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Can You Eat Small Mussels?

A mussel is a broad term for several families of bivalve mollusks, which live in freshwater and saltwater environments. Clams, oysters, and scallops are examples of mollusks. Understanding how to consume small mussels will make it simpler to prepare and …

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Why Are Mussels So Cheap?

Mussels are some of the cheapest types of seafood you can buy. However, this might make you wonder if mussels are as healthy as other types of seafood. Are there any health benefits of mussels? And why exactly are mussels …

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Will Mussels Open When Frozen?

It is always best to enjoy your seafood as fresh as possible, but often it needs to be frozen for transport, to prevent waste, or to have fresh ingredients during the off-season. If you have decided to freeze some mussels, …

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Why Are Mussels Orange?

You’ll notice that not all mussels are the same color when you open them. For example, some mussels are cream or beige, while others are bright orange. Are all the different colored mussels the same to eat? Why are some …

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What Are The White Things On Mussel Shells?

When harvesting mussels, you may notice that some have white things on their shells. You may wonder what those white things are and if mussels with white things on them are safe to consume. We have done some research to …

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How Much Meat Is In A Mussel?

Mussels are delicious and versatile seafood. However, when cooking mussels in their shells, it can be hard to determine a portion size for each diner. As the shell makes up a big part of the mussel, you may wonder how …

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How Much Do Mussels Weigh?

Despite their small size, mussels are high in nutritional value and contain more protein than many other types of seafood. However, when planning to make a mussel dish, you will need at least one pound of mussels per person. So, …

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How Long Do Mussels Last In Vinegar?

Have you ever tried preserving mussels in vinegar? Pickled mussels are delicious; you can use them in various dishes or eat them as a snack. Pickling is also the perfect way to preserve some mussels if you’ve purchased or harvested …

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Can You Get Mussels On Scuba?

Mussels are incredible creatures that have a filtration effect on the water. Zebra mussels filter one quart of water daily, which considerably clears up the water and improves diving conditions. Unfortunately,  Zebra mussels reproduce so quickly and prolifically that they …

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Why Are Mussels Different Colors?

If you regularly eat mussels, you may notice that some mussels can differ in color. Or, while you are taking a stroll along the beach, you might see that some mussels have different colored shells. So, why do some mussels …

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