18th Birthday Ideas

Frugal 18th Birthday Ideas

Your 18th birthday is a milestone birthday and typically a special day for most people. But, most importantly, turning 18 signifies officially being recognized as an adult, which comes with many new and exciting opportunities.

So how should one spend their special birthday, especially if you are frugal-minded? Below are some 18th birthday ideas for those who are more on the frugal side of living. 

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Free Online Courses

17 Unbelievably Free Online Courses + How To Find More

Taking an online course can be a great way to further your education and refine your knowledge around a specific area of interest. This article is full of free online courses that are generally more practical and accessible than going to an in-person college or trade school.

birthday freebies

Birthday Freebies: 35 of the Best Places for (Mostly) Free Stuff

Did you know that you can get birthday freebies from your favorite restaurant, makeup brand, OR clothing store on your birthday? We all know how special a birthday is, especially your own, and if you can get a fantastic birthday freebie out of it, it makes it much more special!

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