Places To Live In Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon, has some of the most stunning viewpoints on the east coast and sandy beaches that stretch 4 miles, and let’s not forget about the towering Haystack Rock. Cannon beach is not just for tourists but offers a close community with the quiet and serenity that a small beach town can offer. So, if you consider relocating, let’s discover places to live in Cannon Beach?

Cannon Beach, Oregon, is a small coastal town rated in the top 100 art towns of America and offers a wide variety of art galleries, small local businesses, and restaurants. Cannon Beach is the perfect coastal town to stay in if you like quiet and peaceful with stunning views.

Cannon Beach is a relatively small town, the residential areas are close together, and most offer sea views. If you want to discover which location best suits you and your family, read on!

Is Cannon Beach A Good Place To Live?

Cannon beach is a beautiful small coastal town with plenty on offer for residents and tourists alike. The town is full of Art and Culture, stunning scenery, great food, and wonderful people.

With a population of only 1,790, Cannon Beach is a little town where locals know one another, and neighbors stop by to make small talk.  A very close local business network comprising of small shops, delightful cafes, and restaurants exists in Cannon Beach that you can be proud to be associated with should you wish to relocate!

The town has four schools that service the area, and there will always be something for the kids to do. A small clinic attends to the locals’ medical needs, and larger hospitals are within 8 miles in the neighboring counties. Crime is on the low side, and the local residence praise the Police department; Cannon Beach only had 1 burglary and 22 incidents of theft in 2020. 

The town is abuzz with tourists who flock to this little town for the beautiful sunsets on the beach and the relaxed seaside atmosphere during spring and summer.  Visitors bring in good revenue for the local businesses.

Areas To Live In Cannon Beach

Although the area length of Cannon Beach is only 4 miles, there are some lovely areas in which to purchase or rent a home.

Down Town Cannon Beach

The downtown area is a beautiful and established part of Cannon Beach, with many local restaurants and art galleries. If you enjoy walking around exploring the unique little shops and cafés, this is the area of Cannon Beach for you.

The Houses in the downtown area range from small craftsmen to saltbox style cabins, bringing the art culture out in this area. The Prices range from $380 000 to $980 000, and most will offer sea views.

Mid-Town Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Mid-Town is opposite the primary beach access and provides you with sensational sunsets and spectacular photo opportunities. The central part of Cannon Beach has many tourist lodges and vacation homes situated on the shoreline; this area is bustling during the holiday season, as many visitors descend on this little town.

Houses in mid-town Cannon Beach range from small apartments or cottages to larger, more modern 3 bedroom homes. The prices range from $450 000 to $1 290 000, and this will include stunning sea views and easy access to the beach.

Northern Cannon Beach

On the northern end of Cannon Beach is the Ecola National Park, for true nature lovers. Access to hiking trails, rivers, and streams is easily accessible and thrives with an abundance of birds and wildlife right on your doorstep!

The houses have large yards, and most offer sea or mountainous views. The prices range from $890 000 to $1 950 000 for a typical 3 bedroom house, and if you prefer a spacious and modern home, the cost can exceed $3 000 000.

Sea Side Views

For the best sea views in Cannon Beach, the picturesque seaside houses and villas available along the coast are the most sort after properties. If stunning sunsets, unobscured ocean views, and being close to nature is what you crave, then these properties are for you.

The houses on the shoreline are classically modern and have private access to the beach. The price for these properties can range from $1 250 000 to $4 500 000

For The Traveler

The more straightforward side of Cannon Beach is the camping and RV Park. Nestled on the east side of Cannon Beach, this park allows you the freedom to move around when you need to travel and is situated close to restaurants and shops. Stands in this area are available for purchase.

Long Term Rentals

If you are not purchasing a home, many rental properties are available in Cannon Beach. More than half of the residence in Cannon Beach rent homes, and the average monthly rent for a 2 bedroom cabin is $925, but this will depend on the area.

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What To Look Forward To In Cannon Beach

The annual events at Cannon Beach are:

  • The 4th of July Parade includes a military fly-over and Lawn Chair Brigades
  • The Annual Sand Castle Building Contest takes place on the main beach in early June
  • The Spring Unveiling Art Festival is held in May and hosted by the local galleries
  • The Stormy Weather Arts Festival is in November, where the local artists will auction off their artworks

Cannon Beach has a variety of parks and recreation sites that are worth visiting:

  • Haystack Rock is a 235ft sea stack and is the third-tallest intertidal structure in the world.
  • Les Shirley Park is the perfect spot surrounded by salt marshes and wetlands with access to the beach.
  • John Yeon State Natural Site is an easy one-way hiking trail in the Ecola National Park.
  • Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site is located on the oceanfront and is perfect for outings.


Cannon Beach, Oregon, has something to offer most people who want to relocate.  For the art lover, it will be the art galleries; for the nature enthusiast, it will be the parks and wildlife, and for the food lovers, all the local restaurants and pubs will keep the taste buds pleasantly surprised.

The friendly local community will welcome any new resident and will gladly point you in the right direction if asked. Most residents rent homes in Cannon Beach, but many lovely houses are available for purchase.