Discussion: Do You Have a Family Money Motto or Philoshopy?

What’s Your Family Philosophy?

When you have to make major decisions or plans for the future, how do you approach those choices? What’s your “north star” that guides you?

A friend recently mentioned this idea to me — that they have a family motto, and how it’s brought a lot of value to their decision-making process. This is going to inspire a future full post that I’ll share in the next week or two.

I realized that, personally, we don’t have a motto. But maybe we should!

I’ve written about our personal rules for investing and also why I believe identifying your core values is so critical. These ideas are related and help you a framework for future decision-making.

Let’s Discuss!

As part of the discussion series, I’m hoping that this post can spark meaningful conversation here on the site and also in your own life.

I’d really like to hear your own views on this subject. Do you have a money motto? How does it effect your choices?