Top 10 Places People Would Move to if Forced To Leave Their Country

Amidst various motivations for international relocation, factors like love, work opportunities, and dissatisfaction with one’s home country often play a significant role. In more extreme cases, factors like war or natural disasters might force someone to consider moving abroad. Have you ever pondered your “plan B” destination? An online travel forum candidly shared their contingency plans, providing insights on where they would turn if faced with such circumstances.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand
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 This country in the Pacific Ocean is famous for contributing to the scenic backdrop of the legendary Lord of the Rings saga and was the most mentioned location that people considered relocating to. 

One poster said, “Whenever I see computer models on YouTube about the horrors of a world devastated by global nuclear war, New Zealand is always the region that seems to be the least radioactive.”

2. Canada

Toronto, Canada
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While many Canadians cited reasons people shouldn’t move to their country, others picked it as a great destination, saying, “I’d probably pick Canada because it’s somewhat closer to Europe than New Zealand or Australia. Another person said, “They speak English and French, and there are loads of mountains.”

3. Australia

Apollo Bay township, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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While the Great Southern Land was mentioned many times as a place people would move to, some people were hesitant, suggesting things like spiders and “creepy crawlies” would put them off. Others felt the culture was more akin to what they were used to.

4. Finland

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This Nordic country is an obvious choice, given it again got the top spot in the U.N.’s World Happiness Report. One traveler said, “Got to go see what the deal is about, and I desperately need some happiness in my life.”

5. Ireland

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While several people said they’d move there because they had ancestors or family from the Emerald Isle, another said, “I would consider Ireland simply because the company I work for has a facility there.”

6. Sweden 

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Sweden got a lot of mentions, but most people didn’t explain why it was a good choice. That could be because it ranked as the top sixth country in the U.N.’s World Happiness Report and had a reputation as one of the most reputable countries in the world. In addition, several Canadians felt it was similar to their climate. And one person said they’d move there for the metal scene.

7. Switzerland 

Young female tourist with swiss flag on the top of the tower in Zurich city. Woman having a great vacation in Switzerland
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The Nordic countries proved to be popular choices. Switzerland was another country that made it onto many people’s lists. One person said, “I know absolutely nothing about what it’s like to live there or the cost of it, but it’s unreal how pretty it is over there.”

8. Spain

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Finally, a warmer spot in Europe! “Love the people, the beaches, and the culture,” said one. Another added, “The lifestyle is so laid back, you have several climates to choose from, food is great, cost of living is relatively moderate compared to much of the western world.”

9. Germany

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Someone admitted they’d move to Germany because the country seemed to “have it together.” Someone said, “I know a lot of people there, the language is tricky, but at least the grammar is closer to English.” A third person claimed they’d go for “the beer and to increase my chances of going to a Rammstein concert.”

10. Italy

Venice, Italy
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Italy made many lists for its scenery and weather. “The climate is almost the same where I currently live; I’m surrounded by beautiful locales, amazing food opportunities, high-speed trains to other countries, and possibly the most important for me, wine access.”

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