Step-by-Step Guide on the Portugal Work Permit Visa Application

Are you looking for detailed information on how to apply for a Portugal Work Permit Visa? This post will tell you the proper steps to obtain a working permit in Portugal. 

Portugal issues different types of visas, and the one you apply for depends on the purpose of your travel to the country. In this case, we are focused on the Portugal Work visa, and we will be sharing with you the process of the Portugal Work Visa Application.

Unless you are from one of the European Union member states or other countries in a visa-free agreement with Portugal, you have to apply for a Portugal Work Visa before you can be allowed to travel to and enter the country.

Portugal Work Permit Visa Application (Step-By-Step Guide)

Interestingly, if you are a citizen of any EU member state of which Portugal is also a member, you are free to work in Portugal without a permit, and you don’t even need a visa.

It is important that you apply for a residence card within six (6) months of moving to Portugal for employment.

On the other hand, foreign citizens from non-EU member states are required to obtain a visa from their country of origin/residence to travel to Portugal. This informative piece is of more use to you if you are in this group.

Before you begin your application for a work visa, you need to know if you are eligible by considering the points below:

  1. You must have a job offer from a registered employer in Portugal
  • The job vacancy must have been posted for at least one month, so the relevant authorities will be sure that a Portuguese or EU citizen was unable to fill the position instead
  1. A Portugal Work Permit Paper must be applied for on your behalf by the receiving employer
  • They must apply to the Portuguese Labor Authorities

Types Of Portuguese Work Visas

Portugal offers different types of work visas depending on your profession or qualifications. These are:

  1. Work Visa for Skilled Workers In Portugal

You can apply for this type of work visa only when you have been offered a job in one of the qualifying professions or positions. i.e., medical profession, the Engineering profession, etc.

  1. Work Visa for Self-Employment In Portugal

This type of work visa is issued if you own a business or offer services. It is possible for you to apply as an independent worker.

  1. Work Visa for Highly-Skilled Workers In Portugal

You can apply for this type of visa if you possess outstanding qualifications in your profession and your earnings are a minimum of 1.5 times the national average gross annual salary of Portugal.

  1. Work Visa for Cultural Activities In Portugal

This visa type is for you if you are involved in a cultural project/activity/event carried out in Portugal. The project must be recognized by the relevant Portuguese authorities.

  1. Work Visa for Teaching In Portugal

If you have a job offer from an educational or vocational training institution or a research center in Portugal, you will be issued this work visa type.

  1. Tech Visa In Portugal

A tech visa is the ideal visa you should apply for if you are employed by a company that is “active in the area of technology and innovation.”

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How You Can Apply for Portugal Business Visa

Since you need a work visa to be able to work in Portugal, you must learn the process involved in Portugal Work Visa Application.

You have to begin the process immediately after you have secured a job offer. Fortunately, the application process is discussed below in three parts:

Step 1: Work Permit Application

Your employer begins the process of applying for your work permit as soon as you have been offered the job. He/she is to apply at the Portuguese Labor Authorities or the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service on your behalf. Required documents to be submitted include:

  • The employment contracts
  • Company tax statements
  • Evidence of registration with Social Security
  • Evidence that an EU/EEA/Swiss national was unable to have filled the position

Step 2: Work Visa for Portugal Application

Once you have been notified regarding your employment status and have received authorization to work in Portugal, you can begin to process your work visa from the Portugal Embassy in your country or the nearest country to you if none is in your home country. You can, with this visa, travel to Portugal for:

  • Work purposes
  • Apply for a residence permit

Step 1 – Once you have located the nearest Portuguese Embassy or Consulate to you, make an appointment to apply. You can call or send an email in advance.

Step 2 – Collect the required documents. Go through the document requirements we outlined below and ensure you don’t skip any of them.

Step 3 – Ensure you do not miss your appointment date and also, go along with all relevant documentation to be submitted to the consular officer who will also interview you on the same day. Make sure you are punctual and you also dress decently. The interview would not be more than 15 minutes.

Step 4 – Pay the Portugal work visa fee. You can make an online payment or pay in cash at the embassy or consulate you apply from.

Step 5 – Wait for the process to be concluded. Once a decision is reached, you will be contacted to come to pick up your visa in person or it can be delivered to you by courier service.  

You must know this type of visa is valid for about three (3) to four (4) months, during which you are expected to apply for a residence permit and register your stay in the country.

Step 3: Residence Permit Application

The third stage of the process is to apply for your residence permit so that you can be allowed to stay in the country permanently and enjoy every benefit an original citizen will.

To begin the process you have to apply for a residence permit, register for social security, and get a tax number the instant you arrive in Portugal.

You will have to visit you must visit the Social Security Office to register for security, while you can apply for a permanent residence permit via the website of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

Note: Your appointment with SEF must have been booked ahead of time by the consular officer at the embassy.

That is during your work visa application process when you apply for a visa at the Embassy, and you tell them your scheduled departure date and wherein Portugal you will be settled.

Requirements For Work Visa Portugal

There are documents that you will be required to submit during the process of a Portugal work visa application. More so, these documents are to meet the specified guidelines, which are:

  • All documents submitted must be in English or Portuguese. If they are not, they must be translated by a certified translator and then validated
  • There are particular documents, like diplomas or civil documents, that may have to be legalized. Document legalization can be done through an Apostille Stamp or the Portuguese Embassy in your country of residence

With the above in mind, the required documents you need when you apply for a Portugal work visa are:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Passport-style photograph meeting the Schengen visa picture specifications
  3. Proof of sufficient finance to sustain yourself all through your stay
  4. A criminal record from your country of residence by the Police department. Also, you have to get criminal records from any other country other than your home country where you have lived for more than one (1) year
  5. A document approving the SEF to assess your Portuguese criminal records
  6. Proof of international travel health insurance
  7. Proof of accommodation in Portugal including address
  8. Document of the employment contract
  9. If you are already based in Portugal, you have to provide proof of legal entry into Portuguese territory (i.e. visa)
  10. Proof of legal stay (i.e. residence permit or a visa) if you are staying in a country that is not your country of origin

Portuguese Work Permit Processing Time

The processing time for a Portuguese work visa varies. It can be quicker or delayed depending on the present circumstances. However, you should apply early and begin the process on time.

Work Permit Visa Fees In Portugal

A Portuguese work visa attracts more than one fee to be paid. Entry visas issued by the Portuguese Embassy can cost €90 (can differ from country to country). The fee to apply for a residence permit for work at the SEF is €83, and the fee to receive the residence permit for work from the SEF is €72.

Duration Of A Portugal Work Visa

When you apply for a work visa, you will be issued a residence permit that allows you to live and work in Portugal for 1 – 2 years, after which you can renew this permit at the SEF before expiration. You can keep renewing as long as you have a job offer from your employer.

Work Visa in Portugal 

I believe you have been enlightened regarding all you need to know about the Portugal Working Visa Application, having read through it from beginning to end. We would like to know if you find this helpful in your work Portugal job Visa application process.