Luxury Beach House Interior Design

Designing the inside of your luxury beach house can be quite a daunting task. From the color to the furniture and lighting – this is no easy task. There are, however, a few common ideas about what to include to ensure that nothing but elegance and style comes to mind.

The interior design of a luxury beach house should mainly involve a neutral color palette such as blues, whites, beige, or nudes. Other additions that bring forth the elegance of a beach house include varying textures, a minimalist design, and carefully selected lighting.

If you are planning to design the interior of your luxury beach home, then you have found the perfect place for such information. Below you will find some suggestions on designing the inside of your gorgeous seaside getaway!

Essential Aspects for a Luxury Beach House Interior

When designing the interior of your glamorous beach house, there are some essential things to consider. These are a nude color palette, a minimalist design, varying textures, interesting lighting, and selecting the suitable curtains for the scenery.

Below each of these aspects will be outlined and explained in detail!

Combinations of Neutral Colors

You cannot beat the look of a beautiful house perched on the seashore, with a calm neutral color scheme. It is the trademark of any luxurious beach house and screams chique.

When it comes to styling a luxury beach house, the best kind of colors to gravitate to are those of a calming nature. Shades of white, blues, beige, and nudes should be your best friends. I would not recommend picking only one color, as it gives your beach house a plain and dull energy – rather, select an array of complimenting soft colors.

When in your local paint store, take the time to look at their color palettes and select the one that suits your idea of the ideal beach house. Remember, it is always a good idea to offset those primary calming colors with a few color contrasts, for example, light shades of green, and represent these in vases, cushions, lampshades, etc. 

Keep It Minimal

One thing that many individuals get wrong with their new houses is that they always try to overfill them with furniture, paintings, cabinets, etc. However, if you look at any luxury beach house, you will notice that what most of these houses have in common is their simple and uncluttered design.

When choosing what to place within each room, try selecting only the essentials, then step back and see how it looks – you will notice how this type of simple interior design reflects most luxury homes around the USA. Minimal is key.

Texture is Everything

It is essential to introduce textures to truly bring across that sense of a luxurious and eye-catching beach house. Textures are pleasing to the eye and will make your space look exceptional.

You can introduce texture through a variety of mixed textiles. This can range from window treatments and furniture to cushions, throws, or curtains. The key is to experiment with various textiles in your space through samples.

If your home has a calm, nude theme, you can introduce texture in such spaces through a wooden bedside table, a crocheted chunky throw, an accent wall, or faux-fur cushions.

Some examples of materials that add great texture to a space:

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Bouclé


Lighting is an essential aspect of any luxury home. Be it a large chandelier or a variety of accent lights; this choice can make or break the sense of elegance we aim to obtain.

When it comes to selecting your lighting fixtures, you should remember that there are five types of lighting – all with different purposes:

  1. General
  2. Mood
  3. Task
  4. Accent
  5. Ambient

The five types of lighting will help guide you in the right direction depending on what you want the light for.

General lighting is usually a central piece of a room, such as a stylish chandelier. These lights create a large glow across an entire room and are usually eye-catching. For your beach house, your general lighting should have a dimming function to manage the brightness of such a central piece.

Mood lighting is used to create a mood (no surprise there). Examples of mood lighting you can include in your beach house are a floor or table lamp with a sheer blue/white lampshade.  

Task lighting is small lighting fixtures used for a specific purpose, such as providing light for reading or cooking. For your beach house, it is advisable to place one or two task lighting fixtures in the lounge area near a couch for guests to read.

Accent lighting is a must-have in any lavish house. Accent lighting highlights a particular space or aspect of your house and is a defining feature in any high-end designer home. You can use this light feature to highlight a sculpture or a corner of a room or create exciting patterns against a wall.

Lastly, ambient lighting fixtures are usually paired with general lighting and are indirect in that the light does not shine directly onto you. These lights are almost always connected to a dimmer and are often used to create a mood. Such lighting will be great in your lounge, on either side of a fireplace.

Select Your Curtains Wisely

Within the lounge area of your beach house, it is essential to have the ideal curtains that allow for privacy when needed but also keep that natural light flowing through.

A set of semi-sheer neutral curtains should be your go-to when deciding on the best style for your house. Semi-sheer curtains create a sense of calmness and relaxation – a much-needed vibe in a luxury beach house.

These elegant curtains provide a non-intrusive frame for your gorgeous sea view when open. However, if you feel like an afternoon nap or just a break from the summer rays, closing these curtains will give you that much-needed break from the sun while also allowing light to filter through.

I would not advise having semi-sheer curtains in any bedrooms of the house as privacy is limited. These curtains are best suited for your lounge or dining room.

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Additional Ideas for the Interior of a Luxury Beach House

Now that we have dealt with all the must-haves in a luxury beach house, it is time to mention all the non-essential but great additions that bring just a little bit extra glamour to your space.

Introduce a Fire Place

Whether in the lounge or the bedrooms, having a fireplace is ideal for creating ambiance in the coastal dream house.

If your beach house currently has a fireplace, you’re all set to rearrange furniture and make it the key feature of your lounge. It is common practice to make the fireplace a central piece of your space as it creates ambiance.

However, if you do not have a fireplace, I highly recommend installing one in both the lounge and bedrooms. Nothing screams luxury more than a bedroom with a fireplace. The ideal placement is opposite the foot of the bed so that you may lie in bed with your significant other and gaze at the fire.

In addition to its associated glamour, a fireplace also ensures that your beach house is the perfect holiday destination, no matter the weather. On cold winter nights, it will allow you and your guests to chat away with wine glasses in hand while feeling the warm glow of that gorgeous fire.

Bath with A View

A magnificent element of a luxurious beach house is a picturesque en-suit bathroom just off the master bedroom. There are many varying designs for a bathroom, but if you look at almost any luxury bathroom within a beach house, it almost always has a bath situated alongside a large glass window.

Who doesn’t want to lie in a steamy, hot bubble bath while watching the ocean in the distance? It is highly recommended to create that sense of a high-end bathroom by placing your bath alongside a seaside view. Additionally, adding some greenery around the bathroom will add to its sensual atmosphere.

In terms of the bath style, that is up to you. However, a few suggestions won’t go a miss. If you seek a classic, simple bath with just a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi, then perhaps the baths produced by Albion Bath Company are for you. This company creates custom baths with the color of your choice to match that calming color palette. 

However, if you are looking for something on the eye-catching side, perhaps a luxurious stone, egg-shaped bath by Lapicida is more your style. Lastly, if you desire one of the most exquisite baths in the world, then the glass masterpiece designed by Joseph Licciardi is waiting for you.

Mimic the Classic Beach House

You may be thinking that perhaps you want your space to represent that classic beach house idea we all know so well. It is possible to do so while still keeping that sense of elegance.

The color scheme of the classic beach house is shades of blue and white with wooden counters, white furniture, sea shells everywhere, and a few striped (blue and white) throws. These are all features you can include in your design.

The key to maintaining the sense of elegance lies in the details. As mentioned previously, keep it simple. If you overfill the space, you can take your house from looking elegant to clutter in moments. Try selecting a few of the classic beach house elements mentioned earlier, and sprinkle them around the house.

Create a Beautiful Terrace

The majority of high-end beach homes have some sort of terrace with or without a roof overhang. While this is exterior, this element is a key feature of any beach house.

If you do not have a terrace, it may be time to invest in one. The terrace allows for the enjoyment of the view while lounging comfily outside with a cocktail in hand.

When designing the layout of your terrace, the first thing to consider is lighting. As mentioned above, try and incorporate a general lighting feature as well as some mood or ambiance lighting. This will ensure you can control the mood on your terrace, whether it is for a party or a romantic evening with someone special.

Secondly, ensure you have some lounging options. These should fit your general color scheme, so some nude couches will work perfectly. Additionally, take the time to select some greenery and spot it around the terrace to bring that peaceful energy to the space. It will also help the terrace blend well into the outdoor vibe that you may want to go with.

Lastly, a bar setup would not go amiss. Include a few neutral-colored bar stools and some accent lighting around the underneath of the bar table top to create that vibey atmosphere. 

Exercise with a View, Why Not?

Last but not least, a relatively uncommon but exciting addition to many opulent beach houses is an exercise room overlooking the ocean.

This may sound strange, but if you want to emphasize the high-end nature of such a place, then an exercise room with a spectacular view is one to think about. Try incorporating the color scheme into the wall coloring and curtains if you want to keep the class in such an exercise room.

Keeping the minimalist design is easy and can be done by including only a few items of gym equipment. A single treadmill and cycling machine facing the ocean will maintain that minimalist image.

As you can imagine, the best type of view will be obtained by installing a glass wall facing the ocean. If you have one, that’s great; if not, it may be time to renovate.


In conclusion, there are very many options for designing the interior of your luxury beach house. The most important things to consider are the color palette, the lighting, a minimalist design, and the inclusion of textures.

After all the nitty-gritty is done, you should look at some fun additions such as a fireplace, a bath with a view, or perhaps your own personal exercise room. All these elements will add to the glamour of such a stunning beach house!