Nautical Curtains For Bedroom

When looking for window dressings for your bedroom, the Nautical theme is a popular option that offers a wide range of choices to go with the décor in your room. They can be simple, subtle, or vividly themed and do not have an age limit.

Nautical curtains offer you the feeling of being at the seaside, on a boat, or under the sea. The curtain drops can be simple or complex in design and dressed up or down using accessories that remind you of the beach, boats, and ocean, encouraging you to feel refreshed after your time of rest.

Depending on your selection, you can keep your curtains for a season until you get bored of them or they get lacerated by your cat. Alternatively, you can choose drops that can be timeless, easily replaced, and you can change accessories at a later stage. A rule of thumb is to keep it simple; the metaphorical deck shouldn’t be too cluttered because things can go overboard.

Are Nautical Curtains Suitable For My Bedroom?

The Nautical theme can allude to anything maritime, coast, or sea-related.  The combinations of colors, patterns, and nautical elements are limitless, giving you the option to have a unique décor set up in your bedroom or copy one from the pages of a glossy magazine. The likelihood of you finding suitable nautical curtains for your bedroom is good.

The Nautical Color Scheme For Bedroom Curtains

The most popular color scheme for the Nautical theme is the modest navy blue, red, and white combination. These colors are most visible on flags on vessels at sea and don’t get easily mixed up with other colors when looking through your telescope across the ocean.

This color scheme generally offers you more formal or understated options for your curtains which lends itself to them not becoming outdated. By choosing curtains with one or two of these colors, you are likely to open up your options when finding other décor items in your bedroom that match your curtains.

If you go diving at sea, you might see a vivid array of colors through your diving goggles, which gives you limitless options for color schemes if that is what you seek. Think of coral reefs, seaweed, brightly colored sea creatures, treasure chests, and sunken ships; these things increase the options on your color palette but can appear very busy, especially for a peaceful bedroom.

Nautical Patterns And Objects For Bedroom Curtains

The most straightforward pattern associated with nautical design is often solid vertical or horizontal stripes or zigzags. Simple, solid stripes and zigzags in red, blue, or white are less likely to become outdated.

Other nautical patterns can include a repeating sequence of maritime objects such as anchors, sea creatures, ship steering wheels, lighthouses, compasses, and marine vessels, to name a few. These patterns can be small or large, brightly colored, or in the simple color scheme of blue, red, and white.

Your Compass To Choosing The Right Nautical Curtains

With a vast ocean of options, ideas, and pirated goods, choosing suitable curtains requires a bit of homework. Use the questions below to help you simplify your search for those treasured nautical window dressings you seek.

1. What Is My Color Scheme?

Your chosen color scheme depends on if you want the traditional nautical colors of navy blue, red, and white or if you have a specific theme, color scheme, design, or pattern in mind.

The options for the latter are endless, so it depends mainly on the color scheme of the bedroom and the person whose room it is.

2. What Nautical Theme Do I Want?

When deciding on this, it is essential to consider that overtly themed pictures and colors can become outdated. It is not to say you shouldn’t choose both; it depends on how in vogue you like to be and if you care what other people think. It’s your bedroom, after all.

Popular themes that err more on simplicity and longevity include anchors, lighthouses, and compasses, with a simple blue, red and white color scheme. Many curtain drops that come in pairs offer a more prominent, completed image when the curtains are drawn.

3. Do I Want Curtains Or Drapes For My Cabin?

Curtains and drapes have the function of offering privacy and decoration. They are also used to filter out various degrees of light, reduce noise pollution and insulate a room. They generally come in single panels (best used for sliding doors) or panel pairs.

Curtains can be used instead of drapes if the window has blinds, window films, or shutters. Drapes are lined and longer. They offer more insulation and block out more light and noise. Whichever option you choose, it should not affect the design or color scheme.

4. How Big Are These Sails?

To know how many drops or panels you need, you need to measure the window width you wish to dress and the length from rod to window sill or floor.

Regarding size, some stores offer services to sew the curtains to length, but you have to bear the pattern in mind, ensuring that the design will look balanced once hung. For instance, it could give your kid nightmares if Nemo is cut in half. Please, save the sea creatures.

To ensure you have enough drops to cover the window’s width, you need to consider the different header types of the curtains. The more gathered you want the curtains to be, the more drops you will need.

Again, the pattern has to be considered when deciding how gathered the curtains will be. An octopus with more than one head and eight tentacles might not fare well in your child’s imagination.

Different header types include:

• Tab tops require fewer drops as the curtains will hang flatter, exposing the nautical pattern more.

• Pinched pleats give the curtains a permanently gathered look, whether opened or closed.

• Grommets/eyelets: Grommets offer a more modern look with circular openings. The curtain rod is exposed.

• Rod pockets: The curtain rod is fed through the pocket, and the rod is hidden. This header type is best for decorative curtains, i.e., not opened or closed regularly or permanently tied back.

5. Can You Rope In More Curtain Accessories?

A popular accessory that goes with nautical-themed curtains is rope tie-backs. These tie-backs can include sailors’ knots or macramé knots and nets that are back in fashion. Small brass hooks and clips synonymous with the nautical theme can be used with rope or macramé for nautical tie-backs.

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6. What Is My Bedroom Curtain Budget?

Your budget will determine if you can or want to get nautical curtains tailored to your interior design needs or if you can make them yourself. Sites like Pinterest offer DIY solutions, but many online stores have nautical curtains in stock from anywhere between under $25 to over $100 a pair.

The price you pay will depend on brand names, the type of fabric you use, the size of the drops, and if they are curtains or drapes. Drapes tend to cost more because they are lined and are longer.


Nautical curtains can be simple or intricate in color and pattern. The most popular color scheme for nautical is navy blue, red, and white, with these colors in solid stripes being the prevalent pattern associated with the Nautical theme. The simple design with clean lines has stood the test of time and can be dressed up or down with minimal effort.