10 Terrible Natural Disasters That Can Happen at Any Moment

Natural disasters fuel nightmares. When Mother Earth gets angry, she unleashes her emotions, sending earthquakes, cyclones, and typhoons through the world. The scariest part, you never know when a natural disaster may ravage your community. Here is a list of ten natural disasters to keep you awake at night.

1. Hurricane

Hurricane Ian heading towards the coast of Florida in September 2022 - Elements of this image furnished by NASA
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If you’re from Florida, hurricanes don’t phase you. Each year you board up your windows and have an evacuation plan, preparing for the natural rainstorms to destroy anything in their path. The saddest part about hurricanes is their ability to wipe cities off the map and present irreparable damage to marginalized areas.

2. Earthquake

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If you live in California, you’re used to earthquakes, but that unstable shaking rippling through your room doesn’t scare you any less. The upheavals occur when the rocks below the Earth’s surface move around. The aftereffects shake up the location.

3. Flood

Flooded streets
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My mom’s house flooded when she was seven, and thankfully she escaped from the second story before the water consumed the whole house. The flood ruined all of her family’s belongings. However, they all survived. A heavy rainstorm or a river jam could eat a house.

4. Extreme Heat Waves

Group of tourist looking to cool themself after being struck by heat waves
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Millions of people worldwide have suffered through record-breaking temperatures in recent years. In the U.S., heat is the top cause of weather-related deaths. No, not blizzards, tornados, or hurricanes – it’s heat that’s most likely to kill you. As the planet continues to warm, already-hot places will get hotter. The effect is most profound in urban areas. Extreme levels of heat stress have more than doubled during the past few decades, according to a NASA researcher.

5. Wildfires

Spain wildfire, Heatwave causes forest burning rapidly and destroyed, silhouette, natural calamity,
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

We saw the detrimental effects of a wildfire in Canada throughout the U.S. earlier this month. One wildfire in the northern country spread throughout the states, burning homes and establishments, affecting air quality, and stirring up debris and dust. Studies show climate change has lengthened the wildfire season and increased the number of square miles burned. In the U.S. alone, an average of 7 million acres are burned each year. Fire is becoming more dangerous as more people choose to “live in and around forests, grasslands, and other natural areas,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Not that you need to live in the woods to be endangered. Cities such as San Diego, Athens, Jerusalem, and Canberra have been threatened by wildfires recently.

6. Volcanic Eruption

Close up of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, also known Kilauea Smile because from 2016 seems to smile, erupting lava into Pacific Ocean, Big Island. Scenic sea view from the boat.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Exploring active volcanoes makes for a fun and great tour, but they can erupt at any time. Usually, tour guides don’t tour volcanoes that have erupted recently. Still, there is no telling when the natural structure will explode. A volcano in Hawaii erupted. The Kilauea eruption in Hawaii sustained a 12-day explosion.

7. Tsunami

Tsunami tidal wave washing through a city street pushing cars out of the way and speeding towards a pedestrian
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Other natural disasters result in tsunamis. Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides may cause a tsunami, large waves tearing through cities or wilderness. Waves of that size don’t forgive or forget anything.

8. Sinkhole

NEW YORK CITY - AUGUST 4 2015: a massive sinkhole erupted in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, closing several streets & bringing FDNY, OEM & DEP, Con Ed & National Grid.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The ground can create a gaping hole that swallows anything in its path. Sinkholes do not have any draining method attached to them, meaning whatever falls in them stays in. They can open with little to no warning and can be due to natural occurrences or human actions.

9. Landslide

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The rock version of an avalanche is a landslide. While minding your business on a mountain, rocks become undone and tumble down the hill at alarming rates, destroying everything in their path.

10. Tornado

Driving on straight dirt road towards the ominous tornado storm through the cultivated fields of wheat and corn crops.
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If you spot a gust of wind transforming from a breeze into a spiral, and heading toward you, take shelter. Tornadoes form from differing temperatures and moisture in the air, meaning they can happen whenever and move wherever they please.

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