Monster Hunter Rise and Mario Golf: Super Rush: Not All They Are Cracked Up To Be

One of my favorite things to do when not blogging is playing video games. I don’t get a lot of time these days, so when I buy a game it’s super disappointing when I just can’t get myself into it. I recently bought both Monster Hunter Rise and Mario Golf: Super Rush and was disappointed by both.

Monster Hunter Rise – More of the Same

So my disappointment with Monster Hunter Rise likely has more to do with me than the game itself. If you are a fan of the previous games and want more of the same, then you’ll likely love this game. I previously played Monster Hunter World and played it for a solid six months before getting tired of it. 

Unfortunately for me, the shine wore off Rise much quicker. I’m not sure if it’s me getting older, the lack of time to really get into complicated games, or really being able to play and enjoy all the modes the Monster Hunter series is known for, but I just couldn’t really get into this title. 

With MHR, there is sooooo much to do as always. On top of this, as we all know the hunts can take a significant amount of time, and once you’re in, you’re into the end, success or not. Really only being able to fit in a hunt per day, acquiring the needed goods and skills in order to move up to bigger and better monsters, simply took far too long for me.

Between all the different game modes, length of hunts, and overall inability to get myself down into the meta stats of the game, my desire to play the game quickly dwindled. I wasn’t captivated by the storyline in any way and honestly wasn’t really sure how to advance it. Call it old age (38 is old for a gamer no?), call it lack of time to invest, whatever it is this just wasn’t the game for me.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Following my disappointment with MHR, I went for a classic character with Mario, how could I go wrong? Well, sadly, I was let down once again. 

Mario Golf has all the elements to have been a fun golf game, but in my opinion, just didn’t put them all together. The main mode is adventure mode which is lacking. Playing as your Mii character, you start with a few basic clubs and low stats. The game guides you to different lessons and courses with really no exploration of your own, which is fine considering it’s a golf game, not an RPG. My issue with this is that there was basically no difficulty or “Marioness” to be found in the adventure mode. 

There are opportunities to buy additional clubs, some with special abilities, but none are even close to necessary. In addition, except for your driving power, the stats you earn really don’t seem to make much difference. From your very first hole, it’s easy to start getting pars or better on almost every hole. I easily cleared each challenge and course in one, maybe a second try if I really messed something up.

The speed element of the game doesn’t add much either. For one, you can race to your next shot with plenty of time left. The advertised “fighting” with other characters is minimal. Most of the time your paths don’t cross and when they do, you merely bump into each other, knocking one of you down.

Furthering my disappointment was that there was a lack of the wackiness or turn of events that I expected. Most competitive Mario games have a way to keep things competitive from start to finish, usually providing some sort of power-up or special ability to those in last place to level the playing field. That wasn’t the case here. Yes, you have special shots that can explode on impact, but considering how easily I was clearing stages, I didn’t find it necessary to use.

Outside of adventure mode, you can finally use classic characters such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, etc. Honestly, I’ve barely played the other modes. It’s more of the same for the speed golf options, no real challenge. The battle golf and other modes do provide some classic Mario zaniness, but it feels somewhat empty again as none of the special shots or features are needed in order to win most of the time, simply make your shots and run.

You have the ability to unlock special sets of clubs for each character and again I’ll admit that I only unlocked one for Mario. The reason for that again is that it’s easy to win without them and it takes a long time to unlock even the first set of special clubs. For a game I was already getting bored of, I wasn’t about to invest more time in unlocking unnecessary clubs.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed by both titles, but MHR was mostly my own lack of time and effort to commit to such a vast game. 

What’s Next? 

Considering my lack of hours on my past two games, I’m wary to commit to a third so soon, but Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out today and if there is any series that is automatically a good game, it’s Zelda. I need something to bridge the gap until the next Breath of the Wild comes out and at worst I’ll find the game enjoyable. I’ll let you know how it goes.