late investment

Is Acorns a Good Investment?

Have you seen a real-life acorn? They’re cute, in a way. But if you’ve ever been hit by an acorn falling from a tree, you know they can sting! The Acorns investing program is much the same. Has anyone made …

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best apps to make money fast

Invest With Wefunder

Rule number one of investing has always been to invest in what you know. With the world of investing being as wide open as it’s ever been and so many opportunities now available, rule number two should be to invest …

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mask pandemic covid

Discussion: How Has COVID-19 Changed Your Life?

Worldwide, our daily routines have been shifted and our thoughts and conversations now focus around quarantine, treatments, cases, deaths, and of course the novel coronavirus itself. So, in this time of isolation, I want to create a chance for discussion …

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selling on amazon

Selling Products on Amazon

With this next installment, I’ll be introducing Marc, who started an online business with his wife. They managed a successful business selling products on Amazon and made a killing! Hearing great stories like this keep me motivated to continue doing …

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house hacking

How To Save Money by House Hacking

  You’ll be hearing from Riley, who blogs at Young and the Invested. His writing focuses on younger professionals who are just getting started with their careers. Delivered from the Millennial perspective, Riley highlights the shift from more traditional financial advice …

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Websites That Pay You to Click on Ads

How do you get paid for clicks on websites? Does that sound weird — or even sketchy? Well, it’s a real thing, and you can earn cash for clicking on ads in emails or by watching promotional videos. Keep reading …

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teaching exercise classes

Side Jam Interview – Teaching Exercise Class

  During our past few interviews, we’ve focused on ways to make money online in the digital arena. And while there are endless possibilities for online side hustles, today, I’d like to focus on another way to benefit from an existing …

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woman with car keys in front of a new car

Should You Buy a Last Year’s Model New Car?

Awhile back I saw a blog post telling readers they could save big money on a new car if they buy a last year’s model new car. What they were referring to is the latter portion of the calendar year …

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