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Relabeling Your Money Mindset

One of my other interests besides finances has always been criminology. Previously, I wrote about the Broken Windows Theory and how we can apply that to our financial mindset. Today, I’ll use another criminology theory called “Labeling Theory” and apply it to our finances too.

Consumption And Consumerism. Portrait Of Young Woman With Shopping Cart In Market Buying Groceries Food Taking Products From Shelves In Store, Holding Glass Jar Of Sauce, Checking Label Or Expiry Date

How To Save Money on Food: 15 Helpful Tips

Do you know how to save money on food? For many of us, food is one of our most significant budget categories, and it also is a pretty big necessity. It is not something you can easily cut out of …

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Best Budget Apps To Fit Your Goals and Lifestyle

Do you want to quickly check on your personal finances through the ease of your smartphone? Unfortunately, numerous budgeting apps on the App Store and Google Play Store can be challenging to determine the top budgeting apps that match your …

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19 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. Many legitimate work-from-home jobs will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home. Finding a job that will enable you to work from home gives you more flexibility …

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Here Are 40 of the Best Ways To Make Extra Money

Want to put extra cash in your pocket? You can find ways to make extra money on the side that can be lucrative and fun. All you need to make extra money is an open mind, motivation, grit, and determination …

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10 Budgeting Methods To Help You Take Control of Your Money

Despite the recent strength of the economy, the majority of American’s are still struggling financially. Although a number of factors are likely at play, and the financial health of American’s won’t be solved with one thing alone, one financial habit that …

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