Excited blonde caucasian woman in glasses, white suite holding US dollar banknotes smiling wide, satisfied by profit against blurry buildings. Happy entrepreneur celebrates great deal, received cash.

How To Stop Chasing Your Money

You may be thinking, what the heck are they talking about? I’m not chasing my money. I may not have tons of money, and I may want more money, but I’m definitely not chasing money. Well, hate to break it …

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buy a new car

Why Buying a New Car Is a Bad Investment

One highly desired item on many people’s wish lists is a new car. And not just a new-to-you car, but a brand spankin’, first-time owner, customize to your heart’s desire new car. While the allure of a new car is …

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Shot of a women holding a credit card and purchasing online

How Do Credit Cards Work: A Guide for Beginners

Credit cards play a vital role in building credit scores and creditworthiness. In addition, it earns you redeemable points, cashback, or miles. We all know how to swipe, tab, or dip the plastic money to pay for daily purchases, but …

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Woman at desk with laptop holding money

How To Make Money in One Hour? 15 Legit Ways

Need money quick? Here are 15 legitimate ideas to show you how to make money in one hour. 1. Fill Out Surveys Filling out paid online surveys is a fun and easy way to make some extra bucks. They won’t make you …

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Portrait of Beautiful Smiling Woman with Wallet in the Hands on the Street

10 Best Money-Saving Tips for Generation Z

With the rising inflation costs, people are searching for legitimate tips for saving money. After polling the internet, “What money-saving tips do you have for people in their 20s and 30s?” These were the top-voted tips for Generation Z. 1. …

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the hague, netherlands

7 Best Countries To Live In 2023

There are many countries in the world, but not all are great places to live in. Right? Let’s be honest; relocating or living abroad is more complex than it sounds. Many factors can make a country a good place for …

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semi retirement

Learn How to Estimate Your Retirement Expenses Budget

You may see people claim that you should plan to replace a certain percentage of your pre-retirement income or expenses, like 70%-80%. Do not use these rules of thumb for your planning because they’re not taking into account the main …

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