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Best Month To Swim In Miami

Editorial credit: travelview / If one thinks about Miami, warm weather, beaches, swimming, sun, sea, and having fun come to mind. If you love swimming, whether for fun or exercise, you will undoubtedly want to explore which months would …

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Is Miami Beach Man Made?

Miami Beach is undoubtedly a spectacular place, but is its beauty man-made? Miami Beach is famous for its golden-brown sands and sparkling blue waters, but do the waters flow naturally, and is the sand synthetic? You do not have to …

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Are There Sharks Near Miami Beach?

It doesn’t get any better than going out in the sun, jumping in the water, and swimming in the ocean. Things can get ugly if you spot a hungry animal with sharp teeth swimming next to you, though. If you’re …

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Is Miami Beach Water Clear?

Murky, greyish beach waters do not always mean that pollution is involved. Most of the time, these waters contain more nutrients than clear water. Still, when deciding on where to go for a beach holiday, cloudy waters are the last …

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Miami Beach Vs. Miami

Miami and Miami Beach are considered separate cities, with their mayors and city councils. However, these distinctions are only the tip of the iceberg. For the locals, the issue draws a clear line in the sand, and the mere thought …

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Is Miami Tap Water Safe To Drink?

You could be forgiven for wondering whether Miami tap water is safe to drink, especially because new evidence has emerged that Miami-Dade’s drinking water contains chemicals normally used for fire-extinguishers, and so many people distrust tap water – with good …

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Is Miami Beach Safe?

Editorial credit: sdf_qwe / Miami Beach is a melting pot of people from different cultures. The famed sands of “America’s Riviera” are enjoyed by a diverse range of individuals, including waifish models, amateur architecture critics, distinguished elders, and sun-seeking …

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Is Miami Beach Good For Families?

Once again, it’s time to plan your perfect family vacation. But where should you go? Miami Beach is known for crazy parties, active nightlife, and adult fun, but is it a good place to take your family on vacation? Miami …

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Can You Walk On Miami Beach At Night?

A late-night stroll in a beautiful destination is a great way to end the day. From South Beach to North Beach, Miami Beach is known for its sparkling waters, golden sands, and world-renowned accommodation and shopping facilities. So, can you …

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Miami Beach Vs. Key West

Summer holidays are often synonymous with beach holidays. Whether you like the sun, sand, and surf, classical architecture, or you prefer the nightlife, beaches around the world cater to most needs. Within the States, Florida is renowned for its spectacular …

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