girl with happy hat at sunset on the beach with her convertible car from victoria to tofino

Why I Drive a Daily Beater Car

Here is why I have a beater car for my daily driving and why you should consider the car you drive. My daily beater car is a 2002 Toyota Camry that my parents bought years ago for my mom to …

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Portrait of cheerful beautiful young woman lying with her dog on the beach

5 Smart Ways To Save On Vet Bills

  Each year, we budget for the expense of an annual checkup for both of our dogs. To balance the bills, some people choose to spread this expense over multiple appointments throughout the year. We prefer to save up and …

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Happy young women friends having coffee break while relaxing at the cafe indoors, using mobile phone

How To Save Money With the Entertainment Book

The Entertainment Book has been around for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, we could buy them through our school, and you could also sell them as a student to help with fundraising. Before cashback …

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Couple in Kitchen

Cheap Food To Keep Your Pantry and Wallet Full

We tend to talk about wants and needs on financial blogs such as this. Food certainly falls into the needs category. It can be hard to keep our grocery bills down and our stomachs full.

There is plenty to choose from that is still healthy when it comes to cheap food. Below are over 50 examples of cheap food that will keep you full and your wallet!

car auto insurance

6 Ways To Reduce the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

If you drive, then getting auto insurance for your car, van or truck is not only a legal requirement, but it will also ensure that you are financially protected in the event of an accident on the road.

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