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Why Is Maldives Water So Clear?

The Maldives Islands boast numerous luxury resorts and draw visitors from all over the world looking for the perfect beach holiday surrounded by soft white sand and crystal-clear waters. But what exactly makes the Maldives water so clear? Let’s find …

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Best Island In The Maldives For Couples

The ultimate beach holiday for couples is undeniably the Maldives Islands with its pure white sandy beaches, breathtaking scenic views, overwater bungalows, and exciting outdoor activities. But which Maldives Island is the best for couples? This article looks at the …

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Why Does Maldives Have White Sand?

Imagine you’re on holiday in the Maldives sinking your toes into the white sand that decorates the shore. You might then wonder, why is the sand white? The color of the sand is a fascinating occurrence, especially in the Maldives. …

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