Gen X Student Loan Debt (And How To Get Out Of It!)

I’ve been reading a lot about how Millennials handle their student loan debt. There are tons upon tons of articles and blogs out there documenting how the younger generation has successfully managed and paid off their debt.  And I think …

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woman smiling at computer

How To Go From Freelancer to Entrepreneur in 5 Steps

Freelancing is a wonderful way to be your own boss while earning an income. However, many freelancers aspire to grow their businesses by pursuing entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can open the door to a variety of new opportunities and business partnerships. On …

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woman on phone with credit card

What Is My USAA Routing Number?

If you’ve ever tried to perform an online transaction, establish an account or direct deposit, or make/receive tax payments then chances are you’ve needed to know the routing number of your bank or credit union. While a commonly used number, …

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real estate guide

Ultimate Real Estate Buying Guide

Looking to buy your first house? Great! But, there is a lot to think about. Take a look at my Ultimate Real Estate Buying Guide to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

how much rent can i afford

How Much Rent Can I Afford? A Comprehensive Guide

It should go without saying, we wouldn’t want our home to be a point of stress for us, especially financially speaking. So when looking for a place to live, it’s crucial to find a place that fits our budget.

With that in mind, many people will ask, “How much rent can I afford”? There are several steadfast rules that you can apply when determining how much money you can spend on your rent, with some wiggle room if you spend less in other places, of course.

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