15 Odd Things About America That Canadians Just Don’t Understand

Cultural differences between neighboring countries can be both fascinating and amusing. For Canada and America, a few peculiarities leave Canadians amused. Here, we look at some odd things Canadians need help understanding about America.

1. Not Being Able To Get Ketchup Chips

Not Being Able To Get Ketchup Chips
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It’s hard to believe anyone would miss out on one of the tastiest snack experiences ever—imagine not being able to get ketchup chips! Now, I know what you’re thinking, how can anyone resist mouthwatering ketchup-flavored potato chips? It’s beyond our comprehension.

2. Deep Frying Everything

Deep Frying Everything
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Americans can fry almost anything; if it’s fryable, you’d best believe it will be fried. Even if it isn’t, they test the limits of the food. It’s like they live in a universe where you must fry for survival. I have to throw this in for those who don’t know: they also deep-fry butter. Aside from the ludicrous nature of this, is it even healthy? Someone needs to tell them there are better, more exciting alternatives to frying—baking, for instance.

3. The Absence of an Official Language

Proud woman with the American flag and smiling
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Every place has its own language unique to its inhabitants. But a country as famous as the United States doesn’t have an official language! Canadians are as shocked as everyone else. America hasn’t declared English or any other language their national language. To them, it is a way of honoring the non-English speakers who fought for the country’s freedom.

4. The Requirement of a Goatee License

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Hold onto your beards, folks, because this one’s a real doozy! In Massachusetts, you need a license to rock a stylish goatee. This one left Canadians shocked. Even though this law is not enforced, it’s pretty surprising that someone even thought of it. It makes you wonder what happened to bring that about.

5. Cheerleaders

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Hey there, hosers! Do you know what gets our tuques in a twist? Americans have taken cheerleading way too seriously. Don’t get me wrong; cheerleading is a vibrant part of sports culture, adding energy and excitement to games. But Active Network quoted over 4 million cheerleaders in the U.S.—that seems too much.

6. Minors Are Not To Play Pinball in South Carolina

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Get this: pals in South Carolina have a law restricting minors from playing pinball! While others flip those silver balls around in arcades, our friends down south miss out on the joy of pinball. Most can’t help but wonder why South Carolina would ban such a harmless and fun activity for minors.

7. Huge Serving Portions

Friends eating pizza
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Alright, let’s talk about Americans and huge servings! We’ve all seen those large servings of food in American restaurants. Boy, are they a sight to behold! But seriously, who needs an ocean of fries or a burger the size of a mountain? Nobody, that’s who. Most of the time, those large servings only end up as mouthwatering, aesthetic photographs on the food section of Instagram.

8. Tailgating

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Picture this: fans gathering in the stadium parking lot hours before the game, grilling up a storm, and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Canadians are used to tailgating being more of a pregame warm-up inside the arena, but Americans take it up a notch. I get they are probably excited, but don’t they have a better way to show it than through chaos?

9. Bathroom Stall Gap

Bathroom Stall Gaps
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We need to chat about bathroom privacy—or the lack thereof. Canadians respect personal space, even in the most public places. So, imagine the surprise when they encounter those infamous bathroom stall gaps in the U.S.! It’s almost like they built them so you could look over at the next person while peeing and start a conversation as quickly as you would with someone you meet at a bar.

10. The Ban on Kinder Surprise

The Ban on Kinder Surprise
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These delightful chocolate eggs have been a childhood staple for Canadians for as long as we can remember. But for some reason, Americans are deprived of this joy. We understand safety concerns, but it’s not that serious, right? Imagine the horror when Canadians learned Americans couldn’t enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

11. Frats and Sororities

Madison, Wisconsin / United States - September 20, 2017: College students enjoy their game day party while having a good time on the lake. They wear their school color red while dancing and singing.
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It’s time to spill the tea on frats and sororities. Why would you want to pay hefty membership fees, endure hazing rituals, and subject yourself to a hierarchy of Greek letters? We’re all for making lifelong friendships and having a good time, but can’t we do it without the elaborate initiation ceremonies and questionable rituals?

12. Endless Accents

young pretty woman shrugging with a dumb, crazy, confused, puzzled expression, feeling annoyed and clueless
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Even diverse Canadians have confessed that Americans and accents cannot be separated. Have you ever traveled through the United States and listened to all the different accents? It’s like a linguistic adventure, from the Southern drawl to the Boston accent and everything in between.

13. Endless Complaints About Winter

Snowmass Village, Colorado - January 6, 2020: Skiers and snowboarders ascend the Elk Camp chairlift at the Aspen Snowmass ski resort, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on a partly cloudy winter day.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/David A Litman

Winter can be a bit chilly and inconvenient, but let’s be honest here, Canadians have mastered the art of enduring freezing temperatures. They’ve got snowstorms that bury cars and icicles that could be mistaken for art installations. So, when Americans complain about a bit of snow or a cool breeze, they can’t help but chuckle.

14. Excessive Use Of Sugar And Salt

A woman has a handfull of blue salt water taffy
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Canadians have a sweet tooth, but it’s nothing compared to Americans. Just thinking about the amount of sugar in some American foods is enough to make your teeth ache. Some of these foods don’t need that much to taste good. Americans depend on these two ingredients for survival, and Canadians don’t understand their obsession with them.

15. Spray Cheese

Cans of Nabisco easy cheese in various flavors on a grocery store shelf.
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Why would anyone want to eat cheese from a can? Canadians take their cheese seriously. They have a wide variety of artisanal cheeses, but spray cheese? That’s a hard pass for them. Sorry, but this is one odd food trend Canadians can’t wrap their heads around.

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