Modern Coastal Fireplace Ideas

The idea of a fireplace can make anyone feel excited about winter. To snuggle up in front of the fire with the company of friends or a good book. But how do you give your fireplace a modern coastal look?

A modern-style fireplace would include clean lines and neutrals, blending in with each other and the rest of the room, giving it a relaxed feel. Adding the coastal theme to it will mean that you will focus on the colors of the sea or sand to replicate the beach in a modern way.

Whether you will be using the fireplace or want to use it as a focal point only, you will have to pay attention to specific detail when designing a modern fireplace with the added coastal theme. You will have to look at the material types for the fireplace and blend it in with the rest of the room.

What Gives A Fireplace A Modern Style?

You can apply different styles to a fireplace mantel, and knowing that you would want a modern style, you will have to know what to look for, what to add, and what to avoid.

ModernSleek look, clean finishes, and neutral colors.
TraditionalClose to modern, but with more decorations.
IndustrialRefined and less showy. Dark woods and metals.
CraftsmanTimeless design, bold lines, and gives attention to detail.
RusticDistressed look

The modern-style fireplace and mantel will have a sleek finish, meaning not many decorations and business, but more of a clean look. Neutral colors and blending in with the rest of the room is the goal.

The material your fireplace consists of will play a part in your modern look. Glass, wood, limestone, and stone can transform the fireplace into the desired look.

With the modern-style look, less is more. Less clutter, less color, and fewer decorations on the mantel will set the tone for your goal.

Now that we know what a modern style fireplace entails, let’s discuss what you have to look for in adding a coastal vibe to your fireplace.

Things To Consider When Setting Up A Coastal Fireplace Theme

There are a few things to consider when you want to incorporate a coastal theme into your fireplace design and décor. You have to be a little more creative and plan to make sure you don’t go overboard.

A Coastal Mantel For Your Fireplace

When looking at mantels, a wooden mantel might be the best to incorporate a coastal feel. Painting it white or giving it that white-washed look can imitate a boat or shipwreck without adding any boat-like décor.

Depending on your room theme and color, going with a wooden mantel where the room might be grey or white will set the mantel as the focal point and give a coastal feel.

A Coastal Fireplace Can Incorporate A Variety Of Aesthetics

When thinking coastal, we think about incorporating things that remind us of the beach, without the material items of the coast, such as umbrellas or shells.

Coastal can also take your mind to Mediterranean, boho, or island vibes. Think about adding white rocks to your mantel or painted coral that fits in with the modern style of your fireplace.

You might not think red can represent a coastal theme, but it does. Adding a few red accents with a white or grey color scheme will give you that pop of color and bring about the sun-kissed vibe.

Add A Contrast To Your Modern Coastal Fireplace

By adding contrast, you can focus on your fireplace as a focal point and use these contrasts as your strategy for decorating without adding anything else.

Neutral walls and furniture can help make a wooden mantel stand out while adding one coastal color on the mantel or as wall art.

Keep It Real When Adding Coastal To Your Fireplace

Coastal doesn’t have to be all plain and no sight of any beach things. Adding an indoor plant to your mantel and repeating this color or plant in another part of the room can bring about a soft coastal look.

A rope is also a fun prop to bring about a coastal vibe. Rolling it up in a vase or putting wall art made with a cord will give a neutral look you want to your modern fireplace with a coastal twist.

Welcome Tradition Into Your Fireplace Design

Do you have a bonfire-like fireplace? Keep it accurate by setting the scene as if on the beach with a bonfire. Just keep the décor and surrounds clean and light.

If you have a stone fireplace that gives a coastal feel, add a mirror over the mantel to set the modern look, and add glassware in tinted blue or green to finish the design.

With A Modern, Coastal Fireplace – Opt For Less Is More

By making your fireplace neat with a clean finish, such as a white marble fireplace or limestone, adding a wooden mantel will tie your coastal room design together without the clutter.

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Coastal Décor To Add To Your Fireplace

How do you add the coastal theme to your fireplace if you want a bit more than just contrast? Here are a few ideas:

  • Add matching vases in different sizes on each side of the mantel. Bring a blue or green stained glass if you’d like, or add candles inside.
  • Use sconces to give a significant effect. You can add some that make a big statement, so there is no need to add anything else or small ones, so there is space to add something extra in the middle.
  • Put art on display. Just keep in mind the modern/coastal look you want to achieve. The art might then be abstract in lighter or neutral colors.
  • Add a plant on one side of the mantel. You can keep it as is or add some cut-offs in vases throughout. Just be sure not to overdo it. You still want to keep it uncluttered and clean.
  • Layer two framed pieces on the mantel. One might even be a mirror to give the room a more extensive and brighter illusion.
  • A mirror is always an option. Opt for a mirror with a frame that fits your design or theme.
  • Hang woven art above your mantel to incorporate the coastal theme.
  • Cluster your décor in one corner. Maybe candlesticks, vases, or books.


You can find a fireplace almost anywhere, from the living room to the kitchen or bedroom. We use a fireplace for fire and sometimes just for aesthetics. Nonetheless, you can use it to your advantage.

Set a coastal tone to your room by giving the focal point to your fireplace and adding a few accents to give your room the calm and relaxed feeling you get near the ocean.

Also, remember that the feeling you want during winter around your fireplace may change in the summertime. Planning and creativity are essential when going for a coastal atmosphere around the fireplace. Choose easy items that can change with the seasons.