15 Simple Yet Life-Changing Items You Can Get for Less Than $100

Admit it: we all want to make a significant change in our lives, and we often feel like we have to spend thousands of dollars on specific items or services to do so. But sometimes, it’s the small, inexpensive things that can make the biggest difference in your day-to-day lifestyle. A group of online users listed some of the most life-changing items they have ever bought to enjoy life’s little luxuries—and get this, they are all under $100!

1. An Oversized Blanket for Your Bed

Bed with blanket
Image Credit: Pexels.

When it comes to blankets, bigger is better. Many people confess to buying a comforter or blanket larger than their mattress size, for example, a king comforter for their queen-sized bed. Judging by the reactions to this game-changer, they seem to be on to something! Anything that makes your bed more comfortable, right? 

2. A Car Dash Camera

Close up Technician Hand with Car Camera and Smartphone Inside Car and Blur Man as a Foreground
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Unfortunately, car accidents are common today, as drivers seem more distracted than ever on the road (thanks to cell phones). Fortunately, you can protect yourself with a reasonably inexpensive gadget: the dash cam.

With the ability to record anything in front of you, you’ll have a clear record of what happened to prove you weren’t at fault in an accident. Of course, that’s assuming you didn’t cause the accident – if you are at fault, toss that cam into the nearest river immediately. (I’m kidding.)

3. A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Man fixing carbon monoxide detectors.
Image Credit: Canva.

Although legally required by law in most U.S. states in rental properties, homes aren’t required to have carbon monoxide detectors. However, with over 40 people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning each year, and an additional 100,000 people requiring hospitalization, it’s an easy sub-$100 addition to your home that will change your life.

4. A Great Pillow

Happy woman waking up and turning off the alarm clock having a good day
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

I know it may be hard for you to give up the drool-stained pillow you bought for $15 on Amazon, but investing in a quality pillow will equal a better night’s sleep, and over time, your body will thank you for it! “It is amazing the change in body aches and sleep you see when you have a good pillow that fits you,” confesses one well-rested woman. 

5. A First Aid Kit

Mother was giving first aid to her son. A boy has get an accident in the jungle.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/No-Te Eksarunchai.

Accidents happen, and there’s no such thing as being “too prepared.” Keeping a small first aid kit in your vehicle and home means you’ll always be prepared for minor accidents. Kits start around $30 and contain plenty of bandages, gauze, burn cream, and other essentials. It’s one of those things where you’ll forget you even own it, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad you have it. 

6. A Good Wet/Dry Vacuum

smiling pregnant woman looking at cute little daughter holding vacuum cleaner at home
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you’re still using an ordinary household vacuum, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a wet/dry vacuum, which can suck up liquid and solids! One particularly savvy homeowner isn’t afraid to tout its benefits. “You will not believe how many uses around the house you’ll find for it,” he says.

“Cobweb removal, water removal, gravel removal, vent cleaning, soot trap cleaning (after a good scrub since it’s likely dirty from other tasks), car vacuuming, dust sucking, the list goes on. Seriously, if you plan to buy or already own a home, go get a shop vac.” Well, I’m sold.

7. A Quality Pair of Sneakers

Bangkok,THAILAND -11 January 2018, Just do it, Women's Lifestyle Shoes on red box at asphalt road in the park. Nike Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer Fall . Black/Summit White/Desert Moss. Dare to start.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Countless people confess to only buying sneakers when they’re on sale. For example, I’m a fan of Nike Outlet and can spend two hours navigating the store while looking for the deal of the century. However, something must be said about investing in quality footwear that will protect your feet, legs, and knees – remember, it’s not about style but comfort! 

8. A 10-Foot Long Charging Cable

USB cable for smartphone on white background.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / iceink

Although this comes from a situation stemming from “first world problems,” the difference between a short charging cable for your electronic devices and a long charging cable is a total game-changer. Your quality of life will improve immediately, even if you no longer have to stretch to plug in your cell phone at night!

9. Quality Hair Products

woman buying shampoo
Image Credit: Canva.

Speaking of improving your quality of life, don’t skimp on hair products. Cheap shampoo and conditioner are enticing for the price, but many people swear by more expensive products because it’s led to more healthy hair.

Even men tout the benefits! “I use this super girly looking stuff, and my hair is glorious, and I love putting my hands into it,” he admits. “And other people like putting their hands in my hair too. Generally women.” Great, now I have to see what this guy looks like. 

10. Quality Kitchen Knives

chef cooking food kitchen restaurant cutting cook hands hotel man male knife preparation fresh preparing concept
Image Credit: Shutterstock / REDPIXEL.PL.

Many people call their quality set of kitchen knives one of the best investments they’ve made in themselves. Decent, quality knives are safer and do a more efficient job of cutting foods. Besides, if you don’t invest in quality knives, you’ll increase the likelihood of accidentally cutting yourself while prepping in the kitchen. So, hopefully, you bought that first aid kit. 

11. Sunscreen

Beautiful Young woman with sun cream on face.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / verona studio.

Do you know what would be life-changing? How about receiving a skin cancer diagnosis thanks to years of unprotected summers in the sun? How does that sound? Luckily, a bottle of sunscreen goes a long way in protecting your skin against long-term damage that can eventually lead to complications. 

12. A Good Showerhead

Man fixing shower head.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Showers are always fantastic, but a shower with a good showerhead is truly next-level. “I cannot stress enough how a high-quality showerhead can turn getting clean into an utterly zen state, 30-minute self-healing, and relaxation session,” confesses one man. Of course, after that avid description, I wouldn’t blame you if you find yourself scouring Amazon for a new showerhead as soon as you’re done reading this post!

13. An Air Compressor

Air Compressor
Image Credit: Canva.

Nothing can ruin a drive quicker than one or more of your vehicle’s tires needing air. Luckily, for around $30, a portable air compressor can earn a spot in your trunk and save you a slow trip to the nearest gas station. In addition, it can also be used to pump up things like bicycles and sports equipment!

14. A Library Card

woman in library
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

In 2023, libraries have become more than just places to rent books. DVDs, jigsaw puzzles, and other household items are also available to rent in many cities. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about the stress of returning a book on time anymore because most libraries have gone away from book late fees in recent years.

15. A Family Cookbook

woman reading book with kids.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Forget buying trendy celebrity cookbooks to spice up your time in the kitchen. Instead, it’s best to start thinking more personally – like finding an old family cookbook. “The best one I ever found was at a garage sale and was a 6″ thick ring binder full to the brim with yellow pages, some with stains,” reveals one woman.

“It should have been a family treasure, and I got it for $20. Hundreds of family recipes with easy-to-follow hand-written notes. I’m sad I never met the grandma this thing once belonged to.”

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