25 Places Where Worker’s Actually Get an Entire Month of Paid Vacation!

It is no secret that in the United States, we live to work; however, around the world, others work to live. What does that mean? It means that they work solely to make money to support themselves. They take their free time to travel, eat, and enjoy life.

Vacation Time

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Did you know that very few Americans even use all of their vacation time? That is not the case in other countries. Here are twenty-five places where workers get an entire month of paid vacation — and you can bet they probably use it!

1. Austria

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All Employees in Austria, whether part-time or full-time, receive five paid weeks of vacation after working for one year. After being employed for seven months, workers are entitled to full vacation days. Employees receive all vacation days during the second year at the beginning of the year.

2. Andorra

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Andorra is a small co-principality between France and Spain known for its ski resorts. Andorra workers employed at a company for over six months are entitled to thirty calendar days of paid vacation per year. At least two weeks of an employee’s annual leave must be taken consecutively.

3. Bahrain

MANAMA, BAHRAIN - March 01, 2020: Aerial view of Bahrain world trade center and Manama city.
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The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island state between Qatar and Saudi Arabia in Western Asia. Employees here with at least one year of service with their employer have at least thirty days of paid vacation to enjoy with friends and family. Vacation days are paid out at their regular salary.

4. Bhutan

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Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom located in the Eastern Himalayas where workers receive an entire month, thirty days, of paid vacation. They receive this benefit after working for six months for an employer.

5. Comoros

View of Moroni, the capital of Grand Comoros / Ngazidja /. 11th November 2007. Union of the Comoros. Africa.
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Another place where employees get thirty days of paid vacation is Comoros, a group of islands between East Africa and Madagascar. Each worker is entitled to two and a half days of vacation leave for each month they work.

6. Djibouti

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The Republic of Djibouti is a country in the Horn of Africa bordered by Somalia and Ethiopia, and they, too, offer a whole month of paid vacation for all workers. Once again, the workers must have completed one year, or twelve months, of work before being eligible.

7. Equatorial Guinea

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Equatorial Guinea is a small country on the west coast of Africa. They reward employees’ hard work with thirty paid days off a year. This time off increases yearly. So the longer they stay with one company, the more paid time off they receive.

8. Brazil

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Once an employee in Brazil has completed a year of service with less than six absences, they are entitled to thirty days of paid leave. When they go on vacation, the employer must provide one-third of the month’s pay before when they are off. Also, employees can work during part of their vacation time at two times the pay rate!

9. Kuwait

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Kuwait is an Arab nation located in the Persian Gulf, and they, too, offer a month of paid vacation for workers. The entitlement to leave for the first year of work begins after at least nine months of service for the employer. Official holidays and sick leaves during the year are not counted as annual leave.

10. Libya

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Another country that offers workers a month of paid vacation is Libya, the fourth-largest country in Africa, which is located to the West of Egypt. The minimum entitlement to paid annual leave under Libyan Labor Law is thirty working days. However, it increases to forty-five working days for those over fifty years or who have attained twenty years of service. 

11. Madagascar

View of the tropical beach from the wooden pontoon of Sainte-Marie island, East of Madagascar
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Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. They also give their workers one month of paid vacation to enjoy with their loved ones.

12. Malta

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One month of paid vacation is given to employees who work at least forty hours a week in Malta. These days off may increase depending on the number of public holidays falling on weekends.

13. Finland

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Depending on the employer, an employee can earn either two or two and a half days of paid leave a month in Finland. Leave is split between summer holiday and winter holiday. As a rule, the holiday pay is equivalent to the regular pay. 

14. Marshall Islands

Aerial view of Marshall island located in the Pacific Ocean.
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The Marshall Islands give their workers one month of paid time off. They will also have many beautiful places to vacation close to home, as the islands offer stunning views.

15. Monaco

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Monaco also offers one month of paid vacation days for their hard-working residents. Vacation accrues as the employee has the right to two and a half working days of paid leave per month of actual work completed.

16. Germany

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The minimum number of vacation days in Germany is twenty-four under the Federal Holidays Act. Still, most employees have agreements providing thirty days of paid annual leave. Additional leave may be granted to employees who perform intense or dangerous work.

17. France

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After one month of employment, France employees are entitled to paid leave. Workers receive two and a half days of paid leave monthly and five weeks a year. Paid vacation is only accumulated on days worked. Vacation leave from the previous year, maternity, training, or sick leave are still considered work periods.

18. Peru

Huayna Picchu, Peru
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Employees in Peru are entitled to thirty days of paid vacation leave per year on completion of one year of continuous service with the same employer. A minimum of fifteen days must be taken as actual vacation. The other fifteen can be cashed out for extra pay. Employees in Peru are also entitled to twenty days of sick leave in a year, paid by the employer.

19. Panama

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An employee in Panama is entitled to thirty days of paid annual leave following the commencement of twelve months of employment. Employers must provide the payment of annual leave three days before the vacation. They cannot be compensated instead of payment. Panama also gives their working residents one month of paid vacation time.

20. Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Employees in Denmark receive just over two holidays per month of employment. After completing a year of work, they are entitled to five weeks of paid vacation. Even if the employee hasn’t completed a year, they can still take five weeks’ leave but won’t be paid for the time not earned. Holiday leave can be paid as a supplement, allowance, or salary.

21. United Kingdom

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Employers receive nearly six weeks of paid annual vacation, and building entitlement days begins as soon as work commences. Employers can determine when vacations can be taken. Employers must pay for the days not taken if holidays aren’t used.

22. Moldova

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Workers in Moldova, an Eastern European country, are guaranteed twenty-eight calendar days of paid vacation per year, not including public holidays. While the leave period can be divided and used throughout the year, workers must take at least one two-week vacation, according to Moldova’s labor code.

23. Russia

Saint-Petersburg. Russia. Panorama of St. Petersburg at the summer sunset. Cathedral of the Savior on blood. Cathedral of the Resurrection. Petersburg architecture. Petersburg museums. Russian cities.
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Russia might not sound like an ideal place to live. However, even they offer their residents one month of paid vacation time. During the leave, employees are entitled to their average earnings. 

24. Scotland

Cityscape of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat in a beautiful summer day, Scotland, United Kingdom
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If you work full-time in Scotland, five days a week, you’re generally entitled to at least twenty-eight days of paid holiday each year. Some companies offer even more than that for their employees.

25. Spain

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In Spain, vacation leave is determined in a contract, but it must be at least thirty days. The leave schedule is agreed upon between the employer and employee and cannot be compensated financially.

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