11 Strange Facts About Popular Everyday Jobs You’d Probably Never Guess

Beyond the basic job descriptions and well-publicized duties, there are hidden layers and unforeseen intricacies to some of the most popular jobs. With a good dose of curiosity and an open mind, people in an online discussion group revealed strange yet surprising things about their jobs, some showing the less-than-glamorous side of their everyday work.

1. Apparel Center

Pile of old worn clothes
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Welcome to the world of clothing distribution centers. Aside from the expected sorting and packing, dedicated employees have an unexpected responsibility: managing wet, soggy cargo. Water-damaged garments present a range of challenges, from simple air drying to grappling with severe mold damage. According to one user, the smell is “so strong I can smell the mildewy clothes from 30 feet away.”

2. Prison

staff at prison
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You’d think the inmates are the most chaotic, stirring up trouble at every turn and maybe causing a few mishaps. But that isn’t always the case in the prison setting. Sometimes, the staff creates the most chaos and drama. The politics within the prison walls is worse than you can imagine, leading to so much conflict among the staff.

3. Welding

working women
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It’s less common to find a lady doing this. You’d see the male dominating in the welding space. Still, according to someone, most women are better at welding than men. Contrary to popular belief, they have a high pain tolerance and relatively steady hands. Also, their patience is an added advantage and makes it easier to aim for perfection.

4. Health Insurance

Human behind Computer
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When you think of health insurance, you’d imagine a human behind the computer. Well, that isn’t the case in real life. Instead, a computer processes the claims and makes the payments, basically handling everything. Someone advises, “And that’s why you should argue your bill!” Believe it or not, computers can make mistakes, too.

5. Veterinary Department

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Sometimes, skillful doctors can’t save your pet. As you watch them grant your pet mercy by pulling the plug, you can tell from the doctor’s eyes that he’s in much pain as you are. Sike!

Most times, the doctor feels nothing when carrying out euthanasia. It’s not like they are heartless, but they are probably used to it now. They act like they are hurt to make you feel better. It’s their way of showing empathy towards you.

6. Service Department

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Have you ever wondered why auto insurance went up? It doesn’t even go up by a small percentage but a whopping 80% most times. When you inquire why, the staff often gives you a long list. They provide a detailed explanation that you might not even understand.

Well, those are bogus most of the time. One claims it is all a part of a greedy corporate scheme to amass wealth for the upper one-percenters.

7. Museums

Ancient Building
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Ancient structures that have stayed through time can easily be destroyed — the only condition is that they should be privately owned. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the national register. If the owner desires it, then it can be demolished. All they need to do is make the request, and it’s done. Apologies to art and history lovers.

8. Library

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If you ever visit the library, you would rarely find professors or academics. Instead, you’ll find the elderly and homeless people within the vicinity. Also, one contributor claims the library has many streaming apps like Hoopla for Columbus and free streaming; that’s why most love it there.

9. Optics

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When your glasses feel loose, you take them to the optician for adjustment. The doctor helps you adjust it to fit, preventing it from dropping from your face. However, they usually clean the glasses and return them to you, especially when you visit too frequently requesting the same thing.

The optician might be tired of explaining that you need a change, so they opt for another option. They take it inside, clean it and bring it back to you.

10. Wineries

arizona vineyard
Image Courtesy of the Arizona Office of Tourism.

They include certain additives during the process. These include egg whites, microplastics, sulfur, and even isinglass derived from fish (swim bladders from sturgeon). As a result, organic wines and vegan wines are not usually what they are. Sometimes, mice, caterpillars, and cockroaches might be churned up with the fruit.

Ultimately, they all get filtered, but it’s still a component of your drink. There’s also an unpleasant rumor that some take off their boots and hop into the process. So, you may be drinking so much more when you’re drinking wine.

11. Therapy

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Those professionals you discuss issues with also have theirs to deal with. They tend to have complex family drama, trauma, and mental health problems. The therapist also works on themselves while they try to help you out. It’s a tasking job, and they put much effort into improving their mental health.

As time goes on, they evolve and get better. Contrary to popular belief, they are far from perfect.

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