Liquid Comfort: Your Airport Beverage Choice and the Reasons Behind It

Everyone spends their time at the airport differently. Some indulge in airport snacks, while others nap by their gate. Believe it or not, the beverage you choose at the airport says a lot about your travel mentality. Do you cozy up to the airport bar the first chance you get or head to one of the stores for a snack?

Check out what airport beverages are the most popular and what each one says about your travel style.

1. Beer: To Kick off Your Vacation

Man drinking beer
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While some people don’t feel like their vacation starts until they touch down at their destination, others get the party going at the airport! Drinking a vodka soda or margarita at 8 a.m. can be a bit much, but a beer? No problem! Those who get beers at the airport like to start their relaxing vacation ASAP.

2. Coffee: To Wake Up for the Flight

woman buying coffee in Starbucks
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On the other hand, some hate the idea of feeling drowsy or drunk before a flight. People who like to hit up Starbucks and grab an invigorating coffee at the airport are typically looking for a pick-me-up to stay alert during their travels. However, coffee comes with the risk of tummy grumbles on the plane.

3. Espresso Martini: For the Best of Both Worlds

Woman drinking Espresso Martini
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Clever people who want to feel awake for their flight while also kicking off their vacation early may enjoy a fancy espresso martini at one of the airport bars. This drink offers the best of both worlds, so you can feel energized while starting the vacation vibes as soon as possible.

4. Bloody Mary: For a Zesty Morning

Woman drinking Bloody Mary
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A beer at 8 a.m. can feel out of place, but a Bloody Mary in the morning is a classic choice. There is something about a Bloody Mary at an airport bar that always hits the spot and gets you ready for the flight and the following vacation. Or maybe a Bloody Maria if you prefer tequila!

5. Mimosa: For a Bubbly Flight

Man holding Mimosa cocktail
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A mimosa is another fabulous breakfast beverage that will tickle your tummy and help you start your vacation. Mimosas are a lovely option before a flight because they make you feel happy and relaxed but are not as strong as a Bloody Mary, so you won’t crash too soon.

6. Ginger Ale: To Calm Your Tummy

Ginger Ale
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Ginger ale is a must-have beverage for those who get motion sickness on planes or have a nervous stomach when flying. Technically, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that ginger ale settles nausea, but it still seems to do the trick! It’s one of the best ways to keep your stomach in check before a flight.

7. Tea: To Relax

Woman drinking tea and watcing airplane
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Whether it’s a cup of calming chamomile or a bold black tea, tea is another common choice for airport beverages. Tea offers some caffeine to keep you awake, but it also has lovely calming effects that can settle your nerves before a long flight. In many ways, a cup of cozy tea can be as calming as a foamy beer.

8. Juice: To Start the Day

Man drinking juice
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Many people are used to drinking juice in the morning with their breakfast, so juice drinkers often grab a bottle of OJ or cranberry juice before their morning flight. Juice is also common among people who want something tasty but don’t want to drink alcohol and become drowsy or tired.

9. Wine: To Take the Edge Off

Couples drinking Wine
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If beer isn’t your thing, you may prefer a glass of wine at the airport bar. Having a glass of wine at 9 a.m. would be taboo anywhere else, but not at the airport! People who enjoy a glass of pinot at the airport are usually trying to take the edge off and settle into their vacation vibe.

10. Water: To Stay Hydrated

Man siting in airport drinking water
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Of course, plenty of people keep it simple and opt for water at the airport. Do you get a massive SmartWater bottle at Hudson? Do you refill your reusable bottle at the fountains? Do you just grab a small Perrier at one of the restaurants? Do you chug ice water at the bar? Staying hydrated while traveling is a must, so airport water-drinkers are wise.

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