They Just Matter: Consider These 11 Fashion Essentials When Packing Your Travel Bag

The hype and excitement about upcoming trips are all there, but you might still be unsure about what travel accessories to bring along. Hey, it’s perfectly fine! Just remember that it’s not just about displaying your fashion statement; you should always think of how it would make your trips easier. We’ve got you covered with a list of must-have fashion pieces recommended by online forum users that will take your travel style and convenience to the next level.

1. Wet Bags

Beige boho girl makeup bag; waterproof; wet bag
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Yes, you’re set with a look that can get you anywhere. But what if you had to store those fashion accessories for a while before getting them cleaned? Wet bags serve a crucial purpose by keeping your belongings safe and dry, even in the most unpredictable situations. While often overlooked, they’re particularly handy for safeguarding wet swimwear, ensuring that the rest of your belongings stay dry and odor-free. One user talks about the usefulness of wet bags, claiming that they are also “Great for shoes, dirty laundry, toiletries…”

2. Cozy Pillow

Woman packing pillow
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A cozy pillow is an indispensable travel companion. Whether on a long-haul flight or a short weekend getaway, having your own pillow ensures you get quality sleep. Familiar comfort can alleviate travel stresses, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to explore or attend your next meeting.

3. Versatile Dress for Business Travel 

Woman packing dress
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Every business traveler knows the value of a versatile dress. With just one piece, you can navigate a day of meetings, an impromptu client lunch, and a formal dinner without needing an outfit change. Such adaptability saves luggage space and reduces the hassle of decision-making on busy trips.

4. Exercise Clothes

Woman doing exercise
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Travel doesn’t mean putting your fitness routine on pause. Packing exercise clothes ensures you can hit the hotel gym, go for a morning run, or join a local yoga class. Staying active helps combat the lethargy of travel and offers an excellent opportunity to explore a new place.

5. Huge Colorful Scarf

Traveler wearing scarf
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A huge, colorful scarf is more than just an accessory. Apart from elevating any outfit, it can be used as a shawl on chilly evenings, a makeshift beach blanket, or even a privacy screen in shared accommodations. Its versatility makes it a must-have in every traveler’s bag.

6. Full Coverage Pajamas

Woman wearing pajamas
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Regardless of where you’re staying, full-coverage pajamas ensure you’re always appropriately dressed for bedtime. They offer comfort during sleep, ensure modesty in shared spaces or when room service knocks, and can be a comforting piece of home when you’re far away.

7. Encapsulation Sports Bra 

woman walking on dock
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A non-compression/encapsulation sports bra provides the support needed for long days of sightseeing or unexpected adventures without causing discomfort. Its design ensures you can wear it for extended periods without feeling restricted, making it an essential piece for active travelers. According to one user, they can wear it like a regular bra on casual days.

8. Sun Hoodies

Woman wearing hoodies
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Sun hoodies are a cross between a light sweater and protective apparel with a high UPF rating. They protect you from the sun’s rays without making you too hot, making them perfect for vacations that combine time at the beach with sightseeing in the city.

9. Water Sandals 

Man wearing water sandals
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Water sandals offer the traction and safety you require while exploring tropical rainforests or strolling through seaside communities. These let you keep moving even if the weather becomes unexpectedly wet, as they dry rapidly and are typically antibacterial.

10. Sunscreen

Beautiful Young woman with sun cream on face.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / verona studio

When preparing for a trip, keeping your skin in mind is important. Using sunscreen has many benefits, including protection from severe sunburns, delayed skin aging, and fewer skin-related health problems. If you forget to bring sunscreen, you may spend more time in the shade than you’d like, cutting into your time spent exploring and enjoying your vacation.

11. Flannel Shirt

Man wearing Flannel Shirt
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A flannel shirt is the epitome of versatile fashion. Perfect as an extra layer in cooler climates, it can also double as a makeshift blanket on planes or buses. Its comfortable fit and timeless style makes it suitable for both city trips and wilderness adventures.

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