season tickets

How I Get Season Tickets for Free

Season tickets for free to your favorite sports team? YES PLEASE! Sounds too good to be true, right? If you’re a diehard sports fan like I am, I bet having season tickets to your favorite team is high on your …

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Highest and Best Offer: How To Win a Bidding War

Housing markets across the country are hot right now, driving up prices and fueling bidding wars. Everyone wants the most money and the best terms they can get when selling a home. Especially in a hot sellers market, there are …

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identity theft

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

In today’s digital world your identity is everywhere. Banks, doctors, credit bureaus, insurance agencies, etc, all have access to your personal information. Unfortunately, that means your identity is being stored by dozens, if not hundreds, of different companies and it …

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fix your finances

8 Things Keeping You From Fixing Your Finances

What’s keeping you from fixing your finances? Despite strong economic metrics over the last decade, only 28% of Americans are considered financially healthy, 17% struggle in almost all financial aspects of their lives, and another 55% are struggling with some …

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travel while in debt

Should You Travel While in Debt?

If you asked me the same question 2 years back, my answer would have been “NO.” Why? Because traveling was one of the main reasons for my debt. After realizing that I was in utter financial trouble, I stopped traveling, …

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girl walking down the road with guitar

20 Country Songs About Money and the Lessons You Can Learn

Country music has dramatically evolved throughout the years. But at the heart of it are themes about regular people trying to make it in an often-challenging world. Uniquely American, country music songs range from love and relationships to life, death, …

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