Nine Must-Do Kamloops Hikes With Beautiful Views

Kamloops is known for some pretty spectacular hiking trails. There are hiking trails for every kind of hiker. Nice and easy flat trails for an evening stroll, intermediate trails for those looking to get a cardio workout, and difficult trails for the more adventurous soul.

If you are visiting, these nine Kamloops hikes are a great way to see the city from different viewpoints and take in the beautiful scenery from every angle. If you live in Kamloops, these hikes never get boring and can (and should) be done many times!

Where is Kamloops, BC?

Kamloops is a city in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Kamloops has an elevation of approximately 2700 feet above sea level. It is where the North Thompson River and the South Thompson River meet, close to where they start. The city has a very diverse terrain, and as such, there are many different kinds of Kamloops hikes for every kind of hiker.

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Map of the Nine Best Kamloops Hikes

When Is the Best Time To Go on the Kamloops Hiking Trails?

The best time to go on these Kamloops hikes is any time of year! The late evenings in the summer are beautiful when the days are the longest. Weekends, late mornings, and early evenings can get busy with other hikers, so plan your time wisely.

The Kamloops area offers many opportunities for year-round outdoor activities. The long, dry summers allow for hiking and biking on a variety of trails that are not accessible during winter months when snow is more prevalent.

In the spring as well as in autumn, hikers will find Kamloops hikes with flowers blooming or leaves changing color.

What Should I Bring When I Do a Kamloops Hike?

If you are planning a Kamloops Hike, you will want to come prepared during the season you are hiking. Aside from water and snacks for your energy levels during the hike, it’s best to wear sturdy footwear with good treads.

Bring sunscreen for summer hikes or warm clothing if going on an autumn hike. If you are planning on hiking Kamloops after a rainfall, make sure you pack some bug repellant.

Nine Must-Do Kamloops Hikes with Views:

Battle Bluff Kamloops – Our Favourite Kamloops Hike!

This 4.8-kilometer hike is the most difficult trail on this list but rewards you with the most spectacular views at the top. The trail will take roughly 1.5 hours as it climbs through forest and grasslands to reach an open ridge with views across Kamloops Lake.

Battle Bluff trail begins with an easy double track through the trees but then opens up with spectacular vistas as you progress closer to the summit.

The trail is quite moderate most of the way, but it does become a steep, rocky single track as it seesaws up to the summit. The majority of the trail is exposed, so be sure to bring water, especially in the summer and just take your time along the way if needed.

The trail is dog friendly and is possible to do with kids but make sure to keep them close when you arrive at the Bluffs because there are cliffs all around with steep drop-offs.

At the top of the summit, there is a book that hikers can sign, and it gives a little history of the Battle Bluff trail.

The Tower Trail at Kenna Cartwright Park

The Tower Trail is an easy 3.4-kilometre hike that is perfect for families and can be accomplished by young children. The trail is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your pooch along with you. This trail has a moderate incline all the way to the lookout, so be prepared to take breaks if needed along the way.  

In the summer, it is completely exposed, so bring water for a more enjoyable experience.

Tower Trail Kamloops
The viewpoint on the Tower Trail.

This Kamloops Hike offers amazing views from its high point, a series of hills known as “the towers”. The trail can be accessed from both the Home Depot park entrance and the Hillside Drive entrance just prior to the prison.

It has a great mix of steep climbs and more gradual slopes, so it’s perfect for hiking beginners looking to build their fitness skills while also seeing some amazing scenery from different vantage points. The trail is quite popular during the summer months when many people use this Kamloops hike to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

Panorama Loop

The Panorama Loop trail starts at the Kenna Cartwright Park entrance at the recycling center on Bunker Road. This 2.8-kilometre Kamloops hiking trail takes roughly 45 mins and offers views of Kamloops to the north, south and east. The trail does not have any steep inclines, so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy this Kamloops hike.

woman with dog on bench
Image Credit: Savoteur

When you enter the trail at the park entrance, follow the Sage Trail until you come across the intersection with the Panorama Loop.

As you start nearing the top of the trail, you will know you are close to the summit when you see the red and white pole. There is a bench to sit down at the summit, which is a perfect opportunity to enjoy this vantage point above the city.

Bridal Veil Falls in Peterson Creek

Peterson Creek Park offers many different trails for all levels, with some breathtaking viewpoints on the elevated trails. One of the most popular is the trail to Bridal Veil Falls, which for the most part, is an easy 30-40 minute hike, but the last part can get quite rugged and rocky, so you should be prepared to hike at your own risk.

Depending on the water levels, you may have to cross the creek to keep hiking to the falls but keep your camera handy because there are some beautiful photo opportunities throughout the hike.

The trail to Bridal Veil Falls.

Also in Peterson Creek is the entrance to the Xget’tem Trail.  The City of Kamloops recently invested $2.7 million dollars in addition to a #1 million dollar grant they received from the Ministry of Transportation to build a 1.7-kilometer pathway from Sahali to downtown Kamloops. The Xget’tem Trail is complete with lighting and rest areas and provides walkers and cyclists with a safe pathway.

The Rim Loop at Valleyview Nature Park

The Rim Loop Trail is a popular Kamloops hike that offers views of the city and lots of wildlife. The trail entrance is located next to Valleyview Arena, and you will need to follow the Sagebrush trail that connects to the Rim Loop.

This 2.5-kilometer Kamloops hike is a loop that starts at the Valleyview Nature Park entrance and goes along the edge of the hoodoos overlooking the neighborhood of Valleyview. The middle of the trail offers beautiful views of the hoodoos surrounding Valleyview Nature Park. It is an off-leash area, so you will likely encounter many dogs while on this Kamloops hike.

boy walking dog

If you are hiking this Kamloops trail with small children, be sure to use caution when hiking along the edge overlooking Valleyview, as the single-track trail gets very close to the cliff.

There are areas where you can walk a little further away from the edge if you are nervous about heights. It can also get quite windy up on the top of this Kamloops hike so pack a light layer with you just in case.

Gibraltar Rock Hike at Paul Lake

mother and sons at kamloops hikes summit
Image Credit: Savoteur

The twenty-minute drive from Kamloops to Paul Lake sets the stage for a glorious day of hiking. The beautiful rolling hills on the drive there is all part of this adventure. The trail begins just past the boat launch at Paul Lake Provincial Park.

If you want to park as close to the trail as possible, you will want to drive all the way down to the boat launch. But I would suggest parking near the bathrooms and enjoying the short walk along the shore. It is such a pretty area, with picnic tables lining the water’s edge.

The Gibraltar Rock hike is a 3 km round trip if you are starting from the boat launch and returning the way you came in. The first 1 km is a steady incline until you come to a bench and fork in the road. Keep to the left and continue on to the top of Gibraltar Rock.

There are multiple viewpoints at the summit and a couple of benches to sit on and enjoy the view. Keep young children close, as the edge of the trail is quite steep. The trail up to the top is a steady incline the entire way, but when you see those views, you will be glad you made an effort.

The Perimeter Trail at Rosehill Park

Rosehill Park Kamloops
The entrance to Rosehill Park in Kamloops

This 1.5-kilometer trail around the Kamloops Disc Golf Course is a very easy hike with beautiful views of the Thompson Valley. This trail can be difficult to follow sometimes because of the many trails going off to launch pads for the Disc Golf Course, but as long as you stay to the main trail on the perimeter, you should have no trouble at all.

It is dog-friendly as long as dogs are leashed, and you will often see families out enjoying the walk and the views. There is a beautiful viewpoint on the western side of the trail with a carved-out bench to take a rest and enjoy the scenery. Just make sure to keep your eyes out for frisbees!

Aviation Way – Rivers Trail

This Kamloops hike is the easiest on this list of hiking trails in Kamloops. The trail is flat and can be as long or as short as you would like it to be. Aviation Way trail is a section of the Rivers Trail network, and the entrance is located right next to the radar tower there is an abundance of parking available.

There is a washroom located in the parking lot at the entrance to the trail, and as this is also a popular off-leash dog area, you will see many four-legged friends along the way.

dog walking on trail

About one kilometer past the entrance, the double-track trail splits and gives you the option to continue walking along the berm or alongside the edge of the beach. During the early spring and fall, you also have the option to head out onto the beach while the river is low and explore down by the water. The trail to the beach is lined with large rocks, but there are a couple of spots that allow access down to the water without too much rock climbing.

Even though there is no elevation change on this Kamloops hike, it is surprisingly one of our favorites in the city. Many people dismiss this part of the city due to the proximity to the dump and the pulp mill, but in our opinion, this trail has so much to offer that it should most definitely be on your list of Kamloops hiking trails.

Juniper – Rosehill Ridge Trail

There are many options for this trail, and the shortest one is an easy 2-kilometer hike out along the ridge. You can enter this trail at the yellow gate from the S-curve on Rosehill Road, where there are cement barriers and then take your first left onto a single-track trail to venture out to the ridge. Or you can remain on the wide double track that follows the pipeline all the way to Juniper.

The single track along Rosehill Ridge provides some stunning views of the valley and has a few inclines to get your heart rate pumping. If you follow the loop, it will link back to the double track along the pipeline. This trail is great for running, and it is dog-friendly, but keep your eyes peeled for bears as they regularly frequent the neighborhood of Rosehill.

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Final Thoughts on These Kamloops Hikes With Beautiful Views

No matter which trail you pick in Kamloops, you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and a memorable experience. If you want to live an outdoor lifestyle, Kamloops is the place to be, with endless opportunities and activities, as well as beautiful sunshine all year.

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