social security beneifts

How To Increase Social Security Benefits After You Retire

Although many Americans don’t trust of Social Security system, it remains an integral part of millions of retirement plans. Perhaps you’ve already begun collecting on your Social Security, or perhaps you’re still years away from retirement. Either way, you’re probably …

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vanilla card

What Is a Vanilla Card?

Anyone living in today’s world has at least a rudimentary familiarity with credit cards. You’re also likely somewhat familiar with the different types of credit cards out there. I’m probably more familiar with the various credit card options than the …

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reverse mortgage

What Is a Reverse Mortgage and Is It Right for You?

What is a reverse mortgage? Hardly a day passes without hearing an advertisement for a reverse mortgage, but while you may be familiar with the term, we doubt you’re familiar with what a reverse mortgage actually is. We weren’t. Because …

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Beautiful young woman with flying money on grey background

What Is Micro Investing?

Most of us had a piggy bank when we were kids, and whether you were saving up for something or just for a rainy day, it felt good saving your money in there. Now you’re an adult and thinking about …

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Two diverse crypto traders brokers stock exchange market investors discussing trading charts research reports growth using pc computer looking at screen analyzing invest strategy, financial risks.

A Beginner’s Guide To Investing in an ETF

So, you decided to invest in an ETF (exchange-traded fund). You’ve heard of the many benefits, such as broad diversification, convenient trading, low investing fees, and most importantly: simplicity! But, there happens to be one thing that isn’t as simple; …

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car buying

How To Refinance a Car: 7 Easy Steps To Save You Money

Knowing how to refinance a car is becoming more important as interest rates continue to rise. Car owners can get a lower interest rate by refinancing car loans and saving money. The purpose of auto loan refinancing is to replace …

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