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How Investing in the Stock Market Can Be a Beneficial Side Hustle for SMB Owners

Can a Stock Market Side Hustle Be Beneficial for Business Owners?

The increasing cost of living, paired with the stagnant state of wages, has driven many people into working two to three jobs just to make ends meet. These other jobs (that are usually taken in addition to one’s full-time job) can be referred to as a side hustle.

Usually, people who work from 9 to 5 take on side hustles related to one of their passions. But even those with a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) can give this form of money-making a try. Investing in stocks can provide the extra boost needed to thrive in our current economic environment.

After all, who wouldn’t want to learn about ‘Passive Income Ideas to Make Money in Your Sleep’?

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Make Money Online Testing Websites with No Experience Needed

Are you looking for a new way to make money online?

Lots of companies pay for regular people to test out their websites. This means you don’t need to be a programmer or developer to make money online testing websites.

Companies are looking for everyday users to check things out to ensure the page layout, wording and general functionality can be easily understood.

Are the buttons in a logical location? 

Can you find what you’re looking for in the navigation menu?

Can you quickly tell what the website is actually for?

  • Online stores want to know how easy it is to locate products and use their checkout process.
  • Businesses look for feedback on how easy it is to navigate their website.

These are all jobs that you can sign up for to make money online testing websites.

And if you have any experience at all with using the internet (which I’m guessing you do), then you are a great candidate for this type of Side Jam!

Here’s the scoop to make money online testing websites…

(This page includes affiliate links, which means I may receive some sort of compensation (at no cost to you) if you sign up or make a purchase through these links.)

Most User Testing sites will start by requiring you to watch a video of one of their standard testing tasks. Then they’ll direct you to an online test, kind of like an audition.

You’ll need to read the instructions (carefully) and perform a task just like an actual user testing situation. Your test will be reviewed and graded, and you’ll need to pass the test to be an approved tester on the site.

Once you are approved to begin working, your profile will be good to go for when job opportunities become available.

You’ll get an email or text alert when a new test is ready — Act quickly! Many tests get snatched up almost as soon as they’re posted. And there’s usually a limit to the number of testers they’re looking for.

Things to know to make money online testing websites:

  • Website user testing can take place on a computer, tablet or smartphone. So when you get an alert, make sure you first read through to see which platform is being requested.
  • In most cases, you’ll need to download screen recording software. This is a requirement to capture where your mouse is moving and what part of each screen you evaluate. This is why it’s so important to do your homework before signing up with some of these companies. You don’t want to download any sketchy material inadvertently. But luckily, you can take advantage of the research I’ve already done here. Also, be sure to remember — if it seems too good to be true, then it most likely is.
  • Be sure to review each site’s technical requirements. Above and beyond having a computer, smartphone or tablet, some companies will also require the use of a microphone, so you can record your comments and thoughts while going through each task. A headset may be helpful as well, to reduce audible distractions. Headset/microphone combinations can be found in many retail and online stores at extremely reasonable prices. If you have a webcam that includes a microphone and speaker functionality, you don’t need to get a headset.

That being said, if you are striving for continual use, you may want to research the reviews and quality of multiple computer headsets.

Click Here for more recommendations  on Useful Tools to help you make money online testing websites.

Okay, now that we have the hardware and software in order, let’s get down to the reviews —

Reviews & Recommendations for Making Money Online Testing Websites


UserFeel is a website for remote usability testing. When you sign up as a tester, you become qualified to earn $10 per test. Each test will take approximately 10-20 minutes, and you must use a microphone. This is so the customer can hear any feedback or comments you make while performing the user test.

Like other sites that allow you to make money online testing websites, you are required to watch a sample video to learn what type of commentary is helpful to the customer. You also need to pass a qualification test to confirm you can be heard clearly through your microphone.

In addition, UserFeel emphasizes the importance of providing an honest response with candid feedback. Companies hire you as a tester because they want to improve their websites. Therefore being open and honest while giving feedback is crucial to being a successful website tester. (This statement applies to all opportunities to make money online testing websites.)

BONUS opportunity: UserFeel now adds the option of website user testing on mobile or tablet devices using an IPEVO camera. Although these tests are not as frequent as desktop UI tests, make sure you register for this type of testing if you own this type of equipment. The earnings for these tests, referred to as the “External Camera Testing Program”, will pay out $15 per accepted test.

Top rated IPEVO cameras are reviewed here 

Format: Web and Mobile (App)

Current earnings: $160 

Try My UI

As a member of TryMyUI, you make money online testing websites and apps by providing honest feedback. (This applies to all companies, really.)

You are paid $10 for each test you complete. A typical test lasts ~ 20 minutes.

The company clearly states that you should be yourself and comment on each task as if you’re having a regular conversation with someone you know.

If something frustrates you on the website, voice that opinion and be specific. They want to know how to make their website better, which is why you’re being paid to test it out.

To be a usability tester, you need to download the video recording software onto your desktop and/or mobile device. Once recording has started, you will be asked several questions (via the software) as you navigate the test website.

At the end of the test, there will be one or two short answer questions that you will need to complete as a wrap-up to the test.

Tests are graded on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and you will also receive written feedback from the business customer. This way, you will bring any comments forward to any future tests you may take.

Format: Web and Mobile (App)

Current earnings: $80

User Testing

User Testing requires that you download their screen recording software. They also have a microphone check at the beginning of each test to ensure your comments are coming through clearly and at a suitable volume.

After signing up and completing your user profile, you’ll see any qualified tests listed on your home dashboard. Each test shows the acceptable format (desktop, tablet or mobile) and estimated time for completion.

Once you complete a test, it has to be reviewed by the business customer to make sure all instructions were followed. The customer will also have the opportunity to provide you with a feedback rating.

Receiving test feedback is extremely helpful, so you can increase your skills to become an expert tester. In addition, there’s a Success Center on your dashboard to read Best Practices and Tips from other Testers.

Format: Web and Mobile (App)

Current earnings: $77


What Users Do

WhatUsersDo is an online remote UX testing agency. Businesses sign up to have testers evaluate their websites to improve usability and customer interaction. If you qualify, each testing session will pay out $5.

microphone is a technical requirement to record comments for each task. Screen recording software also needs to be downloaded/enabled on your computer, so the businesses can see how you are navigating and where you are clicking. Finally, when you sign up as a tester, you need to take a short audition test.

Format: Web and Mobile

Current earnings: $65


Enroll is a web-focused testing center that combines survey questions with proposed website configurations. Often, you will be asked to evaluate Site A and Site B, and provide an opinion on which setup you prefer.

There is no special equipment required with the testing site (no need to use a microphone or webcam).

Most tests have pretty open qualifications — I have not been screened out of any, so it appears they are looking for an opinion from everyone.

Tests are not long at all, and they generally span just a minute or two. And each one will be pay out 10 cents, plus bonuses.

Realizing the payment per test isn’t nearly what you might make with some of the other user testing sites, I want to point out a few things.

First, you’ll most likely be able to complete every test that you start. There are no screener questions; you just jump right into the meat of the project.

Second, each test is only a minute or two long. So you’ll get through more of them at a much quicker rate. Also, the more you complete, the more bonuses you can earn.

Third, I’ve noticed that I receive a lot more notifications on available tests here than I do with other sites. So the more you receive, the more you can complete, and watch the money add up nicely.

And as I’m sure you’ll agree, an extra few dollars can surely help at times.

Honestly, I like this website because it makes you feel valued.

They’re looking for opinions and get down to the detail on what your preferences are (i.e. Will you be more likely to click on a button that slides up from the bottom, or moves in from the left?)

Also, whenever you begin a new test, the first thing they ask you is how you are feeling today — and you get to pick a smiley face (or sad face) as your answer.

I mean, c’mon — you’ve got to love a company that cares!

Format: Web, Mobile and Tablet

Current earnings: $51.50


The UserZoom Panel allows you to provide feedback on products and brands by viewing their website, navigating through specified conditions, and asking questions on usability. You can participate either on a desktop or mobile device.

Most studies average 10-20 minutes in length and payout anywhere from $5-$10. Payment depends on the complexity of the study and if audio and/or video review is included.

This website prefers that you have both video (webcam) and audio (microphone) devices, although there are some surveys available that do not have these requirements.

You will enable the video camera and microphone options to record studies if you have a smartphone. If you have a desktop, it would need to have a webcam built-in or connected. Most laptops have webcams built-in. In addition, you will need to download their eCertified testing software.

When you initially sign up and create your user profile, you first need to take a practice study. This ensures you are comfortable following the directions and learning how to complete a user study.

The practice study is reviewed and graded (you don’t get paid for the practice study.) Once you have received a passing grade, you are ready to begin receiving paid study opportunities.

Format: Web and Mobile (App)

Current earnings: $35

Turning it over to you —

So do you know of any other places where you can make money online testing websites?

Have you tried any of these companies — do you feel some are better than others?

What other testing tools do you find to be helpful?

Feel free to hit me up in the comments!


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Hate Taking Surveys? SurveySavvy Turns Your Trash into Cash

Make Money by Turning Clutter into Cash

Okay so let me start out by saying one of the easiest ways to make money online is by taking surveys.

There. I said it.

Will it be a lot of money? Will you get a quick payout? Will you make money on every survey that you try?

No, no and no.

The reality of it is — you could start a survey, get 5 minutes into it, and then get bumped out under some disqualification.

Nothing wrinkles my britches like time wasted.

I mean, I can procrastinate with the best of them, but that’s totally my doing.
On the other hand, if someone else is wasting my time, boy does that annoy the heck outta me.

So why bother with survey sites? I mean, really — do we have time for that?

Okay, so if you’re open to trying out some really good survey sites, then check out this article.

If not, then ignore that last sentence.

Because I’m with you. Side hustling is sometimes a struggle. I participate in a lot of online money-making forums, and the general consensus on taking online surveys is not good.

Lots of people submit posts looking for suggestions on how to work from home, or how to make money online from home. And they specifically say “no surveys!”

I feel that frustration. But let me tell you about one you might be overlooking.

And this is not some smarmy way of finagling you into taking online surveys.
You’re too smart for that.
This is a site that actually does have the word “survey” in the title. But it’s much more than that. Really.

Because I’ve been making money through this site. And it hasn’t been by taking surveys.

I make money each month by sending them my garbage.

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Make Money Selling Used Clothing through Online Consignment

Tips for Selling Gently-Used Clothing Online

So you have a closet full of clothes, and not a thing to wear.

Instead of lamenting your lack of luxury labels, why don’t you make that little black dress work for you? I mean, by sorting out what you don’t wear today and selling it through online consignment.

If you are looking to declutter, reduce living space, or pursue a tiny living, this may be a great option for you.

If you need some extra side cash and are looking for ways to minimize your spending, this may definitely be for you.

Think back – into the deepest recesses of your closet.

Do you have great items of clothing sitting around, but just don’t have a use for them anymore?

If you have like-new or gently used clothing, especially top brands or designer names, you can make some decent side cash with this option.

Keep in mind though — you won’t make back what you paid for these items.

But if you have no plans to wear or use them anymore, why keep them hanging in your closet gathering dust?

Reasons to sell used clothing through online consignment

  • You’re not wearing these clothes anymore
  • Someone else could enjoy wearing them
  • They’re in great condition, so you can make money by selling used clothing
  • Name brand and designer items can be resold to buyers who normally may not be able to afford the brand new prices
  • You’re recycling, therefore contributing to environmental causes

Make Money Selling Used Clothing Online Consignment

Things to remember

  • Read the website guidelines for acceptable clothing — type, gender, sizes, brands, condition. And then re-read the guidelines, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.
  • Collect all items of clothing you plan to sell online, and evaluate against those guidelines.
  • Make sure all clothing is freshly laundered, free of stains, pet hair and odors. Dog and cat lovers — it’s always a good idea to run over each item with a lint brush.

sell used clothing -- keep clean from pets

  • Fully examine every item, checking for snags, tears, holes or pilling. While some amount of wear is acceptable, you don’t want to submit it in unusable condition.
  • Take an inventory of everything you are mailing in, possibly even keeping a photo record of each item.
  • Fold clothing neatly and place into box or bag suitable for sending to online store.
  • Attach pre-paid shipping label and drop off at the nearest package shipment location (or submit a request to have it picked up at your location).

How much money can you make?

Well, it all depends on the following:

  • The Numbers – How many items you send in will directly correlate to the amount of potential income. BUT — keep in mind that some companies track your acceptance/rejection rate. They examine your incoming items, and score you on the % that are of acceptable quality, vs. items that they rate as “unsellable”. Some companies may even charge you a fee for having too high of a rejection rating.
  • The Condition – Clothing that is in new or like-new condition will yield the highest payout. You’ll first need to make it past the company’s quality control group, to even get accepted for resale. If your items are not up to snuff, then you won’t even get the chance for potential buyers to look at them. To give yourself the best shot at making a sale, be sure to examine all clothing for stains, rips, pilling and other wear and tear.
  • The Branding – Designer and popular/trendy brands will make the most money, and will sell quicker. Designer and luxury items are always in demand. Just make sure you do your homework, to get the biggest bang for your buck. Educate yourself on what these items are selling for elsewhere, before letting these babies slip through your fingers for a song. If possible, sign up for the additional return service, just in case your item is marked as unacceptable. Maybe they can’t sell it for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to sell used clothing on your own, in a personal listing (like eBay, Craigslist, Let It Go, etc.)
  • The Season – Selling used clothing online is seasonal — you won’t be selling many bathing suits in December, or leather jackets in July. Follow the lead of what your favorite stores are offering right now. If they’re gearing up for the next season, then those are the types of items you should be sending in as well.

My Experiences

  • Accepts new and pre-owned clothing, as well as kids’ toys and games.
  • Incoming items will be reviewed for acceptance & evaluated to determine a listing price
  • If items aren’t accepted, you can either pay to have them shipped back, or have them donated to charity
  • Each incoming shipment is subject to a flat fee of $11.90, which is subtracted from whatever proceeds you make from selling those items. Because of this, you should try to get as many high-quality items into that shipment as you possibly can. (Incoming boxes need to be less than 50 lbs.)
  • Also keep in mind that you can receive payment either through PayPal, or as credit. If you choose store credit, you’ll get roughly 10% more than what you’ll receive in straight cash.

My earnings:  $234.67
Items Sold: 31
First Box Rejection Rate:  32%
Second Box Rejection Rate: 0%
Third Box Rejection Rate: 5%   (1 item rejected for having an “odor” — not sure what that was all about, since everything was laundered and shipped together…)

(Note: I worked super-hard to ensure my rejection rate improved for my second box. I took my learnings from box #1 and tried to make box #2 even better. And it looks like it paid off)


  • Accepts women’s and kids’ clothing (including shoes) that are Defect-Free, On-Trend, and a Top Brand name. They are currently not accepting men’s clothes.
  • They only accept clothes from specific brands. Their brands list is on the site here:  Brand List
  • Offers Return Assurance for $10.99, where any items they don’t accept will be returned to you. You have to request this service before they receive your incoming shipment. (You can’t just wait to see how the evaluation turns out, and then request the items back.)

My earnings: $43.90
Items Sent: 6, Items Sold: 5, Items Rejected: 1


I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention eBay as an option for online consignment. After all, eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. You can literally find anything you’re looking for on eBay. So the same would ring true if you are looking to sell used clothing — there could be any number of potential buyers, across the globe.

eBay has a Seller Central that’s chock full of tips and tricks on how to get started as a seller. I can tell you I do have experience with selling on eBay, but not specifically for clothing, and I haven’t done this in several years. Previously, I have sold used books, CDs, VHS tapes and costume jewelry. (Yes, this was quite some time ago, when people were still buying movies on videotape)

In Summary

If you have great items in your closet that you’re no longer wearing, selling these clothes online would be a great way to make some extra cash.

Just remember:  They need to be defect-free, clean, on-trend, and in-season. They should also preferably be from a popular brand.

Track what you send in, and if you really think you might want some items back (if rejected), make sure you pay the extra fees upfront. As an alternative, you can choose to have those items donated to charity.

Has anyone tried out the online consignment side jam? What kinds of experiences have you had with these online services? Any other tips/suggestions?

Feel free to hit me up with some comments.