money narrative

Discover Your Personal Money Narrative

Learn How To Live the Hero’s Journey I can’t help but view my life as a kind of story. Maybe it’s just because I watched a lot of movies growing up, but I find myself thinking in terms of narrative.  …

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personal finance

8 Critical Personal Finance Numbers You Need To Know

Do you know your financial status? If not, you’re not alone. A recent Gallup poll found that only 32% of Americans have a household budget. Furthermore, a recent Bankrate survey found that 55% of Americans don’t think their financial situation …

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auto loan

Why I Decided To Pay Off My Auto Loan Early

One longstanding debate in the personal finance community is whether to use extra money pay off debt early or invest. While this decision may often come down to personal preference, many would argue that it’s better to invest extra money …

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fiscal responsibility

Why a Budget Is a Must for Fiscal Responsibility

You want to be fiscally responsible, don’t you? Of course you do! Everyone does, whether they realize it or not. Fiscal responsibility is an economic idea that involves strategies for managing debt and building smart-spending habits. You have probably heard …

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woman with credit card

13 Different Types of Credit Cards

I’m not going to lie, I used to be terrified of credit cards. Growing up around Depression Era grandparents and having a mom in banking gave me a healthy fear of plastic, and for a good reason. A huge number …

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travel while in debt

Should You Travel While in Debt?

If you asked me the same question 2 years back, my answer would have been “NO.” Why? Because traveling was one of the main reasons for my debt. After realizing that I was in utter financial trouble, I stopped traveling, …

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ways to get more money

The Two Ways To Get More Money

Everyone could use more money in their pocket, but did you know there are only two ways to get more money? Seriously. No matter your job, spending habits, debt, and any other parameters related to your finances, if you want …

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consumerism to frugalism

How to Shift Your Mindset From Consumerism to Frugalism

The Mindset There is a fundamental truth that everyone must understand: our world is built on consumerism. Consumerism is an economic ideology that encourages the insatiable acquisition of goods and services, with the ultimate driving factor being money. But what …

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money mindset

Be Smarter Than Others With Your Money

One of the hardest aspects of getting a hold of your finances can be getting rid of that little voice inside your head that’s wasting your money. You know the one, the one seeing the big house your friend just …

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