income, a senior citizen, or disabled in any way, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may be able to assist you with finding affordable rental housing.

Although HUD does not own rental properties, it provides funds to states and building owners who can offer better options for renting a property that people could otherwise struggle to afford.

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Other Perks and Benefits

Successful job interview with boss and employee handshaking
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Jobs with housing included provide employees with a unique opportunity to save money while still earning a good salary. It is important to research local area amenities before relocating and to inquire about the specifics of the job offer, such as the type of housing provided and additional benefits.

Some employers may offer additional benefits such as medical insurance or vacation time along with the job. Make sure to inquire about these extra perks before accepting a career that includes housing. Additionally, some employers are open to negotiating a higher salary if it’s needed for an employee to take the position.

Nevertheless, read the fine print and understand what is included in the job offer before signing on the dotted line. Knowing the details of your employment agreement can help you make an informed decision about the job and housing offer. If all goes well, you could find yourself working in a new and exciting location while having a place to live!

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