The Purest of Them All: 11 States That Stand Out as the Most Innocent Among the 50

The Internet never fails to amuse us with the endless “top” this and “worst” that lists about everything under the sun. But here is a fun one asked on Reddit: “What is the most innocent state in the US?” People from all over the country and world weighed in on this topic and here are the most entertaining answers.

1. Virginia

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Please leave it to Reddit to be both inappropriate and clever. The number-one voted response is Virginia. Do you know why? Because it’s spelled, Virgin-ia. The ironic part is that “Virginia is for Lovers” is the state travel slogan and can be found on their license plates, state sign, and numerous souvenirs.

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2. Wisconsin

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A user commented, “Wisconsin because they have the nicest accent.” And we couldn’t agree more! Wisconsinites are known for their friendly and laid-back demeanor, and sure, alcoholism might be an issue in some parts of the state, but overall, it’s a pretty clean-cut place.

3. Vermont

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The number three voted state for pure innocence is Vermont. However, many Vermonters in the thread suggested otherwise. One volunteered, “Seems like the kind of thing a Vermonter would say to throw us off their trail.”

4. Delaware

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Many Americans suggested that Delaware must be innocent because you forget it even exists before one joked, “Dela where?” Another stated that you never hear about the state and no one is from there before one argued that Joe Biden and Aubrey Plaza are from there. One punny Redditor replied, “I was Delaware of that!”

5. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire was nominated as an innocent state because no one remembers it exists. However, one argued that “Live Free or Die” is the official state slogan, which doesn’t mesh with the idea of innocence.

6. Rhode Island

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One Redditor suggested it’s Rhode Island. Noting, “It’s three miles long and doesn’t bother anybody.” Somebody decided to look it up and clarified that Rhode Island is 48 miles long.

While many Americans argued that Rhode Island is far from innocent, another said, “For perspective, my local brewery makes a beer called Florida Man because of all the wild headlines that come from there. They do not, however, make a beer called Rhode Island Man.”

7. Utah

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Many Americans agreed that Utah is the most innocent of all the states. For example, one Utahn explained that if you find a $5 bill in a parking lot in Utah, you return it to the lost and found for the rightful owner to pick up.

However, many argued about polygamy cults, while one suggested, “You guys are draining the Colorado river for your golf courses.

8. Wyoming

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Wyoming takes number eight on this Reddit list of innocent states. However, despite many Americans agreeing with it, others suggested not so much for people of color. One specified the self-policing state, “Gets pretty scary if you aren’t straight and white. That is the worst racism I’ve ever seen.”

9. North Dakota

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Several Americans agreed it was North Dakota. One stated, “As my mother who worked there a while used to say… “40 below keeps the riff-raff out.” Others noted the winters being cold and being able to spot outsiders by their hats and gloves.

10. Alaska

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A surprising number of Americans who have never been to Alaska suggested it is the innocent state leading the pack. However, those from there, who migrated there, or at least visited, explained that people hide in Alaska. It’s where they go after messing up in the lower 48.

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11. Minnesota

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA USA - JUNE 2, 2019: Outside dinning at the French Meadow restaurant on Grand Avenue.
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Finally, Minnesota made the list of perceived innocent states. One suggested it’s “Basically Canada 2.0 levels of kindness.” Another added, “Can confirm, Minnesotan here. Also, the Minnesota goodbyes are a legit thing. Once I start saying my goodbyes, I know I’ll be there for at least another 20 minutes.”

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