Men Would Do These 11 Projects for a Living If Money Didn’t Matter

Some people just can’t help but ponder what they would truly love to do if money issues were tossed aside. Men in an online forum were asked a question of whether they’d undertake passion projects, not for the hefty paycheck, but for the sheer joy and satisfaction. Here’s what they think they’d do if money wasn‘t the driving factor.

1. Rediscovering Childhood Dreams

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For many men, a dream job entails revisiting the untapped potential of their younger years. The online forum has spoken about the love men have for childhood projects and ideas. If money wasn’t a problem, most of them would likely spend their days nostalgically piecing together the inventions they once scribbled. As one man recalled, “I have a book of inventions that I could not finish yet.” For some, they’d even seize the opportunity to restore vintage cars, embodying their youthful fascination with automobiles.

2. A Life of Wood

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One woodworking hobbyist plans to spend his retirement years in the woodshop. The goal is to cover the cost of replacement blades and Shop-Vacs and a little extra spending money if the wooden creations are popular enough.

If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us.

3. Average Joe Travel Agency

Travel Agency
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Rather than marketing travel plans to Instagram influencers and high-net-worth individuals whose vacations look like an episode of White Lotus or Succession, one man of the people dreams of creating a travel agency by the people, for the people. The demographic will fall squarely between Leonard DiCaprio and Honey Boo Boo, capturing the average American with an average budget.

4. Residential Rehabilitation With a Heart

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Here’s a pitch: House flipping without the financial exploitation that comes with the landlord-renter dynamic. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is—but that’s the point of this list. 

Once he gets the money, though, this Robin Hood of architecture will purchase distressed properties, fix them up, and put tenants on rent-to-own plans. Who’s not rooting for that plan?

5. Remote, Top-Shelf Brewery

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You can do all kinds of cool stuff when you don’t have to run your brewery like your livelihood depends on it. Like, as one future brewer points out, establishing the brewery in a super-remote location, stocking a limited selection of top-shelf booze, and making a truly unique experience out of it.

6. Running an Agricultural Commune

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One idealistic farmer-to-be said they’d purchase land, get livestock, plant crops, and hire foster children who aged out of the home to work the land. It’s quite the noble dream and one that’s perfectly suited to the End Times vibe of the 2020s.

Of course, he will want to steer clear of the Jim Jones-Charles Manson-style commune blueprint. So long as it starts and ends with veggies and livestock, it’s all good.

7. Starting a Think Tank

Heritage Foundation.
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Move over, Heritage Foundation. Kick rocks, Brooking Institution. It’s about time the world gets a think tank of non-establishment thinkers like your pal Tommy and your cousin Greg. At least, that’s what one political dynamo would do if he had the money to serve as a benefactor to the greatest minds he knows.

8. Becoming a Florist on Wheels

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There are some jobs, like cop and customer support specialist, where virtually every interaction involves complaining, screaming, or worse.

Then there are other jobs, like flower delivery person, where every interaction involves smiles, thank you’s, and similarly gleeful exchanges. It’s no surprise that one dude would spend his retirement delivering flowers on his bike (you know, for the exercise).

9. Starting an English Academy in a Foreign Paradise

english Academy
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Teaching English is a go-to gig for Americans in countries all over the world, but it won’t make you rich. Once you’re already rich, then teaching English in some distant paradise seems a lot more feasible.

10. Make Low-Budget, High-Quality Movies

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Somebody wants to make a few high-quality, thought-provoking indie films to slip in between the 70 Marvel movies dropping each year. Quick, get this guy some money!

11. Opening an Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter
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In an industry known for sapping pet owners of their very last penny, it would be a breath of fresh air to have a darn-near pro bono animal shelter-veterinarian service willing to throw the people a bone.

If only these weren’t mere dreams, the world would be a better place. But hey, a dream is something. What’s your dream?

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